Captain Marvel vs Hulk (2024 UPDATED) Ultimate Battle

Captain Marvel vs Hulk (2024 UPDATED) Ultimate Battle

Most of you will agree that a face-off between Captain Marvel vs Hulk in a movie can be exciting. Superheroes taking down villains can be satisfying, but the idea of fighting each other can make everyone more curious about who's going to win. 

Our team spent 24 hours compiling information about Captain Marvel and Hulk to compare who's the strongest. 

Captain Marvel or Hulk - Who Wins?

Hulk and Captain Marvel are the major forces in the MCU and comics, and a face-off between the two strong superheroes most likely happens. Most fans will surely enjoy a duel between Captain Marvel vs. Hulk to see which superhero is the strongest.

Both superheroes do have a fair shot for being strong and reliable superheroes. And while they make a good team, fighting and hurting each other is never out of the picture. Bruce Banner fought against Carol in the comic version, so the next round in MCU movies can be really exciting to watch.  

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Captain Marvel 

Captain Marvel

  • Background

Carol Danvers is a former Air Force Pilot and Intelligence Agent who pursued her dream of exploring space as a NASA Employee. However, after being exposed to the Tesseract explosion and being saved by Kree's blood, her life changed forever. 

Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, and she became a half-breed Kree hero with extraordinary superpowers. She's one of the major forces of Avengers, and Kevin Feige revealed that she could be one of the strongest MCU characters we've seen. 

  • Fighting Skills

Captain Marvel's main fighting skill is energy manipulation, where she absorbs her opponent's energy and turns it to her advantage. She does have powerful punching skills that can help her in her fight against Hulk. 

Carol Danvers has superhuman strength, speed, and durability that can keep up with Hulk's hitting powers. In addition, she can live and breathe in a different universe, and she's the only Avenger capable of doing that course. 

  • Abilities

When Captain Marvel was exposed to the Tesseract explosion and proceeded to become a half-breed Kree, she became a powerful superhero. She can manipulate energy on the ground, flight in multiple ways, and be an orbit and space warrior outside the universe.

She can control God-like abilities and has healing powers like Hulk. Unlike Hulk, she has a unique seventh sense that can detect danger which helps her prepare for any attack. 

  • Weapons & Tools

Captain Marvel does not use any specific tool other than her superpowers. However, her intellectual skills can give her a high chance of defeating Hulk. She can be quick on her feet and provide brilliant strategies, which can be her edge over Hulk, who smashes everything to solve the problem. 

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  • Background

Dr. Bruce Banner is a weak, socially withdrawn, and emotionally reserved scientist turned into a green-skinned hero. He was exposed to heavy gamma radiation, which transformed him into a green and mean monster called the Hulk [1]

His life is caught between a soft-spoken scientist and a green monster powered by rage after saving a teenager driving towards the testing field, which changed his life forever. 

  • Fighting Skills

Immortal Hulk is a hero that may lack head intelligence, but his strength is his major fighting skill. His strength is incalculable, and he can easily smash and punch enemies smarter than him when Hulk takes over.

To step up his strength, he has to enrage first and get his fists to smash everything. In addition, he can approach the speed of light which makes it easier for him to keep up with Captain Marvel's speed. 

  • Abilities

Immortal Hulk has more powers than Carol. He is extremely strong, durable, and fast. His strength is limitless and can grow exponentially depending on his rage. It can prolong longevity and sustain itself in any harmful environment. 

Hulk's skin is impenetrable so that he can sustain exposure to extreme temperatures. He can heal fast, regenerate skin, and be immune to all diseases and viruses. In addition, his blood is life-giving that his blood saved his cousin, but she turned into She-Hulk. 

  • Weapons & Tools

Hulk's weapon is his strength, rage, and limitless stamina. He rarely tires and wears down, which can be a good advantage when fighting a hand-to-hand battle. In addition, his strength is connected to his rage, and he can absolutely survive any abomination. The more he gets angry, the more he gets stronger. With this, it will be hard for the opponent to hurt him.

Hand to Hand Combat

Hand to Hand Combat

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Hulk wins this round. Captain Marvel is considered one of the strongest Avengers in Marvel comics and can throw stronger punches, but the effect on Hulk is unknown. 

However, the Hulk's impressive superhuman strength and speed of motion is a great advantage in any attack. If he is in his highest state of rage, he can produce destructible smashes and punches like She-Hulk that get enemies knocked out, and it will be hard to stand.  

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Stealth Fighting

In Stealth fighting, Captain Marvel's abilities can outrank Hulk and his superhuman strength. While rage can make Hulk furious and powerful, the half-breed can manipulate energy and levitate. 

It can be realized that Hulk's intellectual skill is not that high, and Carol wins a point on that part. Her speed and flying capabilities can be unnoticeable, especially if Hulk is throwing smashes everywhere.


Is Captain Marvel stronger than Hulk?

No, Captain Marvel is not stronger than Hulk. Her strength level is at 800,000 tons, while Hulk's strength is so high that it is incalculable. In addition, Carol Danvers confirms that her power or other avengers like Thor is no match for gamma strength. 

Who would win in a fight, Hulk or Captain Marvel?

Hulk will win in the fight over Captain Marvel. Both heroes are immensely powerful, but the strength and durability of Hulk is a great advantage in the fight, just like what happened in the comics before. 

Let's Sum It Up!  

While many Marvel fans love the debate on who's the strongest Avenger, Captain Marvel made it clear that she is no match with the Hulk. As Hulk's rage rises, he can be stronger, which is why he is still the winner in this battle. 

Hulk's power is limitless, and when he is injured, he becomes stronger. In addition, his skin regenerates, and he is invulnerable to any weapon making him immortal. 

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