Why Are Shopkins Popular? Decoding The Craze (2023)

Why Are Shopkins Popular? Decoding The Craze (2023)

Shopkins are tiny, colorful, and adorable toys that I have been utterly captivated by since their release in 2014. 

But why are Shopkins popular? Is it because of their short YouTube clips? Or their cuteness and affordability?

Through observations and personal experience, here are the apparent reasons for their popularity and why many people love Shopkins. 

10 Reasons Why Shopkins Are So Popular

1. Easy To Carry

Shopkins Mini Packs Toy

First, let's get to the most obvious reason. These toys are really small. 

Shopkins are usually 1 to 1.5 inches in size, making these adorable toys a convenient miniature wonder. I can easily carry them around, put them in my pockets, or snuggle them fittingly in the palm of my hand. 

So, whether you're on a long car journey, grocery store, playing at friends' houses, or even during school breaks with friends, Shopkins are incredibly charming and cute companions.

2. Collectible

From Star Wars and Marvel to Pokémon cards, collectible toys have always been captivating for collectors like me. 

Every time new toys join my collection display, there's a sense of excitement and joy — especially if I get to stumble upon rare collectibles.

Each season has featured different themes, characters, and designs since its launch in 2014. And collecting all these tiny plastic toys has an overwhelming sense of achievement in my collector's heart. 

3. Can Be Traded

Despite the excitement bought by new Shopkins toys in every package, there is also a sense of disappointment once you've found the same variants that you already have. 

Shopkins have different levels of rarity: common, exclusive, limited-edition, precious, rare, special edition, and ultra-rare. 

So if I have duplicate Shopkins variants, I can always trade and negotiate with my friends or another collector for new characters.

4. Encourages Imaginative Play

Shopkins Toy

Instead of creating movies with definite stories about the characters, Shopkins ignites a child's imagination to create their own stories. 

Shopkins don't talk, but the content and personalities are already there, leaving other information and backstory for kids to create.

It is quite true, as I often hear my neighbor's daughter creating stories for her Shopkins. 

From shopping and cooking to many more fun adventures, Shopkins is another fun way for kids to bond and play with their friends or parents.

5. Brings The Element Of Surprise

Opening blind bags, where each Shopkin was packed, is a pleasant surprise for kids or collectors. 

There are packages with specific themes where you can see all the Shopkins available. 

But some packages will include hidden Shopkins. These packages are my favorites because it gives me a sense of anticipation of what might be inside.

You can also check out our favorite Shopkins room decors here

6. It's Affordable

When Shopkins first came out in 2014, each character was around $1 to $3, enough even for kids to purchase without taking too much from their allowance. 

The two-pack set can cost around $5, while larger play sets, like a mega pack, can range from twenty to a few hundred dollars. 

Even for adults, affordability plays a crucial role when collecting toys. This accessibility is another factor that makes Shopkins popular among more consumers than just young girls.

7. They Are Cute & Adorable

Shopkins Season 5 Mystery Surprise Petkins Blind Bag

Children love cute things. But there's no right age for toy collectibles; even adults can still be fascinated with Shopkins. 

And if I were asked what I liked about these tiny toys, my only answer would be that they are pretty adorable. 

There's no denying the cuteness and charm that Shopkins present. From tiny milk containers to little cookies, Shopkins have vibrant colors, adorable eyes, and expressive tiny faces. 

8. It Has A Relatable Theme

Instead of aliens on a mission and powerful superheroes, Shopkins uses a relatable theme to make a toy collectible – shopping. 

It utilizes the everyday items everyone is familiar with and makes them into colorful and adorable toys with cute faces and charming personalities.

9. Suitable To All Ages

After the success of Trash Pack — a series of miniature toys resembling discarded junk intended for boys — Moose started targeting the collectible toys market intended for young girls. 

However, Shopkins' designs have a universal appeal that attracts young kids, boys and girls, and even adult collectors. 

So, be the best mom to your daughter by helping her collect different characters or play with her during the holiday season.

10. Space Saver

Box of Shopkins Toy


With numerous seasons and series released, you could end up with over 1,000 pieces of Shopkins characters in your collection display. 

The good thing is they are too tiny to take up so much space. And it is another appealing reason for Shopkins to be popular among collectors. 

I have my Shopkins join another toy brand collection to make the display cabinet more colorful and vibrant. 

When Did Shopkins Get Popular?

Shopkins became popular after its launch in 2014. The following year, it was named the best-selling toy of 2015 in the United States. 

It only took a few months on store shelves for Shopkins to establish its brand name, making them the "Biggest Tiny Toy" brand. 

Co-CEO of Moose Toys, Paul Solomon, revealed that they have successfully targeted the toy collectibles market for girls because there was yet to be anyone else there.

Why Was Shopkins Changed To Real Littles?

Shopkins did not change its name to Real Littles. It was another line of Shopkins products released in August 2019, ranging from approximately $4 to $30 [1]. 

Shopkins Real Littles is a series of tiny plastic toys, much like the typical Shopkins that children love, showcasing actual groceries and household brands like Pringles and Cheez-Its.

Using real brands for Shopkins Real Littles proved successful, prompting Moose Toys to focus on this series for the past few years. 


How much were Shopkins in 2014?

Each Shopkin was around $1 to $3 in 2014. But nowadays, the prize can go up to a few hundred or even thousands of dollars. 

In fact, Gemma Stone, the most expensive Shopkin toy, costs more than $21,000, and it was sold in an auction [2].

What are Shopkins called now?

Shopkins has retained this brand name until now. However, Real Littles is the new line of Shopkins featuring tiny toys using real brands from grocery stores. 

It has become a successful line, and Moose Toys continued their production instead of the regular Shopkins characters. 

On A Final Note

Shopkins have become a holiday toy craze for many reasons. They are affordable, pretty adorable, and so small that they wouldn't take up too much space, but they bring life anywhere with their vibrant colors. 

Bring your favorite Shopkins anywhere with these Shopkins Pocket Tissues (6 packs/10 pcs per pack). It is a soft and useful addition to your bag wherever you go. 

To add more to your collection, visit Shopkins Collections, where you can shop and enjoy free shipping anytime in the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska).


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