Toy Story Cake Ideas

8 Best Toy Story Cake Ideas To Make Birthdays Special (2023)

Toy Story-themed cakes are awesome centerpieces for any party table — they’re colorful, fun, and have a great wow factor!

You can decorate the cake using colorful fondant or go big with the number of tiers.

Here are some Toy Story cake ideas to get you inspired for that next Toy Story-themed birthday bash.

Top 8 Amazing Toy Story Cake Ideas To Try

1. Make Your Favorite Toy Story Character A Topper

Buzz Lightyear Fondant Cake Topper

A simple way to spruce up a Toy Story-themed cake is to use your favorite character as a cake topper.

Woody is our favorite character to top cakes with because of his bright and vibrant colors.

Start by building a one-tier cake and decorating it, so it looks like the symbolic blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

Get your favorite Woody toy topper and place him carefully on top of the landscape. The result is a minimalist cake that translates beautifully into photos.

2. Andy’s Toy Chest

If you’re feeling a bit more creative, you can use Andy’s toy chest to inspire your next Toy Story-themed cake.

The cake foundation should be in a rectangle and decorated with fondant to look like an open wooden toy chest.

Feature your favorite characters inside the open chest, like Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and Rex. [1]

3. Use The Toy Story Official Font Style

Fondant Toy Story Logo

Don’t leave your guests guessing which theme your cake takes after. Simply Google “Toy Story Official Font” and craft the lettering on the cake using this font!

You can use this font for the birthday celebrant’s name on the cake and even take it further by featuring the same font for the Happy Birthday streamer on the wall.

4. Decorate The Cake With Toy Story Elements

A really eye-catching way to input many Toy Story elements into your cake is to start with a multi-tier cake. You can stick to getting elements from just one character or taking inspiration from many different characters (as a mishmash of sorts).

A three-tiered cake works best for this concept. Start by taking inspiration from Woody and building the design by keeping his clothes in mind.

The bottom tier could be designed like his blue jeans and brown belt, the middle tier like his cow-patterned vest, and the top tier could come in the likeness of his yellow shirt, red bandana, and sheriff’s badge. Don’t forget his cowboy hat as a topper!

If you want a mishmash of different characters, take the most popular elements from your favorites (such as Woody’s cowboy hat, Buzz’s spaceman suit and wings, and Rex’s scaly green skin) and design each tier accordingly.

5. Use Toy Story Action Figures As Cake Designs

Toy Story Action Figure

If you own several Toy Story action figures, you can definitely use them as cake designs.

Like in number one, you can start by decorating a simple cake base so that the action figures can become the star of the show.

A multi-tiered cake will also work great with this concept because you can feature different characters for each tier.

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6. Design It With Woody’s Boots, Hat, & Belt

Have a cowboy-themed party by designing the birthday cake with Woody’s boots, hat, and belt. Get help from your most creative pal on how best to handle the fondant, so it comes out looking exactly like Woody’s accessories.

Finish by topping the cake with Woody himself, either with your toy or in full fondant form.

7. Create A Cowboy Cake

Toy Story Woody Cake

To expound on Number 6, you don’t have to be limited to just Woody — why not round up (pun intended) the entire Roundup Gang for your very own cowboy cake?

Get Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and even Stinky Pete, and use them as cake accessories. Design a cake base featuring their cow-patterned clothes and finish with the character toppers.

8. Green Army-Inspired Cake

Show some love for the most loyal troops with the green army-inspired cake. This comes in the likeness of the small green soldiers the toys deploy during Andy’s birthday party to check out new toys he’ll likely receive from friends and family.

Slather the cake base with army green icing and craft army green binoculars and hard hats from fondant as accessories. You can then line up the soldiers as toppers, so your guests know exactly which character inspired you.


Can you buy a ready-made Toy Story-inspired cake?

You probably won’t be able to buy a ready-made Toy Story-inspired cake, but plenty of talented custom-cake makers will be more than happy to indulge your vision.

Can you make a Toy Story cake without fondant?

It might be difficult to make a Toy Story cake without fondant, but not impossible. Fondant is a great option for making detailed cake art, which will work extremely well for Toy Story characters. On the downside, fondant is (almost) inedible.

On the other hand, buttercream icing is more palatable, but it can be hard to make minute details as it doesn’t have a lot of structure.

Take A Slice

We hope you’ve gotten some Toy Story cake ideas to complement your next Toy Story-inspired bash!

Toy Story has a lot of nostalgic childhood characters. Woody, Buzz, and the entire gang are super colorful and will definitely add a cheery personality to the party.

You can use fondant to create the character details or use your action figures as toppers (if you have them).



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