5 Stunning Minecraft Decor Ideas for 2023

5 Stunning Minecraft Decor Ideas for 2023

Minecraft’s artistic nature has allowed avid players to replicate the sandbox game’s items into functional and practical furniture at home. Minecraft decor ideas include pots, paintings, even brick builds that add class and sophistication to any simple home - virtual or not. 

We decided to put together our favorite Minecraft decorations below. Check out our top designs and ideas!

Minecraft Designs For Your Virtual Villages


With Minecraft, there’s always a new space or landscape to explore, build, and design. With your villages, you can apply the same opportunity - you just gotta be more creative! A block (and bleak) room, for instance, might need just a few touches of furniture to make it look homey and unique. You’ll be surprised at what a chair can do for a room! 

If you’re already playing Minecraft [1], you know for a fact that furniture is everything. And in this game, there’s no shortage of creative ideas. Go big on details, make each thing more exciting, explore DIY designs - there’s so much you can do to elevate your city - or in this case, your Minecraft village. 

5 Decorating Ideas for Each Room

Ideas For The Living Room

Living Room

As the center of your home, the living room is where you usually entertain guests or watch television with your family after a tiring day at work. Whether it’s virtual or non-virtual, we like our living rooms welcoming and cozy. 

Here are some Minecraft decorations you can add to your personal living space in the game. 

  • Tables

Minecraft tables are created out of slabs and blocks. To replicate the same feel and look, use concrete builds to make a side or center table as your Minecraft decorations. Some people use fence posts and activated pistons. 

To add a bit of color to your house, experiment with colorful and intricately designed carpets or table runners. You may also use end rods to form a candle holder as additional decoration. 

  • Couch

What’s a Minecraft living room without a couch? To make a couch for your Minecraft game villages, simply add stair blocks (two or more) together. If you want to make it look sleeker and longer, put them in front of the stairs. 

Besides stair blocks, you can also use things like wool blocks for a more elegant-looking chaise lounge as decoration. A piano on the side would also look nice.

  • TV

Create a television set for you and your Minecraft friends by placing obsidian blocks or black wool next to each other. You can also make a TV stand by building a table from other things like wood signs and fence posts. 

  • Fireplace

Let’s make things a little bit fancier by adding a fireplace to your living area as decoration. However, you have to remember that there are materials like wood that can easily catch fire. Let’s avoid burning down your house.

We recommend other materials like stones and bricks to protect your Minecraft Netherrack. When you light a Netherrack, it will burn forever, so you’ll need sturdy brick blocks to make it fireproof.

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Ideas For The Bedroom


As your retreat and special sanctuary, bedrooms should be comfortable, quiet, and personal. Creating a bed in Minecraft is pretty easy - just a couple of wool blocks and wooden planks, really.

But, did you know that you can also add a few more pieces of furniture to make the entire room look fun and inviting? Aside from a bed, here are some more Minecraft decorations for bedrooms. 

  • Study Desk

Build your Minecraft desk as you would any table. The simplest way is to have fence posts side by side and add wood slabs or pressure plates on top. We like to put our desks near the beds. An alternative can be a wooden door placed between two anvils. You can spice up the furniture with a carpet or even lamps. 

  • Dresser Drawer

Adding dresser-like furniture to your Minecraft villages is one way to make it look believable and unique. To create a dresser, use two long chests and put them on top of each other. You can also create a wider and longer space by placing another set near each other. 

Now you have replicated a piece of furniture that holds your clothes and other belongings. There are other awesome ways to design bedrooms. For instance, we like adding smaller tables and chairs near the beds in addition to your dresser.

  • Closet/Walk-In Closet

Your bedroom won’t be complete without a closet. A closet isn’t just for Minecraft decorations. You can actually add chests and more miniature items to it. To build a closet, get ready to dig into the bedroom wall - at least two blocks high and one block deep. 

If you want to make a walk-in closet in the rooms, you can dig a few more blocks and place stained glass panes or items around the opening. 

Ideas For The Kitchen


One room that we enjoy decorating is the kitchen. Yep, it’s not just a place where you can store food and keep your goodies. It’s actually a great area to showcase your creativity. Just imagine the fun you’ll have building items like countertops, sinks, islands, tables, and all. 

Some people like their Minecraft kitchens small and compact. We like our kitchens big, stylish, spacious, and with lots of furniture.

  • Sink

Let’s start with the sink. For a simple Minecraft sink, get a cauldron, add a water bucket, and put a tripwire hook to make it look like a faucet. If you plan to build a bigger kitchen, you can even add a double sink by placing two cauldrons together. 

  • Fridge

While you won’t find any refrigerator in the Minecraft world, nobody said you can’t make your own. It’s actually pretty simple and gives you an edge. All you need are basic items like blocks and iron doors. To do this, dig a hole where you want to place your fridge. 

Put a chest in the hole and put an iron block above the blank space. Add a button or lever on the iron door in front of the fridge to make an opening. 

  • Countertops

To make a simple countertop, try using wooden planks. However, there’s another neat trick we discovered to make countertops look full and exciting. Use a Minecraft bookshelf block as a cupboard. 

Place a wooden trapdoor on the side of the shelf that’s facing you so that when you open the door, it will look like it has a bunch of items on it. Add more tables if you want to elongate them. 

  • Tiles

This is where the glazed terracotta comes in. To create a tiled kitchen floor, pick a color and choose the blocks carefully, so the colors and designs go with each other. You can also go with wool as a simple alternative. 

  • Kitchen Stove

Minecraft already has a stove, so you don’t need to improvise in this area. You can add a few more items to make it more functional, like a furnace and a crafting table as furniture options. 

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Ideas For The Bathroom


Our Minecraft village builds won’t be complete without a bathroom. Not like you’re actually using it in the game, but this room makes everything look believable. And it’s also a great storage area to build for your junk. 

  • Shower

With a Minecraft shower, you can either make it fully functional or just for decoration. Outline the edge of the shower with blocks or stone builds. Add a tripwire that will work like a faucet or lever. You can also place a block of water above a piston. 

When you activate it, it will open a hole in the ceiling for the water. Instant rain shower. If you like to have a closed-in look for your shower, add some glass panes. 

  • Sink

While both kitchen and bathroom sinks have the same functionality, you can play around with the latter. For a more aesthetic sink, place a cauldron right next to the toilet and put a slab in front. Then place a tripwire hook above the cauldron to make it look like a lever or a faucet. Make sure to choose stone slabs that match the design of your bathroom. 

  • Toilet

In your actual home, the toilet is the most important element in any bathroom. You’ll find out that these builds function more than what they’re actually for in the Minecraft villages. Did you know that you can dispose of any unwanted item by just dumping it into the toilet? Yes, you’ve read it right. 

All you have to do is dump the blocks into the water, and it will disintegrate after a few minutes. To make a toilet, get a cauldron, fill it with water, and place a trapdoor on the crest. 

Ideas For The Outdoors

  • Minecraft Outdoor Furniture 

As a bonus, you can add a few pieces of furniture to make your Minecraft village builds look extra homey and inviting. For outdoor seating decorations, you’ll find several bench styles and chairs available. You can also add other builds like fountains, pools, and even a garden village to give it a nice edge. 

Minecraft Decorations For Your Virtual Village

The Minecraft decorations we’ve listed above are just some of the things you can use to create your own builds in the game. There are different ways, options, and details to spice up your houses and make each room look special. 

Aside from furniture, you can even add frames and even a piano to your rooms if you want. Next time, we’ll show you how to build a farm plus a few puzzle ideas, too. 

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