Mega Charizard X vs Y

Mega Charizard X vs Y: Which is Better in Pokemon Go? (2024)

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Choosing between two mega evolutions for your Charizard during Pokemon Go raid battles is crucial in winning the duel. It also pays to know all their stats before they evolve.

The mega evolutions in Pokemon Go are temporary evolutions that occur when a trainer gives a mega stone to a Pokemon. However, it only lasts, at the most, for 8 hours.

If you want to know which is better between the two, read on and check our in-depth comparison between Mega Charizard X vs Y.

Mega Charizard X vs Y: Which is Better For Competitive Battle?

Mega Charizard X and Y

It can be challenging to see who is the strongest between the two Charizards since Mega Charizard X looks more menacing and terrifying than Mega Charizard Y.

However, the Pokemon company never relied on appearance to determine a character's strength, whether in the anime or in the Pokemon Go game.

Here is a detailed comparison between the two different mega-evolutions:

Mega Charizard X

Image of Mega Charizard X

Base Stats

The Base Stats of the Mega Charizard X in Pokemon Go includes max CP: 3850, max HP: 158, attack: 273, defense: 213, and stamina: 186.

The mega evolution causes the stats for Charizard to increase for a certain amount of time. It also increases the effectiveness of dragon-type attacks [1].

Type Effectiveness

After Mega Charizard X evolves from its basic Charizard form, its type also changes from a fire-flying type to a fire dragon type.

During its mega-evolved period, the gameplay will change as you can use its new dragon-type form to beat your opponents [2].

Evolution Line

The Mega Charizard X evolved from its basic form, the Charizard, and the Charizard evolved from the classic evolution line starting from Charmander to Charmeleon.
It is also worth noting that not all Pokemon versions have the X and Y form, so don't expect that you can evolve all Charizards into a Mega Charizard X.

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The X forms special moves in Pokemon Go including Dragon Claw, Fire Blast, Overheat, Flame Thrower, Blast Burn, Frustration, and Return.

Its quick moves include Air Slash, Fire Spin, Ember, Wing Attack, and Dragon Breath. Thanks to its ability (Tough Claws), its physical attacks are increased by 30%.

It also has the Dragon Dance ability to compensate for its lack of speed and attack when compared to the Mega Charizard Y.


The Mega Charizard X form is strong against bug, steel, and electric-type Pokemon with 63% damage absorption, and against fire and grass, with 39%.

It is weak against ground, rock, and dragon-type Pokemon with a whopping 160% damage absorption. Make sure to consider these stats when you mega-evolve a Charizard. But what's the weakest Pokemon?

Mega Charizard Y

Image of Mega Charizard Y

Base Stats

Mega Charizard Y has almost similar base statistics to Mega Charizard X in Pokemon Go. However, it has a higher max CP of 4455, an attack of 319, and a 1-point-lower defense of 212.

The clear winner for status points is the Mega Charizard Y.

Type Effectiveness

In Pokemon Go, the mega evolution doesn't change the type of Mega Charizard Y, which is the fire-flying type. Thus, the X form is better if you need dragon types.

On the good side, since it retained its flying traits, you can use this to your advantage and empower the same type attack bonus moves.

Evolution Line

The evolution line in Pokemon Go is the same for the Mega Charizard Y, starting from Charmander. It evolves into Charmeleon, then to Charizard and the Mega Charizard Y.


The Y form's special attacks are almost identical to the X form's. However, because of a higher attack stat, the damage per second of these skills is more significant.

Other than sharing the same skills as the Mega Charizard X, the Y form can also use Solar Beam and the Drought ability.

The Solar Beam is a powerful skill that uses the sun (or weather) to amplify its damage. Mega Charizard Y can easily battle 1v1 with any Pokemon, as long as the weather is sunny.


Charizard Y is weak against a rock type with 256% damage absorption, against a water type with 160% damage absorption, and an electric type with 160% damage absorption.

Some ground-type moves (like the special attack Stealth Rock) are dreadful for this form.

However, its ability (Drought) can remove weather effects, including ground and water-type weather, significantly decreasing Mega Charizard Y's attacks.

Full Stats For Mega Charizard X & Y

 Pokemon Stamina Attack Defense Max CP
 Mega Charizard X 186 273 213 3850
 Mega Charizard Y 186 319 212 4445


Which has a better design, Mega Charizard X or Y?

Depending on the style that the Pokemon Go trainer wants, the Mega Charizard X will appeal more to people who love black and blue colors.

Mega Charizard Y will appeal more to those who want the classic Charizard colors from the previous Pokemon games other than Pokemon Go.

Which is faster, Mega Charizard X or Y?

Mage Charizard Y is faster since Mega Evolution disadvantaged Mega Charizard X when it caused X to lose its flying traits.

It doesn't mean the X form can't fly anymore, but in general, flying types of Pokemon are faster, making Mega Charizard Y better and stronger in this category.

And The Winner Is…

The winner between the two forms of mega evolution (Mega Charizard X vs Y) is, no doubt, Mega Charizard Y.

Any Pokemon trainer who looks at the stats will definitely choose Mega Charizard Y.

However, do not be complacent, as the Y form's high attack and CP points do not guarantee a 100% victory, especially against a special attacker with a Stealth Rock skill.

Even though Mega Charizard Y is the winner, the Pokemon trainers' skills will still determine whether they will win the battle or not.

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