6 Awesome Star Trek Birthday Party Ideas for 2024

6 Awesome Star Trek Birthday Party Ideas for 2024

Captain, the Federation Starfleet is calling. Are you ready to heed the call? It’s time to boldly go where no man has gone before - a Star Trek birthday party! Whether it’s for you or for your loved one who’s a huge fan of Star Trek, you can plan an intergalactic adventure for that special day. And that’s complete with costumes and party supplies! 

Here are some of the best Star Trek birthday party ideas we’d like you to try! 

6 Star Trek Ideas for a Birthday Party

1. Decorations


First off, let’s take care of the trekkie decorations for your party. You can actually turn any space into a “space” with several cosmic Star Trek ideas. 


Create a backdrop of the Voyager or the USS Enterprise on one side of the room. Not only is it a great design, but it’s a good conversation starter, too. 

You may consider the bridge as an inspiration when collecting materials like poster boards, cardboards, or even plywoods if you want to make it more durable.  Use paint or more art materials to add the designs and colors for the windows and panels. 

Side Walls

We think it would look very celestial if you could create black walls for the party. However, we do not recommend painting anything in your home - permanently, that is. Use curtains or colored paper and stick stars to the background to create a cosmo background for your guests. 

Place Star Trek posters and even character cutouts of your favorite character, like Mr. Spock, perhaps?


To complete a Star Trek space universe feel, use things like foam or styropore balls and create fake and imaginary planets. You can use a string or a fishing line to hang them from the ceiling. If you’re not feeling too lazy, you may even create makeshift spaceships to go along with your designs. Add some silver stars and glow-in-the-dark ones if you’re planning a nighttime party. This could even be a permanent Star Trek home decor!

Other Decorations

For the tables, use black tablecloths and sprinkle with silver confetti to resemble galaxy-like specks. For the utensils, let’s go with silver plates, spoons, and forks, too. If you can find silver cups and table napkins, that would be totally awesome. 

For your Star Trek party, we also recommend unique centerpieces like silver balloons, planets, a replica of a spaceship, or a Luke Skywalker lightsaber LED lamp

2. Party Favors

Party Favors

A Star Trek party won’t be complete without special party favors for the guests. Prepare party supplies and items like silver plate lollipops or spaceship pens that resemble the USS Enterprise. There are several Star Trek party ideas for giveaways that you can come up with. 

If you’re planning birthday parties for kids, consider toys like a Star Trek building kit, comic books, or action figures. For adults, we’ve got shot glasses, Star Trek paperweights, and journals. You may even place them inside clear bags and tie them with ribbons. 

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3. Food

Aside from the usual spaghetti and hotdogs for the little ones, spice up the recipes a bit with some homemade Star Trek treats like cake lollipops and space cookies. 

You can make sugar cookies, which are the easiest, or go with yummy chocolate chips and peanut butter cookies. It’s really up to you (and the celebrant, of course). You can also serve a group of Star Trek-themes cupcakes and brownies if you like. 

As soon as the kids’ party’s over, it’s time to gather up the adults and have a little drink - this time, with your very own cosmic concoction. Make the famous Bailey’s Cream comet drink using Bailey’s Irish Creme and some Schnapps. 

You may also try the Mr. Spock punch using pineapple juice, club soda, and lemon-lime powder. There’s also the Mandalorian Ale that includes vodka, Blue Curacao, and mint leaf. 

4. Cake


The best Star Trek party ideas are nothing without the star of the day - the cake! It’s what your little guests are looking forward to! To date, there are literally hundreds of cake designs you can come up with to complete your Star Trek theme - there’s the USS Enterprise, Mr. Kirk, and the Star Trek badge. Use some cake toppers, too! 

Make sure to include details like the solar system, spaceships, galaxies, and even tiny replicas of our favorite Star Trek characters. 

5. Entertainment

For a unique Star Trek party, we recommend preparing a program that includes games and special performances. One way to do this is to hire professional actors to dress up as Spock, Scotty, Nyota Uhura, and Janice Rand. 

You can also invite your guests to watch some Voyager episodes or even the entire Star Trek series and movies (although this might need more than a day of celebration)! 

6. Costumes


A Star Trek party would not be complete without the theme costumes! Just imagine the number of people who’ll love to go as the biggest names and characters -  Borgs, Klingons, and Vulcans! Women can go as Uhura by wearing poufy hairdos and high boots. 

For the men, there’s Captain Kirk donning a red shirt and black pants. Your guests will also love it if you prepare replicas of the infamous communicators to get into the characters. 

If you want to make it more realistic, you may even get an authentic Star Trek Discovery Command uniform costume or a Blue Union suit. Your kid will surely delight in this one-of-a-kind Scotty costume, too. 

Let’s Get This Party Started!

From party ideas to party supplies and other products, planning the perfect Star Trek party (or any other theme party, really) is all about the details - the nitty-gritty. For a true trekkie, you’ll have to think hard about the costumes, the menu, and the decorations. The idea here is to make everything look as real as possible. You don’t even have to worry about the prices as you can always go with DIY. 

Again, the Starfleet is calling, but are you ready to heed the call? We think you should. Go big with the solar system and wear your best party costumes. It’s your choice! Armed with these cosmic and universal party ideas, it’s time to impress just about any guest or fan today. Live long and prosper!

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