Toy Story Birthday Ideas

8 Best Toy Story Birthday Ideas For Fans (2023 Updated)

Die-hard fans of the movie franchise would find that there is nothing cooler than throwing a Toy Story-themed party.

Well, fret no more. Consider this your best guide on where to get the best Toy Story birthday ideas from. Get ready to Yee Haw!

Top 8 Unique Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

1. Never Forget To Send Out Toy Story-themed Invites

Toy Story Birthday Invitations

Invitations are the gateway to letting your guests know what to expect at your birthday party. Keep them in the loop by sending out Toy Story-themed invites!

Set up the layout of your Toy Story-themed invites on your computer first (make sure you use the official Toy Story font!). Then, grab your trusty printer and some nice invitation paper, and start printing the DIY invitations.

You can also freehand the DIY invitations if you have an artistic flair.

If you find this difficult, you can always seek help from professional invitation makers to make your Toy Story-themed invites come to life.

2. Toy Story Character-Inspired Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is the centerpiece of all birthday parties. Make sure it’s in-theme by having a Toy Story-character-inspired cake!

You want the cake to grab your guests' attention, so make sure you go big. Settle for no less than a three-tiered cake, with each tier featuring cool designs from different characters.

For example, the bottom tier can feature Woody’s vest, sheriff’s badge, and brown belt, the middle tier could have Buzz’s space ranger suit, buttons, and wings, and the top-most tier could come in the likeness of the alien squeaky toy’s face.

3. Toy Story-themed Party Food & Drinks

Toy Story Green Soldier Cupcake Topper

The Toy Story theme isn’t just limited to your decorations — they can carry well over to your food.

Let your imagination run wild, and think of ways to incorporate the movie franchise into your snacks. Alien Friends Mallows and Bullseye Popcorn Chicken Bites, anyone? [1]

Take it a step further by baking gingerbread cookies in advance and decorating them with Toy Story characters in mind.

4. Use The Official Toy Story Font & Colors For The Decors

When you think of Toy Story, the colors blue, yellow, red, green, purple, and brown come to mind. Use these official colors to keep your party decorations on point.

Use the official Toy Story font for your cake’s lettering and other details you might need.

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5. Put A Toy Story-Inspired Photo Booth

Bring a Yee-Haw twist to your photo booth, too! You can get printable Toy Story images online and blow them up so they translate beautifully in pictures. Print them on nice cardstock paper and attach a chopstick or plastic rod to the back with some tape.

Don’t forget to include a cowboy hat, cute alien antenna, and animal ears to finalize the photo booth accessories.

6. Prepare A Toy Story Film Viewing Session

Woody of Toy Story

You can prepare a Toy Story film viewing session to entertain your guests. Our personal favorite is Toy Story 2 because this is where we are first introduced to fan-favorite characters, Jessie and Bullseye.

Have your friends gather ‘round the television set while the movie rolls. Don’t forget to pass around Toy Story-themed snacks for everyone, such as cowboy cupcakes and alien jell-o!

7. Play Toy Story Party Games

Get your little guests’ hands and minds busy with Toy Story party games! You can start with quizzes to test their knowledge of the movies, such as “Which Toy Story Character Says This Quote” or “Which Toy Story Character Gets Into This Scenario.”

For more physical games, we suggest putting up a large pinata in the likeness of Mr. Potato Head and letting the kids go wild!

Of course, don’t forget to prepare Toy Story-themed prizes for all the lucky winners.

8. Hand Out Toy Story Party Loot Bags

Toy Story Theme Loot Bag

Lastly, make sure the little guests leave with something to remember the party. Fix Toy Story loot bags in advance to give out to guests after the party.

Fill them with candy, balloons, stickers, and other fun things, and make sure you have enough party favors for all your guests.


Can little girls have a Toy Story birthday party?

Yes, little girls can have a Toy Story birthday party. Toy Story has awesome female characters that little girls can dress up as, such as Jessie and Bo Peep. And they’re just as cool as Buzz and Woody — if not cooler!

What gift should you give at a Toy Story birthday party?

You can’t go wrong with giving any Toy Story-themed present to a Toy Story-themed birthday party celebrant. Check out things they already own and find out what they have yet to add to their collection.

In A Nutshell

Toy Story-themed birthday parties are equally cool for little boys and girls! Check out cool things you can add to make the party more fun.

Toy Story reminds us that we can do anything we set our minds to as long as we have friends by our side.

They’re great words of wisdom to live by for kids and those well into adulthood.

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