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Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Striped Sweater Socks size 10-13

  • FUNEREALLY FESTIVE FOOTWEAR: Black and white stripes topped with Jack's grin are jaunty in a distinctly Skellington manner
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF CHARACTER SOCKS: Tim Burton fans will get a kick out of these. Wear them to work and give your office mates the giggles
  • CHRISTMAS OR HALLOWEEN? BOTH! Oh, why limit the fun? Dress up or simply get dressed. These novelty calf-high stockings are suited for any day
  • DURABLE FUN FOR MEN, WOMEN, TEENS: Made from a long-lasting acrylic/polyester/spandex blend, these striking socks will be a long-term, cherished part of your wardrobe accessories
  • KINGLY SOCKS CACHET: The crowned head of Halloween Town isn't scary -- he's stylish! Join The Pumpkin King in fashion adventures and flaunt your fandom

Sport Some Slick Skellington Styling Socks.

It may be called "The Nightmare Before Christmas", but Jack's not really scary. so much as...eccentric. He's really quite an elegant character. The Pumpkin King definitely has his own distinctive style. His tuxedo-clad spindly figure cuts a stylish outline as he casually removes his head, reciting Shakespeare all the while. Who wouldn't admire that kind of erudite act? Now you can borrow some of that Hallowe'en Town style and add some kingly cachet to your wardrobe. These socks are stretchy, stripey, contrast-y and funny. Add some slyly fun sock-y goodness to your cart now.