8 Shopkins Room Decoration Ideas: Creative Guide (2024)

8 Shopkins Room Decoration Ideas: Creative Guide (2024)

Collecting Shopkins for me has become an exciting and thrilling treasure hunt. Each pack brought the delightful surprise of not knowing which cute little character would soon join my collection display.

And to get the best of the Shopkins world, I have also decided to decorate my room with some collections. I will be sharing some Shopkins room decoration ideas you can also try.

Top 8 Room Decoration Ideas For Shopkins Fans

1. Paint The Room With Shades of Pink

Person Mixing a Paint

Turn your room into a lively Shopkins haven by painting the whole space with shades of pink.

Although Shopkins have different colors, you would notice that most characters and their town almost always have a shade of pink on them.

2. Flaunt Your Shopkins Plushies

Shopkins 8" Series 2 Plush Lippy Lips


Complete with her fashionista look, our customers can't get enough of the adorable and vibrant Lippie Lips. Snuggle her up with a good book in the comfort of your bedroom.

Shopkins 8" Plush: Apple Blossom


Cute, soft, and absolutely huggable, the adventurous and joyful Apple Blossom is one of our most in-demand Shopkins plushies. Bring her fruity freshness to your bed for a comfortable companion.

Shopkins 8" Series 2 Plush D'Lish Donut


It might be because of D'lish Donut's sweet and delightful face, but these plushies fly off the shelves. Whether you put her in bed or cuddle her on the sofa, D'lish Donut is a delightful element anywhere.

Shopkins 8" Plush: Strawberry Kiss


Among our best-sellers, Strawberry Kiss proves that she's not considered one of the most popular Shopkins for nothing.

You can now flaunt her to your room with our well-loved plushie.

3. Shopkins Wall Cabinet Display

Shopkins Series 3 Mini Figure 12-Pack


Install a wall cabinet in your room and showcase ten more characters from our top-rated mini-figure set in your display.

It has two additional secret characters, so whether you get ultra-rare or limited-edition figures, you're in for a surprise.

Shopkins S7 Join the Party Theme Pack: Wedding Party Collection


Showcase a wedding party scene with our best-selling collection of eight exclusive Shopkins characters, including a wedding table and a gift box.

Penelope Present, Goldie Wedding Band, and Tommy Top Hat are new Tompkins stackable to add to your collection.

Shopkins Shoppies 6" Doll: Sara Sushi


Bring the always calm and peaceful Sara Sushi home to your collection display with our highly-recommended 6-inch doll.

With two exclusive Shopkins and other accessories, this product is a well-loved set by our fans.

Shopkins Shoppies 6" Doll: Pam Cake


The delightful and sweet Pam Cake is another enthusiastically embraced product by our customers.

It also has a 6-inch doll with a stand, two exclusive Shopkins, and other accessories, making it among our customers' top favorite products.

4. Use Wall Decals

Stick your favorite Shopkin character on your walls where you can look at them anytime you want. You have the choice if you want a group image or to put in one character at a time.

Choose removable and repositionable stickers to make it easier to adjust if you put the decoration in the wrong space and want to move it.

5. Hang Shopkins Posters & Wall Art

From Shopkins posters to paintings, puzzles, and embroideries, you can make your wall art livelier and more vibrant with your beloved little colorful characters.

You might also want to have quality time with fellow fans over some puzzles you can use as wall decorations after completion.

6. Use Shopkins Bedding

Cute Colorful Shopkins Bedding

Of course, the bed is the most essential part of the bedroom. It is where you rest and relax your body after a whole tiring day.

From pillowcases, blankets, comforters, and bed sheets, my favorite Shopkin characters made it more relaxing to have a good night.

7. Use Shopkins Desk Accessories

One of the reasons that Shopkins are well-loved is because of their small size or at least how they are just the size of your thumb [1].

It is easier to fit them anywhere, and you don't have to change the layout of your office, study, or bedroom.

However, you can also personalize desk accessories like notepads, organizers, and pencil holders. I have Kooky Cookie Shopkin on top of all my work desks.

8. Shopkins Ceiling Decorations

From grocery and household-inspired items, Shopkins, with their cute appearances and cheeky personalities, are now available in some real iconic brands [2].

Aside from the famous Apple Blossom, Strawberry Kiss, Lippy Lips, and others, there are now miniature versions of Pringle, Pop-Tarts, Swiss Miss, and more.

Personalize your ceiling with a lantern or sticker decorations based on your favorite Shopkins character or food brand.


What can I do with old Shopkins?

One thing you can do to old Shopkins is to use them in other creative projects or crafts. However, you can also consider donating them to charities or local schools where you can bring a bright smile to another child's face.

Can adults have Shopkins-themed room decors?

Absolutely! Adults can have Shopkins-themed room decor and embrace their love of these cute colorful characters.

Most adults are going through life-changing events that might affect their mental health, so that a Shopkin-themed room can bring a relaxing, nostalgic, fun, and magical feeling to anyone.

Are Shopkins room decorations only for girls?

No, Shopkins' room decorations are not only for girls. Just as age does not matter in having a Shopkins-themed room, the same thing is true for gender.

Anyone can have the room decorations they want, and these colorful little Shopkin characters are truly irresistible.

Final Thoughts

Immerse yourself with the adorable Shopkins and Shoppies collectibles inside the comfort of your room.

Add eight more exclusive Shopkins characters to your collection with this Shopkins Food Pack Cupcake Collection. It has one clear display case, a tray, and tongs for a creative Shopkins scene.

Visit Shopkins Collections for more Shopkins-themed items to complete your collection today.


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