Stay Hydrated with Geeky Water Bottles, Shakers, and Carnival Cups

Stay Hydrated with Geeky Water Bottles, Shakers, and Carnival Cups

Every sip counts! Stay hydrated in style with 10 new water bottles, carnival cups, and plastic shakers from New designs are inspired by popular fandoms including The Golden Girls, Naruto Shippuden, Sonic the Hedgehog, Attack of Titan, Pac-Man, and more. Hydration has never been so fun! Put a little style into every sip with The Golden Girls "Golden Since 85" plastic water bottle. The 32-ounce bottle features a translucent design and light blue lid, with a colorful graphic that takes inspiration from '80s-style art. Make sure to buy a few extras to keep your BFF's hydrated too! Even a shinobi needs to stay hydrated! Drink up your fandom with the 32-ounce Naruto Shippuden Ichiraku Ramen Plastic Water Bottle featuring a traditional Japanese-style look. The themed design is inspired by Naruto Uzumaki's favorite restaurant, Ichiraku Ramen. The translucent background makes the colorful details pop for maximum style! The 32-Ounce Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Red Clouds Plastic Water Bottle features a black wrap-around design of the red cloud symbols from the Akatsuki. The battle for world domination sure can make you thirsty. This bottle has a wide-mouth lid for easy cleaning and prevents spills.  Running at high speeds and collecting gold rings all day can be exhausting, so you make sure to fill up this Sonic The Hedgehog Gold Rings Plastic Water Bottle to the top. This 32-ounce plastic water bottle has a translucent wrap-around design, featuring a pixelated-style version of Sonic The Hedgehog with gold ring graphics. Speed things up with the Sonic The Hedgehog Character Plastic Water Bottle has a translucent blue design, featuring the Sonic The Hedgehog logo on one side and a fun multi-character graphic on the other side. The 32-ounce sporty water jug features popular characters from the video game, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, and Tails the twin-tailed Fox. The black Pac-Man "Keep Calm and Eat Some Ghosts" Water Bottle showcases a fun pixelated design including the videogame character Pac-Man and colorful ghosts. This  32-ounce plastic water bottle comes complete with an attached screw-top lid to prevent unwanted spillage while you run around collecting pellets just like the retro arcade hero.  These officially licensed water bottles from Just Funky are BPA-free and perfect for staying hydrated both at home and on the go!  Add some fun to your hydration routine with carnival cups from the manufacturer Funky People. Based on the hit manga turned animated show Attack on Titan, The Attack on Titan Eren Yeager Titan Screaming Carnival Cup and The Attack on Titan Eren Yeager Carnival Cup both hold 16-ounces of your favorite beverage. These BPA-Free plastic cups come with a straw and lid for easy sipping. The cups feature detailed and colorful depictions of Eren Yeager the main protagonist of Attack On Titan. These officially licensed carnival cups depict iconic moments from the show for maximum style with every sip. Reach your goals a little bit quicker with help from Toynk Original plastic shaker bottles. These BPA-Free 20-ounce bottles include a plastic shaker piece to help mix protein shakes, smoothies, and more. Choose from the comical bottles #SquatGoals with a lime green lid and squatting figure or Gym & Tonic with a blue lid and decorative barbell. Toynk plastic shaker bottles will help you look swole while also giving you a good laugh! Geeky water bottles will make hydration more fun at home and at the gym. Shop the collection here. 

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