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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Large Enamel Pin 3 X 2.25 inches

  • THE ICONIC SMUGGLER'S SHIP HAS LANDED: Just downsized a bit for collectors. You're ready to smuggle it in on your own cargo adventure. Or just your backpack
  • DOCKED FRESH OFF THE KESSEL RUN: Park this intricately detailed Star Wars pin where it can be admired appropriately
  • MAY SOLO BE WITH YOU: The famous, reluctant rebel's ship will sail the galaxy with you in durable, movie-accurate style
  • DIMENSIONS: 3" long by 2 1/4" wide - we put it through a few wormholes to make it a conveniently portable size
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Own a piece of the action! These pins are brought to you with the official approval of the studio that makes magic happen

Let the Millennium Falcon dock on your bag.

Fresh off the latest adventure, whether a smuggling run or saving a Rebellion battle at the last minute, the iconic old spaceship comes to rest, refurbished in gleaming enamel, on your backpack, bag, or in a collector’s case. This large, solid metal pin officially licensed by the studio, and as such, is a perfectly faithful, intricately detailed reproduction of Han Solo and Chewbacca’s transport. You’ve now got a keepsake that reminds you of the fond memories of when you first saw the ground-breaking series. Makes a splendid gift and stocking stuffer for the true Star Wars fan in your life. Especially if that fan is you.