White Lie Party Ideas

10 Best White Lie Party Ideas For Your Celebration (2023)

White Lie parties are all the rage in Tiktok these days. If you’ve been living under a rock, it’s basically someone attending a party in a white tee with a white lie written on it (usually with a black marker). This lie is often silly and trivial but certainly will bring a bout of giggles.

Attending a white lie party soon? Here are some white lie party ideas you can take inspiration from!

Top 10 Hilarious White Lie Party Ideas

1. We Just Watched Netflix

Man Wearing We Just Watched Netflix Statement Shirt

A shirt with a “We Just Watched Netflix” white lie is outrageously hilarious for a couples party. Bring your significant other to a couples party and wear matching shirts with this white lie!

It will surely make for great memories when you see pictures of the two of you down the road.

On the other hand, if your friends have been pestering you for details about the new hookup you had recently, you can also wear this statement to a white lie party.

2. I’m Like 5’11”

Most men tend to be pretty insecure about their heights, especially if they’re shorter than 5’10”.

Thankfully, a t-shirt with the white lie “I’m Like 5’11” ” can save the day! You’ll also definitely feel taller because you’re armed with a great sense of humor — and no one will notice that you’re a shortie.

3. Nope, I’m A Vegan

The “Nope, I’m A Vegan” white lie tee will get your meat-loving friends in a twist. Don a “Nope, I’m A Vegan” tee at the next barbecue with your work friends.

Point at your white lie t-shirt before you take a huge bite of that incredibly greasy, juicy, and beefy cheeseburger.

Make sure the tee you wear is made in vegan-approved fabric for good measure. It’s also best to let your friends know of this detail because you want them to know you take veganism very, very seriously. [1]

4. I Can’t Swim!

Woman Wearing I Can’t Swim Statement Shirt

The “I Can’t Swim” tee is the best white lie you can don at the next pool party.

Wear it over a bright bathing suit and a colorful beach hat to stand out from the crowd, and take laps around the pool while wearing it.

Of course, things will get more rib-cracking funny if you really don’t know how to swim because other guests won’t be able to tell if you’re serious or not.

5. Your Secret Is Safe With Me

A “Your Secret Is Safe With Me” white lie t-shirt must be one of the best white lies for a pajama party or where you’ll play Truth or Dare.

Your girlfriends will think twice about spilling their guts at this get-together with you, but we’re sure you’ll be a great friend and won’t tease them too much.

6. I Never Liked Him/Her

A boring, old engagement party will definitely turn out way more interesting and funny if the star couple wears “I Never Liked Him/Her” couple tees.

Snap photos of the two of them wearing white lie shirts and post them on social media. You’ll surely get tons of “Ha ha” reactions. Check out some 90s themed party outfits here

7. I Hate Kids!

Man Wearing I Hate Kids Statement Shirt

The “I Hate Kids” white lie is the perfect getup to a baby shower. The blooming mother-to-be should have many pictures taken of her while she’s wearing the white lie tee. It’ll look even funnier as she’s opening presents.

Of course, it’ll have the same effect if this white lie is worn at a children’s party. Watch little kids eye you nervously if you have this shirt on — and explain to them afterward what a “white lie” is.

8. I’ll Start My Diet Tomorrow

The “I’ll Start My Diet Tomorrow” white lie t-shirt is one of the best ones you can don at a pastry and pasta party or even just a general cookout and eat-out. This will be even funnier if your friends know you as someone who always swears they’ll finally start that diet — but, alas, never does. [2]

9. Just One More Drink

The “Just One More Drink” white lie t-shirt will bring plenty of laughter to other guests at a booze party.

Whenever someone offers you a drink, you can simply point to your shirt over and over as the night goes on. This will be even more hilarious if you’re notorious for loving your alcohol too much.

10. I Won’t Make A TikTok About You

Woman Wearing I Won’t Make A TikTok About You Statement Shirt

The “I Won’t Make A TikTok About You” white lie is the perfect statement to write on your white tee at a TikTok party.

The white lie will be even funnier if you’re known as someone who likes to throw shade at others using the platform.

Of course, don’t forget to make TikToks for everyone you encounter at that white lie party!


What is a little white lie party?

A little white lie party is a party wherein everyone shows up in a white t-shirt with a funny lie about themselves written on it with a black marker.

It’s a great icebreaker and conversation starter, especially if you have guests from different circles or groups who don’t know each other too well.

How do you throw a white lie party?

Let your friends know that you’ll be having a white lie party and that you expect them to show up wearing a hilarious white lie.

If they have no idea what you’re talking about, you can send samples of funny white lies they can take inspiration from. Make sure you prepare a prize for the guest with the funniest white lie to show them that you appreciate their effort in coming up with it!

White Lie, Never Tried!

White lie parties are a great way to get people laughing and having a great time! It’s also a great conversation starter for groups of people who don’t know one another well.

It’s a great way for people to express their sense of humor without fear of being judged. When you’re poking fun at yourself, other people poking fun at you won’t sound too bad.

Guests will have fun deciphering the small, trivial tales to the epic, outrageous ones. So make sure you have fun and don’t take the lies too seriously!


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