Best Shopkins Characters Ranked

10 Best Shopkins Characters Ranked (2023 Updated)

Since the Shopkins hit the shelves in 2014, these tiny little toys designed after various grocery and department store items have become one of my favorite collections.

They are eye-catching, cute, and have an interesting story behind each one.

And so, I have decided to have the best Shopkins characters ranked based on different categories like personality, popularity, and design.

Top 10 Shopkins Characters Ranked

1. Kooky Cookie

Quick Description:
Kooky Cookie can be shy, but she quickly apologizes and admits her mistake.

If you want a cute gift for Shopkins fans, you will never go wrong with this Shopkins 8" Plush: Kookie Cookie.


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  • Fortune-telling
  • Kind and compassionate
  • Acts as a voice of reason
  • Sensitive to the feelings of others
  • She ends up becoming a victor by doing her own thing


  • Naive and childish
  • Can be shy when trying new things

2. Cupcake Queen

Quick Description:
Cupcake Queen is a Limited Edition Shopkin who first appeared in a beauty contest and dreams of becoming royalty.

She has trust issues and can be forgetful, but she's one of my cutest collections.

Shopkins Cupcake Queen


  • Full of sweet thoughts
  • Enjoys hosting grand balls
  • Perky
  • Encourages other Shopkin during their busy day


  • A little dramatic
  • Holds a grudge

3. Lippy Lips

Quick Description:
Lippy Lips, a fashionista to the core, also loves acting and is portrayed to have a British accent in Shopkins webisodes.

Shopkins Lippy Lips


  • Wise and knowledgeable
  • Hardworking
  • Easy-going
  • Enjoys the peacefulness of the countryside


  • Advanced aged makes her weaker than others
  • Temperamental
  • Sassy and bossy

4. Strawberry Kiss

Quick Description:
Strawberry Kiss is one of the oldest and most popular Shopkins ever. And now, you can bring her to the comfort of your home with this Shopkins 8" Plush: Strawberry Kiss.



  • Skillful banker
  • Kind-hearted
  • Mature and wise
  • A big daydreamer
  • Funny and helpful


  • She can be a bit unwelcoming to newcomers
  • Occasionally rude and sarcastic

5. Apple Blossom

Quick Description:
Bring home the playful and cheerful Apple Blossom in a comfortable and huggable Shopkins 8" Plush: Apple Blossom, fashioned after her common green variant.


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  • Sweet and kind
  • She always tries her best
  • Adventurous with big dreams
  • A friendly Shopkin
  • She knows how to learn from her mistakes
  • Fun to be around


  • Jumping into situations without careful consideration
  • Prone to have the silliest accidents in the series

6. Cheeky Chocolate

Quick Description:
Cheeky Chocolate, a candy bar, is one of the little grocery item-inspired toys with its name, face, and personality [1].

Shopkins Cheeky Chocolate


  • Good-hearted
  • One of the strongest and fastest Shopkins
  • Forgives easily
  • Cares deeply for other Shopkins


  • Prankster (much more than Apple Blossom)
  • Arrogant and prideful
  • She tends to blame others for her mistakes
  • Rush into situations without thinking

7. D'lish Donut

Quick Description:
Although Pippa Melon, a Shoppie, may have mistreated her, she remains loyal due to her docile and cheery nature.

With this Shopkins 8" Series 2 Plush D'Lish Donut, you can put a smile on any Shopkins fan or collector.


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  • Sweet and delectable appearance
  • Optimistic
  • Friendly


  • Quite soft and emotional
  • Gets nervous easily

8. Sneaky Wedge

Quick Description:
Sneaky Wedge was extremely grumpy due to overworking with no proper rest. But she loves marathons, and she can be a bit naughty sometimes.

Shopkins Sneaky Wedge


  • Mostly perky and sweet
  • Go-getter
  • Goal-oriented
  • Her trendy design appeals to fans of all ages


  • She tends to lie (especially about her height)
  • Has a bad temper

9. Pineapple Crush

Shopkins Pineapple Crush

Quick Description:
A common Shopkin, Pineapple Crush is known for its love for the sun and tropical climate. She has a cute appearance of a yellow pineapple, and a periwinkle flower wedged between her green leaves.


  • Tropical and captivating appearance
  • Surfing
  • Adds summer vibes to Shopkins collection
  • Has a golden outlook on life


  • She can be dramatic

10. Poppy Corn

Shopkins Poppy Corn

Quick Description:
Poppy Corn has a cute appearance of a red and white box filled with popcorn. She is a common Shopkin who loves going to movies and tends to pop up unexpectedly.


  • A friendly and fun Shopkin
  • Full of surprises
  • She would stand up if someone's not being treated right


  • Sports

How We Ranked Them

Popularity & Iconic Status

Shopkins that are popular among collectors are given an edge on this ranking. Their strong presence in the market is a sign of their iconic status.

Design, Appearance, & Theme

The eye-catching design, creative appearance, and relatable theme of the character are also considered.

Check out our cool Shopkins room decoration ideas here


Each Shopkins has a level of rarity, variant types, and exclusivity. Some Shopkins are hard to find, so we only rank some of the most common characters.

Character Personality

Shopkins are tiny characters fashioned after grocery and department store items [2]. But each of them was given a name, story, and personality.

Those who have a unique personality and background were given higher points.

Playability & Longevity

Of course, when collecting tiny toys like Shopkins, we would go for the versatility of the character for imaginative games with friends and fellow collectors.


Who is the hardest Shopkins character to find?

The hardest Shopkins character to find is Gemma Stone, made entirely of glass. It is a one-of-a-kind Shopkin sold for more than $21,000 at an auction.

Who is the main character in Shopkins?

Shopkins do not have one main character. But fans considered Apple Blossom the franchise's mascot because she is almost always present in the packages.

In Conclusion

Cute, eye-catching, and with varying personalities, each Shopkin is a wonderful collection for anyone of all ages.

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