Best Sanrio Characters

10 Best Sanrio Characters: The Ultimate Fan Favorites (2024)

Sanrio's stationery characters are more than just cuddly companions – they're global ambassadors of kawaii culture! Picking favorites can be a struggle with a vast family of these adorable creations.

But worry not, Sanrio fans! We're venturing into the heart of Sanrio World to crown the best Sanrio characters who've captured hearts worldwide.

Top 10 Characters From Sanrio World

1. Hello Kitty: Cuteness Overload

Hello Kitty Entering a Door

In this ranking, Hello Kitty surely graces the top place. Hello Kitty isn't just a most popular Sanrio character; she's an empire.

With her signature red bow and no mouth—because she speaks from the heart—Hello Kitty symbolizes friendship and peace for fans worldwide.

Hello Kitty is not confined to toys and accessories; she's a global phenomenon with a big cultural impact.

She features collaborations with global brands, inspires art exhibits or merchandise, and even graces the sides of airplanes.

The message of Hello Kitty is simple yet powerful - love, kindness, and the happiness of giving.

2. My Melody: The Forest's Sweetheart

Close Up Image of Melody

In the second place is this beloved character who has emerged from the enchanting forest. My Melody is the epitome of everything sweet and endearing.

Her pink hood, reminiscent of a blooming flower, shelters a heart as pure as her history. No wonder she's one of the lovable characters that Sanrio fans love.

Drawing inspiration from the tales of Red Riding Hood, My Melody's adventures with her forest friends highlight themes of friendship, courage, and the beauty of caring for others.

Her popularity extends beyond her cute and sweet appearance, touching the hearts of those who cherish the innocence and wonder of children stories.

3. Little Twin Stars: Cosmic Enchanters

Little Twin Stars

Kiki and Lala, the celestial siblings known as the Little Twin Stars, invite us on a journey through the cosmos where dreams and reality blend seamlessly.

They graced the third place as their story of exploration and discovery resonates with anyone who has ever gazed at the night sky and wished for a world beyond.

Their ethereal presence and soothing palette of pastel blues and pinks, which create a sense of peace and wonder, add to their enduring appeal—perfect for those who seek a sprinkle of stardust daily.

4. Cinnamoroll: The Sky's Bundle of Joy

Close Up Image of Cinnamoroll

With ears that defy gravity and a tail that's as fluffy as the clouds he adores, Cinnamoroll captures the essence of daydreams and the joy of finding wonder in the simple things. But do you know what kind of animal Cinnamoroll is?

His love for adventures in the sky mirrors our own desires for freedom, and exploration has created a fluffy reminder that there's beauty waiting to be discovered.

Cinnamoroll's popularity comes from his gentle nature and optimistic outlook, making him a beacon of light in the Sanrio universe. And yes, his favorite food is warm and fresh cinnamon rolls!

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5. Gudetama: The Reluctant Icon


In a world obsessed with the hustle, Gudetama portrayed lethargy and existential musing.

With his minimalist design and comedic reluctance to engage in any form of exertion, this egg character has struck a chord with fans globally.

Gudetama's popularity lies in his authenticity in a society that values productivity above all else.

He's one of the beloved characters in Sanrio, which serves as a reminder that it's okay to take a break and just be.

But don't let his laid-back demeanor fool you; there's wisdom in his willingness to just exist, reminding us that it's okay to slow down.

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6. Pompompurin: The Heart of Gold

Pompompurin Baking a Cake

Pompompurin, with his brown beret and love for pudding, has portrayed the simple joys of life. The adventure of this golden retriever dog is often centered around his favorite food and friendship.

He embodies the warmth and unconditional love that dogs are known for. His popularity underscores our collective longing for companionship and the comfort found with friends.

Pompompurin isn't just one of the popular Sanrio characters; he's a warm hug in the form of Sanrio cuteness... plus the pudding.

7. Keroppi: The Adventurous Optimist


Japan made Keroppi cheerful with a love for discovery, making him a mascot for all who yearn for adventure and the great outdoors.

His stories, set in the picturesque Donut Pond [1], teach lessons on teamwork, perseverance, and the joy of overcoming obstacles.

Keroppi, with his wide-eyed wonder and infectious smile, reminds us that life is an adventure worth sharing with friends.

8. Badtz-Maru: The Playful Maverick


With a smirk and a unique style, Badtz-Maru invites us into a realm where being different is celebrated.

His playful antics and rebellious spirit encourage us to embrace individuality and find fun in the unexpected.

Don't be fooled by the name! "Badtz" actually translates to "lucky" in Japanese.

This mischievous penguin with a spiky head is known for his love of pranks and rock and roll style, making him a favorite character among those who like a little edge.

9. Kuromi: The Punk-Rock Style Princess


Kuromi's popularity lies in her rocker style and spunky attitude, which bring a touch of edginess to Sanrio's universe.

Her spirited adventures and mischievous charm remind us that every story needs a bit of adventure and rebellion, making her a popular character among fans.

The playful and sometimes devious bunny, Kuromi, is Hello Kitty's mischievous counterpart. Dressed in black and purple with a devilish grin, Kuromi adds a touch of playful darkness to other Sanrio characters.

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10. Aggretsuko: The Modern-day Heroine

Aggretsuko sitting on a couch

This red panda might look cute, but don't underestimate her! Aggretsuko is a metal-loving office worker who lets loose her frustrations through heavy metal karaoke.

Her relatable struggles with work-life balance have made her one of the most popular Sanrio characters worldwide.

Special Mentions

Other Sanrio characters that didn't make it to the list but are equally lovable include:

  • Pocchaco
  • Hangyodon
  • Tuxedo Sam
  • LitteForestFellow
  • Pekkle
  • Wish Me Mell


    Who is the most popular Sanrio character?

    The most popular Sanrio character is Hello Kitty. Created in 1974, she ascended beyond being just a Sanrio character to become a cultural icon. In fact, Hello Kitty has a twin sister, Mimmy.

    Who is the OG Sanrio character?

    The OG Sanrio character is Coro Chan [2], introduced in 1973. Yuko Shimizu, the same designer behind Hello Kitty, created this Sanrio's first character. Coro Chan is a calm and relaxed bear, and according to Sanrio, he's related to Hello Kitty's bear friend Thomas, making them cousins.

    Final Thoughts

    The Sanrio universe is brimming with cute, adorable, and unique characters, each with their own charm and personality.

    Whether you connect with Hello Kitty's timeless sweetness or Aggretsuko's relatable struggles, there's a Sanrio character waiting to be your friend.

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