What Are Shopkins

What Are Shopkins & What Makes Them Unique? Insider Guide

As a dedicated collector, I'm glad to have heard of Shopkins right after their launch in 2014. 

So, what are Shopkins, and what makes them so unique and captivating for collectors like us? Read on to find out. 

Shopkins Toys: What Are They?

Shopkins Logo

Shopkins are miniature versions of familiar or common items we usually shop for at grocery stores. They have different levels of rarity, designs, and personalities. 

Although they are easy to lose, they are affordable and provide an element of surprise to every blind bag. 

Shopkins are not just for a kid but also for an adult who loves collecting adorable and tiny fun characters. 

When Did Shopkins Come Out & Who Makes Them?

Shopkins came out in June 2014, created by Moose Toys, an Australian-based global toy company [1].

The price ranges from around $2 to $30, depending on the packs and rarity levels. Some Shopkins can even reach up to thousand dollars. 

Moose is also behind successful brands like The Trash Pack, Beados, Mighty Beanz, and Little Live Pets.

How Many Shopkins Are There?

There are more than a thousand Shopkins available worldwide. With numerous seasons, themes, and designs, Moose continuously released new characters and variants. 

From fruits, sweets, fashion accessories, and other household items, each season of Shopkins provides exciting discoveries and delightful treasures for any kid or collector.

Are They Discontinued?

Shopkins Characters

No, Shopkins are not discontinued. A brand's discontinuation is devastating stuff to hear for collectors.

Fortunately, you can still purchase these adorable toys in a two-pack or mega-pack set and continue growing your collection.

However, it was Shopkins games that the company has discontinued, including Shopkins World — the first Shopkins game launched in 2015.

How Can You Tell If Shopkins Are Real?

The best bet to be sure if Shopkins are real is if you buy them from licensed retailers, like Walmart or Target. Although Shopkins are affordable, it is still a big disappointment if you get a counterfeit product. 

If you are a collector, you might spend a lot on limited-editions or ultra-rare products, so you must only buy authentic Shopkins.

We also have some cool Shopkins room decors for you to check out. 

What Age Are They Suitable For?

Shopkins are officially suitable for children older than five years old. These toys are around 1 to 2 inches or at least the size of an adult's thumb. 

It might not be suitable for younger children because of the choking hazard.

The Difference Between Shopkins & Real Littles

Real Littles Logo

The difference between Shopkins and Real Littles is the brands. 

Shopkins are miniature shopping items usually found in grocery and department stores, while Real Littles featured real-branded items from famous companies, like Pringles and Kellogg's. 

Newly released Shopkins have been all about Real Littles instead of the regular characters, proving the popularity of this line among their consumers.

What Are You Supposed To Do With These Toys?

You can do plenty of things with these toys. Shopkins are not limited to being played by kids. They can also be used for storytelling during Christmas or Halloween. 

As a parent, you can talk and create a delightful bond with your child through these cute toys and continue developing their imagination. It is also a good idea to trade or sell duplicates. 

Why Are Shopkins So Popular?

The collectibility, affordability, relatability, and appealing designs, explain why Shopkins are so popular even outside its target market. 

The manufacturer's original target market was young girls, but they eventually appealed to boys. 

Moreover, the blind baskets bring a sense of anticipation and surprise for both kids and adults. They are tiny toys designed after shopping items, and you can store them anywhere in the house.

Is Shopkins Still A Thing?

Shopkins Strawberry Kiss

Absolutely! Shopkins are still popular, especially with their newest season of Real Littles. At this point, Shopkins has various spin-offs, such as Kindi Kids, Lil' Secrets, and Cutie Cars. 

There are also Shoppies, a doll line of cool shopkeepers, like Peppa Mint, Rainbow Kate, Bubbleisha, and Sara Sushi, you can collect. 

You can store them anywhere in the house, and they can also help develop a child's imagination.


What is the most famous Shopkin?

Some of the most famous Shopkins are Apple Blossom, Kooky Cookie, Lippy Lips, and Strawberry Kiss. These loveable Shopkins characters are often present in most packs and seasons. 

What is the hardest Shopkins to find?

Among the hardest Shopkins to find are Cupcake Queen, Marsha Mellow, Roxy Ring, Paula Puzzle, and Sophie Trophie. 

These Shopkins are limited editions, and each of them only has 100 copies made.

What are the holes on the bottom of Shopkins for?

The holes on the bottom of most Shopkins are for firmly placing them on special playsets, display stands, accessories, or even pencils. 

Some Shopkins, especially those with a narrow build, do not have it. 

What is the most expensive Shopkin worth?

The most expensive Shopkins is worth around $21,500. It was named Gemma Stone, a one-and-a-half-inch, one-of-a-kind Shopkin character made of glass [2]. 

Final Say

Waiting for the next release of your favorite collectibles has been an exciting experience for collectors, especially if they are affordable and adorable.

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