Mew vs Mewtwo

Mew vs Mewtwo: Which Pokemon Will Win? (2024 Updated)

Some people often interchange Mew and Mewtwo, thinking they are the same - we’re here to tell you early on that they’re not.

To settle the score between the two Pokemons, read on and find out who will win in a battle between Mew vs Mewtwo.

Mewtwo vs Mew: Who Wins In A No-Trainer Fight?

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Mewtwo and Mew are very similar in many ways because of their genetic makeup. Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon, including Mewtwo.

Mewtwo is a clone of Mew. This is why they have similar features and almost the same physical attributes, but their personality and capabilities beg to differ.

As the ancestor of all existing Pokemon today, Mew is immensely great and powerful [1]. So, can the original be overthrown by the clone?


Image of Mew

Origin & Classification

Mew is a mythical pokemon who has psychic abilities. It is based on a cat with blue eyes, tiny ears, a long thin tail, and large feet.

Mew’s gender is unknown to many. However, Mew was introduced in the first Pokemon event and later known to be the DNA source of Mewtwo.


Mew is forcible. It has super strength, speed, agility, invisibility, elemental manipulation power, immortality, and the durability to fight.

It also possesses energy manipulation, telekinesis, flight or levitation, and shape-shifting. Mew can also create a strong barrier to protect itself from attacks and heal almost instantly.


Mew can learn every enemy move while in a fight and survive in high altitudes and underwater, making it seem like it doesn’t need oxygen to survive.

Mew is also capable of the Genesis Supernova move, but this is only possible if it trusts the trainer. Aside from that, Mew also has the ability to transform into a Legendary Lugia.


Mew is known as a highly intellectual Pokemon, which is very evident in how Mew portrays itself.

Aside from that, Mew is known to be capable of showing human-like traits of being generous and whimsy.

Still, Mew’s soft personality is not to be construed as a weakness, as it can fight mercilessly on the battlefield. But which Pokemon is the weakest?


Image of Mewtwo

Origin & Classification

Mewtwo is a legendary pokemon with psychic abilities as it is genetically made from Mew’s DNA [2]. Its appearance is identical to Mew but has a more humanoid and feline look.

Aside from that, Mewtwo has a purple body and three fingers at each hand. Mewtwo emits a faint purple aura when it is in its immense power.


Like Mew, Mewtwo has superhuman and physical characteristics and is capable of telepathy, mind manipulation, telekinesis, teleportation, and power nullification.

Mewtwo also has the power of mimicry, durability negation, petrification, and water manipulation. Hence, if it is in a battle with Mew, Mewtwo might get the upper hand.


Aside from its immense powers, Mewtwo has the ability of low-class reality warping, ice, fear, and fire manipulation, as well as the resistance to psychic and fighting-type Pokemon.

More of Mewtwo’s abilities include status attack inducement, attack reflection, statistics amplification, and martial arts, making Mewtwo one of the most domineering Pokemons.

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In terms of intelligence level, Mew has the advantage compared to its clone.

Mewtwo is known to be cold, aggressive, and anti-social, as it doesn’t talk much and is an extremely arrogant Pokemon.

Hence, Mew can manipulate the situation to its advantage if they ever get into a battle.


If you base it off game canon, who is stronger, Mew or Mewtwo?

Mewtwo gets the upper hand in an off-game canon and is stronger than the original. This is because Mewtwo can evolve and has higher stats and a probability of winning.

Still, the fight between Mewtwo and Mew will be intense, and it will be hard to deduce who will win the battle.

Is Mewtwo faster than Mew?

Mewtwo is faster and way more powerful than Mew stats-wise.

Mew is malleable and has different fighting techniques. On the other hand, Mewtwo has raw and immense powers that could take down any opponent.

And The Winner Is…

In a fight between Mewtwo and Mew, the winner would be Mew.

Both Pokemon have immense power and physical attributes, but Mew emerged victorious since he has far superior intelligence over his clone.

Mew is a calm and composed Pokemon, plus its immortality and the ability to learn its opponent’s moves can inflict severe damage on Mewtwo.

In judging who among the two would win in a fight, we didn’t base the decision solely on who was “more powerful.” Instead, we took other factors and considerations into account.

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