10 Best Toy Story Room Ideas For Your Kids (2023)

10 Best Toy Story Room Ideas For Your Kids (2023)

Growing up, Toy Story was one of our favorite Disney movies. There was something fantastic about discovering the secret lives of our beloved toys!

We even took it a step further by quietly sneaking into our room to find out exactly what they were doing whenever we weren’t around.

Of course, we’ve grown past that, but that doesn’t mean our love for the franchise has died. Here are some Toy Story room ideas to show your love for the characters. 

Top 10 Ohhhh-Some Toy Story Room Ideas To Try

1. Paint The Walls With Memorable Toy Story Scenes

Toy Story Room Decor

The Toy Story clouds are some of the most iconic imagery from the movies. Get your sky blue and white paint ready, and start putting your little fingers to work!

Here’s an ohhhh-some tip: you can purchase the cloud stencils from Amazon to help make the process easier.

2. Hang Toy Story Official Posters

Show your love for some of the most famous toys worldwide by hanging official Toy Story posters all over your room. [1]

You can do it by theme, such as Andy’s toys only, or gathering posters for Woody’s Round-Up gang. It’d be like having a cowboy-themed room if you were to go for the latter.

3. Flex Your Toy Story Merchandise Collection

Of course, flexing your large Toy Story merchandise collection is a must. Check out the cool things we have in Toynk for you:

Disney Toy Story Take Aim Buzz Lightyear Electronic Figure


The Disney Toy Story Take Aim Buzz Lightyear Electronic Figure is a must-have in any Toy Story lover’s collection. This features a Buzz action figure alongside his trusty laser, with one eyebrow cocked in the way only Buzz can.

If that’s not enough, this 7-inch figure can also talk! Listen to Buzz speak at least ten phrases with the help of batteries.

You can definitely rest easy knowing he’s always there to defend you from the evil Zurg.

Toy Story Handmade By Robots Mini Vinyl Figure


The Toy Story Handmade By Robots Mini Vinyl Figures are adorable egg-cups that look like they were knitted from yarn. Collect the entire gang by getting this four-pack featuring Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and Jessie.

Each vinyl egg shape measures 2.5 inches, making it the perfect accessory for your desk or bookshelf.

Toy Story 4-Piece Ceramic Dinnerware Set With Scribbled Characters


Take a look at the Toy Story 4-Piece Ceramic Dinnerware Set With Scribbled Characters! It’s made with durable ceramic and inked with black “scribble” artwork featuring your favorite Toy Story characters.

It comes in a four-piece set and has everything you need to serve a meal: large 10.25” and small 8.25” square plates, a 16-ounce side bowl, and an 11-ounce mug.

Toy Story Alien Remix Buzz Pvc Figural Bank


You’ll surely feel inspired to save money with the help of the Toy Story Alien Remix Buzz Pvc Figural Bank. This fun figural bank comes in the likeness of the Squeeze Toy Aliens, donning Buzz’s spaceman suit.

It stands an impressive nine inches tall — the perfect size for your bedside table.

Disney & Pixar Toy Story 4 Woody-Themed Salt & Pepper Shakers


Bring a bit of Yee-Haw to your everyday dishes with the Disney & Pixar Toy Story 4 Woody-Themed Salt & Pepper Shakers. Both shakers are crafted from quality ceramic and will stand the test of time. Keep them in pristine condition by keeping them away from the dishwasher.

Use Woody’s boot for pepper and his hat for salt. Watch out for that “kick” they’ll add to your favorite dishes! [2]

Disney Pixar Toy Story Slinky Dog Mood Lamp


Slinky is the ever-so-loyal dachshund who will do anything for his friends. If he’s one of your favorite characters (like us!), check out the Disney Pixar Toy Story Slinky Dog Mood Lamp. This LED lamp is here to brighten your day with its five-patterned red, blue, and green lights.

4. Hang A Plane & The Solar System In The Ceiling

Buzz Lightyear’s big introduction to the audience had been “flying” all over Andy’s room. If you’re like us, you know Woody’s on point — he had only been “falling with style.” His wings were simply stuck to the plane hanging in the middle of Andy’s room!

A Toy Story bedroom wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to the said plane. You can also put up a solar system alongside it to spruce things up even more.

5. Use Toy Story-Inspired Bed Sheets

Toy Story Beddings

You can tell which one is Andy’s favorite toy by checking out his bedspread. Why not take a page out of his book and use Toy Story-inspired bed sheets?
You don’t even have to play favorites — choose a bedspread that features all of Andy’s toys to show you love them equally.

6. Hang Christmas Lights All Over The Room

You don’t have to stay loyal to just about every aspect of Andy’s bedroom from the Toy Story movies. In this case, you can hang Christmas lights all over the room to add a touch of magic.

We recommend using the old-fashioned jumbo-sized ones, as they make a better statement.

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7. Use Toy Story’s Main Colors

The colors blue, brown, red, yellow, and white come into mind when it comes to Toy Story. Play with this color palette when styling your Toy Story-inspired bedroom, such as painting the walls baby blue and white (for the sky).

You can then accentuate with wooden furniture (such as the bed, bedside table, study desk, and shelves) to add a touch of brown. Yellow and red could be accent pieces, such as a large red toy box and a bright yellow lamp.

8. Let The Green Soldiers Guard The Bed

Toy Story green army soldier

The little green soldiers from Toy Story proved helpful whenever you needed a lookout. Parade them at the foot of your bed so they can do what they enjoy most — keeping you safe.

9. Paint The Walls With White Clouds

The fluffy white clouds against a sky blue backdrop is an iconic Toy Story visual. You can get the cloud stencils online, but if you’re feeling creative, go ahead and freehand them!

Give yourself a pat on the back once you’re done — we’re sure it’ll look fantastic.

10. Mimic Andy’s Toy Chest

DIY Andy's Toy Chest

Andy's toy chest keeps his room clutter-free. This would be an excellent addition to your bedroom, making tidying up super easy.

You can DIY by getting a simple wooden crate and painting accordingly to mimic Andy’s green carriage toy chest. If you have your own design in mind, even better — it’ll add more personality to your bedroom.


Can you turn a nursery room into a Toy Story room?

Yes, you can turn a nursery room into a Toy Story room. The key is to refrain from adding sharp-edged fixtures to minimize accidents. You can make do with painting the walls with sky blue and white and using Toy Story-inspired bed sheets for the crib.

Can little girls have a Toy Story-inspired room?

Yes, little girls can have a Toy Story-inspired room. Make the room more “girly” by using pastel colors as accents, like pinks, lavenders, and pastel blues.

Golly Bob, Howdy!

We hope you’ve gotten some Toy Story room ideas and have visualized how to add these to your room.

Toy Story brings an element of childhood nostalgia. Toys bring us back to when all we were concerned about was our next great adventure with them! It’s always a great idea to bring fun and games to your little space.

Toynk carries 100 percent licensed Toy Story merchandise for your satisfaction guaranteed. 


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