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This summer just started and it’s already shaping up to be a record breaker for Hollywood box offices. With a new Star Wars AND a new Avengers, plus the long-awaited Deadpool sequel already killing it with audiences across America, not to mention the one we’ve all been waiting for, Book Club, it’s hard to imagine the hot months could even handle another Hollywood heat wave without buckling under the immense weight of its own awesomeness. So I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not here to talk about another movie coming to theaters this summer. Instead, I’m here to talk about five (you read that right) FIVE mega-smash hits coming to theaters this summer! Start shopping for comfortable clothes you don’t mind staining with artificial butter sauce and check out this list of summer flicks you won’t want to miss!

1) American Animals (In Theaters June 1)


Four twenty-somethings and friends from Kentucky (poorly) plan out a heist to steal a collection of rare books and prints from a library totaling over twelve million dollars in value. Only one issue. They’ve seen entirely too many heist movies. Or, perhaps they haven’t seen enough heist movies. Or maybe they start a lot of heist movies but never finish them. Either way, they don’t seem to realize that, more often than not, things don’t go as the stars of the movies expect them to. Join these four bored youngsters on the thrill ride of their lives, and possibly the one to end it all or finally set them free from their mundane Kentucky existences in what is sure to be one of the standout hits of the summer! Bart Layton’s American Animals.

2) Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (In Theaters June 8)


June 8 will certainly be a wonderful day in the neighborhood because it’s the day we all get to watch Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and look back on our childhoods with fond memories of a simpler time when all that mattered was playing with friends and our imaginations. And Mr. Rogers, of course! However, this film promises to be a bit more informative than the original show, as it’s an examination of Fred Rogers’ life as a whole, and what eventually brought him to becoming one of the most cherished and beloved children’s television personalities to ever live. Learn what’s behind the sweater on June 8 in, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

3) Incredibles 2 (In theaters June 15)


They’re finally back! If you’re anything like me, about five years ago you started thinking, “When are they gonna make another Incredibles movie?” but you probably lost hope shortly after that. As did I. Never fear, they have finally returned! (well, almost) That’s right, On June 15, you can catch Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet, baby Jack Jack and all of their super friends in another installment in The Incredibles franchise. This time, Elastigirl comes to the world’s rescue as Mr. Incredible faces a set of his own new challenges: Taking care of a household with three children. See how they handle it in Incredibles 2, In theaters June 15.

4) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (In Theaters June 22)


It’s been three years since the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park as Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) are headed back to the island to save dinosaurs that may still be living there. However, the island has some plans of its own. Namely, a giant volcano that’s about to erupt, threatening not only the lives of the defenseless animals still trapped on the island but also those of the brave rescuers there to help bring them to safety. As if that weren’t enough to quench almost any movie goer’s thirst for action, these heroes have another issue to face. New Dinosaurs. That’s right, sticking true to Jurassic Park style, the island serves up not only a fiery volcano to contend with but also new breeds and species of giant Dinosaurs the likes of which the world (movie audiences included) have never seen. How will they save the animals and make it out alive? You’ll just have to buy a ticket and find out! Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters June 22.

5) Sicario: Day of the Soldado (In Theaters June 29) 


If you haven’t seen the original Sicario, do yourself a favor and check it out before you watch this one. In the original, FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) is recruited by fellow agent Matt Graver to join a task force pitting Mexican drug cartel kingpins against each other to make the area safer. Things take a turn for the worse when the leader of the task force, Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) starts to blur the lines between right and wrong. In the second installment, the cartels are at it again. This time, they’re smuggling terrorists across the border into the U.S. True to his unpredictable personality from the first film, Alejandro (after being contracted by agent Graver again) kidnaps one of the cartel leaders daughters to intentionally bring tensions higher between rival groups. However, the plan backfires as the leader classifies his own daughter as collateral damage and the two men (Graves and Alejandro) must decide her fate in an ever-changing battleground that is the drug war. See what happens to the kidnapped cartel leader’s daughter for yourself, when Sicario: Day of the Soldado hits theaters on June 29)

But wait, at this point, you might be thinking to yourself “Wasn’t this supposed to be a list of movies hitting theaters this summer? All of those movies come out in June. What about July and August?” Well, you’re right. There are two more months of summer that I completely left off this list, but that’s simply because June has SO MANY awesome movie releases that it seemed crazy not to write about what a power-packed box office killer this month is poised to become. However, I understand that summer is a busy time for a lot of people, what with traveling and vacations, so it’s possible (while quite sad, considering the list you just read) that you may not get to make it out to the movies in June. Not to worry. Just because you asked nicely, I’m gonna go ahead and list off the other notable movie releases in July and August too!

JULY MOVIES (In Order of Release)

The First Purge (July 4) Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6) Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far On Foot (July 13) Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (July 13) Skyscraper (July 13) The Equalizer 2 (July 20) Mama Mia: Here We Go Again! (July 20) Mission: Impossible – Fallout (July 27) Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (July 27)

AUGUST MOVIES (In Order of Release)

The Darkest Minds (August 3) Disney’s Christopher Robin (August 3) Mile 22 (August 3) Searching (August 3) The Spy Who Dumped Me (August 3) A.X.L. (August 10) BlacKkKlansman (August 10) Dog Days (August 10) The Meg (August 10) Alpha (August 17) Crazy Rich Asians (August 17) The Happytime Murders (August 17) Three Seconds (August 17) Replicas (August 24) Slenderman (August 24) Kin (August 31)

There you have it, a thorough list of movies coming out this summer that are guaranteed to help get your mind off of the heat outside and instead, keep you thinking about the heat you’ll be able to find INSIDE your local movie theater this summer! Call your friends, grab some tickets and an ICEE to share (Blue and Red swirl please) and get watching!

By Bill L. Wallis


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