18 games we will see at 2018 E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is almost here, and this year is going to be absolutely enormous. The number of titles officially coming out is mind boggling, so we’ve prepared a massive list of the most anticipated confirmed titles (as well as a couple hopeful rumors) and ranked them according to subjective coolness. (AKA no particular order) Here’s our massive list of 18 games will see at the 2018 .


18 – Bandai Namco – Ace Combat 7

The VR trailer for Ace Combat 7 made big waves among fans of flight simulators. The game made its first appearance at last year’s E3, complete with a short demo of the story mode. This year marks the promised release date, and we could see a lot more of the game, possibly even a multiplayer demo, at this year’s E3.

17 – Saber Interactive – World War Z

The mass of piling zombies in the trailer makes this game looks downright scary. The gameplay seems to follow the left 4 dead 4 player co op model. We’ll see if it improves on the model enough to make it stan out against the MANY other shooters coming out.

16 – Playground Games – Fable Reboot

Fresh rumors continue to leak, and one of the more interesting ones is for the new Fable. Since the original Lionhead studios have been shut down, fans of Fable were pessimistic about seeing a return to Albion. Eurogamer has confirmed that the project will be taken over by Forza developer Playground Games. Can a racing developer handle Fable?

 15 – Treyarch – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 is removing the single player aspect of the campaign. The replacement features promised for Black Ops are varied. A Battle Royale has been promised, and the Zombie raid mode is making its return as well. Check out the multiplayer reveal trailer.

14 – Microsoft – Halo 6

We know Halo 6 is coming, but there are no solid details on it yet. There are rumors about the game having a Battle Royale mode, and with the success of Fortnight and PUBG these rumors are likely to be true. We should see our first look at E3.

13 – Dice – Battlefield V

Battlefield V has already promised to have a playable multiplayer demo. The trailer looks promising, but we will see if Dice can make their latest title redeem the travesty that was Battlefront 2.



12 – Nintendo – Smash Brothers

Thanks to the Inkling reveal trailer, we know a new smash game is coming out. Expect the same Nintendo mascot cast with a few new additions. But will this iteration cater to casuals? Or the alienated Melee crowd? We will see.



11 – WB Games – Hitman 2

The WB livestream showed gameplay for the latest Hitman. The game heralds the return of agent 47, and the gameplay looks like its shaping up well for its November release date. We will see even more at E3.

 10 – Sony – Spider Man

Open world and gorgeous, the new Spider Man game was originally is everything the fans are expecting, and the trailer looks solid. Unfortunately the game isn’t tied to the awesome new Miles Morales Spider Man movie, kind of a missed opportunity.


9 – Project Soul – Soul Calibur 6

The trailer for Soul Calibur 6 changes established ages of main character timelines, specifically Mitsurugi’s age. It could be that the game is set in the past, but devs have promised that the altered appearances are story related.


8 – Kojima Productions – Death’s stranding

Story is king to Kojima, and Death’s stranding looks to be no exception. Leaks state the science fiction elements of the story are going to set the stage for the game’s multiplayer, but E3 will be our first look at actual gameplay. Here’s the latest trailer. 

7 – Id Software/Avalanch Studios – Rage 2

The first Rage was a cult classic, and the new one has Avalanch studios, creators of Just Cause and Mad Max involved as well. More fun than the other more serious shooters on the list, it might be a breath of fresh air in a seas of military seriousness. Check the trailer here. 



6 – Bioware – Anthem

Anthem combines aspects of Titanfall with a more open world, and cooperative based play. The game is beautifully ambitious, and has lofty expectations. Development has been long, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for a game focused primarily on exploration. Watch the latest trailer for Anthem here.

5 – Bethesda – Fallout: Vault 76

The latest in the series looks to focus on a specific vault among the wastelands. The trailer focused primarily on the interior of the vault, leading gamers to question if the game will focus more on maintaining one’s own vault rather that raiding others.

4 – Bethesda – Elder Scrolls 6

Summerset Isle is coming for Elder scrolls online, but there are rumors that the new full Elder Scrolls game could be announced this year. Bethesda is playing this one very close to the chest, but gamers can hope. This one isn’t confirmed, but if it happens it WILL be the highlight of the show.

3 – Rockstar – Red Dead Redemption 2

Pre order Bonuses have leaked gameplay elements for the long awaited sequel. Including a “personal camp” that players can customize as a base of operations. Home is where your boots rest, after all. Check out the latest trailer here. 

2 – Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Coming hot off the success of Origins, Odyssey looks to keep the hype train rolling. Fans are concerned that there wasn’t enough development time between titles, and fear a Unity-like disaster. Leaks indicate players can play as either a male or female protagonist, similar to Syndicate.

1 – CD Project Red – CyberPunk 2077

Every Ghost in the Shell fan’s dream come true, Cyberpunk is our most antipicated title. The game has been teasing us since the gorgeous announcement trailer came out, and more than anything we want to see some ACTUAL gameplay. This year’s E3 could make our dream come true.

That’s our list! Expect an update where we review the best of E3 after the dust has settled.

What are you most excited for for E3?

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