15 Best Star Trek Toys (2024) Updated Trekkie List

15 Best Star Trek Toys (2024) Updated Trekkie List

With strange worlds, outrageous miniature starships, and impressive character replicas, the Gene Roddenberry Star Trek franchise has given us some of the coolest toys in history. Over the years, we’ve collected Jean-Luc Picard and William T. Riker figures, Star Trek Universe books, magazines, prop replicas, and even Starship home decor. 

We’ve created a list of some of the best Star Trek toys today. Check out each item!

Top 15 Star Trek Toy Ideas for Trekkies of All Ages

1.  Star Trek Kirk & Spock 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Star Trek Kirk & Spock 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


It’s time to put your handy skills to the test! Puzzles are timeless, and they’re always on top of the list when you think of educational toys. It’s great to do alone or with a group of friends. This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle proves to be a fun challenge for both kids and adults alike. Once you complete the pieces, you’ll be so amazed by the picture that you'd want to watch the coolest episodes of Voyager again!

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2.  Funko ReAction Star Trek Dr. McCoy Action Figure

Funko ReAction Star Trek Dr. McCoy Action Figure

 Ah, the all-time favorite action figures. We dare you to boldly collect these retro figures to assemble your own crew today. Let’s start with the infamous Dr. McCoy from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also called Bones, he was the chief medical officer of the Enterprise under Captain Kirk. We see him often arguing with Spock’s logical explanation. 

This item is a simplified retro action figure that stands at around 3.75 inches tall. Product specifications include an impressive 1980s style card design and 5 points of articulation. 

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3.  Star Trek Mega Construx Kubros Building Kit | Spock

Star Trek Mega Construx Kubros Building Kit | Spock

Ideal for fans ages 10 and up, this Kubros building kit will bring all your favorite characters and pop culture icons to life. Each item has a block shape and retro design that’s obviously inspired by classic games. 

We like the coin details on the arms, feet, and head, allowing you to move the figures in several ways for a grand display. Build your own army, assemble your own fantasy universe, and create your own command center. 

We recommend you watch the entire franchise while building your kit. Here's the best way to watch Star Trek in order

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4.  Diamond Select Star Trek Deep Space 9 Worf Uniform 1 of 1500 Trading Card

Diamond Select Star Trek Deep Space 9 Worf Uniform 1 of 1500 Trading Card

This limited-edition costume trading card features  Lt. Commander Worf’s majestic uniform as what we’ve seen on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. 

With only 1500 of these cards created worldwide, this item is definitely a rare gem to add to your Star Trek collection. Some of these are pre-order we’ve heard, so you better get to it, buddy. Imagine owning a piece of Star Trek civilizations history!

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5.  Star Trek Tng Ensign Bajoran Ro Laren Figure

Star Trek Tng Ensign Bajoran Ro Laren Figure


Another Star Trek action figure that makes a remarkable plaything or display. This Ro Laren figure stands at 7 inches and includes several points of articulation so you can pose the item in whatever way you wish. 

Watch out for Seven of Nine and Benjamin Sisko! Complete all collectibles, and you’ll soon have your own academy right at your crib!

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6.  Star Trek Titan TOS Blind Box Vinyl Figure, Single Random

Star Trek Titan TOS Blind Box Vinyl Figure, Single Random

The Original Series Titans Vinyl figure collectibles dare you to go to places where no man has gone before. Since it’s a blind box, you’ll be gleefully surprised when you receive each box. 

The assortment features well-loved characters from the groundbreaking season of Star Trek - Mister Spock, Captain James T. Kirk, Uhura, Bones McCoy, Nurse Chapel, Scotty, Sulu, and Khan Noonien Singh. 

There’s also the terrifying likes of Gorn and the Talosian Keeper! Each of these frontier figures stands at 3 inches and comes with an accessory, too!

You can also read our favorite Captain Kirk quotes here

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7.  Star Trek Ultimate 1/4 Scale Captain Kirk Figure

Star Trek Ultimate 1/4 Scale Captain Kirk Figure

If you’re looking for a taller Star Trek The Original action figure, then this item is for you. At more than 18 inches tall, this Captain James T. Kirk has an amazing articulation of 25 points! 

The item also features electronic sound clips of the Captain’s voice! Accessories include exclusive Communicator, Phaser, and additional display and handstand. Time to decorate your room and create a place where no one has gone before. Here are some more Star Trek decor ideas!

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8.  Star Trek 14" Plush Uhura

Star Trek 14" Plush Uhura

We adore plush collectibles. Who doesn’t, right? They’re soft. They’re cuddly. They’re perfect for playing or collecting. Now we’ve got Star Trek Frontier characters to add to our plush toys. 

First off - Uhura (played by Nichelle Nichols) - our favorite communications officer from The Original Series. Aside from Uhura, other plush toys featuring the officers and other characters are also available. Fans will go ga-ga over each plush model, for sure. This plush toys is an amazing Star Trek gift idea, too. 

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9.  Star Trek Minimates Figure 2 Pack - Gladiator Kirk & Kor The Klingon

Star Trek Minimates Figure 2 Pack - Gladiator Kirk & Kor The Klingon

Design by Art Asylum and produces by Diamond Select Toys, Minimates aim to capture the fans’ favorite characters from movies, video games, television series, and comics - this time, as miniature block-styled action figures! 

For this particular item, we’ve got Gladiator Kirk and Kor The Klingon. These collectible 2-inch figures include more than 14 points of articulation and several interchangeable accessories. Some of the parts are convertible, too. You can even add this to your birthday party loot bags!

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10.  Star Trek Mirror Universe 3.5" Tribble Plush

Star Trek Mirror Universe 3.5" Tribble Plush

Another character to add to your plush collection! This Star Trek Tribble measures around 3.5 inches in diameter and features charming stuffed fabric teeth, too! This item comes in an exclusive container designed to keep everything gnarly about those Tribbles under control. You better watch your fingers!

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11.  Star Trek 2.5" Kawaii Cube Plush: Spock

Star Trek 2.5" Kawaii Cube Plush: Spock

If you’re also into Kawaii-style designs, we’re sure you’ll love this child-like cube plush character from Star Trek: The Original Series. We’re talking about no other than Mr. Spock, the fans’ best-loved first officer of the U.S.S Enterprise (NCC 1701). 

With this Kawaii Cube, your plush collection will definitely get a step up. We’d love to see the entire characters from all of the seasons, too! Imagine a room full of Starfleet plush toys!

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12.  Star Trek Planetary Disaster Tug And Chew Toy (A Special Bonus For Your Fur Buddy!)


Star Trek Planetary Disaster Tug And Chew Toy

We’ve got a bonus for your fur buddies here! It’s time to let your pets in on the game with this exclusive Starfleet chew toy! This Star Trek Planetary Disaster tug and chew toy is the perfect plaything for your dog. 

This item has interlocking ropes and squeakers and measures 7 inches in diameter. You’ll be charmed by the Star Trek Voyager logo that comes with it, along with some Enterprise NX 01 and planetary graphics - everything you’d like! 

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13.  Star Trek: TNG Borg Puzzle Cube

Star Trek: TNG Borg Puzzle Cube

A Nerd Block exclusive, this revolving Star Trek TNK Borg puzzle cube is reminiscent of the terrifying cyborg spacecraft. Solve the puzzle alone or take turns with your friends as you aim to restore the balance in the mirror universe of the United Federation of Planets. When you’re playing, remember this -  time is of the essence. 

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14.  Star Trek Wil Wheaton's D6 Novelty Die

Star Trek Wil Wheaton's D6 Novelty Die

Novelty Starfleet collectibles are rolling your way with these D6 dice. While we know that Wil Wheaton, aka Wesley Crusher, is an outstanding gamemaster, he seems to be doing poorly when it comes to rolling dice. With the Wheaton way of rolling, you’ll be surprised at how every side is a 1. 

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15. Star Trek: The Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge 

Star Trek: The Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge

Here comes the ultimate toy for the big boys. We present to you the Star Trek, The Next Generation Bluetooth-enabled Communicator Badge! This prop replica was first introduced in the late 1980s and, - boy, oh, boy - every diehard Star Trek wished to have one! Decades later, it has resurfaced with several enhanced technological features, including a Bluetooth v4.2 connection. 

The exclusive U.S.S. ComBadge connects to phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops - basically any gadget that has Bluetooth. It features a built-in speaker and microphone for music playback and phone calls, too! We love hearing the classic Star Trek communicator badge chirping sound effects. It has over 30 feet of badge to phone range. When it comes to aesthetics, you’ll be amazed at the on-screen matte gold with sleek black outlines and silver delta plate. 

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It’s Play Time!

There’s something about the Star Trek federation toys that bring out the little kids in us. Aside from inspiring generations to look at the stars and believe that we are not alone in the universe, the Star Trek world has paved the way for thousands of incredible space collectibles for diehard fans. 

These precious items include micro figures from our favorite episode and spinoff series, Starship and Starfleet models, even phasers and Romulan model figures. 

If you’d like to add to your Star Trek Discovery or Star Trek The Next Generation collection, check out these fantastic items right here.

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