4 Star Trek Decor Ideas (2024) Home Makeover Guide

4 Star Trek Decor Ideas (2024) Home Makeover Guide

More than five decades ago, the Star Trek franchise made an iconic impact on American television. And out of it, several concepts came about - toys, characters, collectibles, party supplies, even furniture. 

If you’re aiming to boldly search where no man has gone before, here are some Star Trek decor ideas you can try today. 

4 Star Trek Home Decorations For A Star Trek Fan

As fans of the Star Trek series and movies, we’d like to keep a few mementos in our home, but you can do more than just collect those Kirk collectibles. Yup, you can actually create your own Star Trek space haven and experience something reminiscent of the Star Trek Enterprise living quarters.

From Star Trek lamps, pillow cases, and door chimes to the Starfleet phone, communication device, cutlery, and wine glasses, there’s more than one piece of merchandise available to refurbish your home into an intergalactic version of your crib. 

And we’re not just talking about your bedroom or the living room, for that matter - you can actually redecorate every inch and corner, every nook and cranny if you want to! You just gotta think big, fellow Trekkie! 

1. Star Trek Ideas For the Living Room

Star Trek Ideas For the Living Room 

When it comes to the living room, we like to keep things quaint and simple. Try minimalism. If you remember, the Star Trek series’ Starfleet Captain’s quarters is actually very austere and efficient. 

In fact, in a Star Trek episode, Captain Kirk once said that a room should reflect its occupant. So, let’s keep things simple in your living room by getting rid of that unnecessary side table and the decors that come with it. But, we’re not settling for just a chair! We’re talking about a complete design overhaul. 

One way to show a minimalist yet elegant vibe is by adding a Star Trek floor lamp as your central home decor instead. Then get a throw pillow or two for your chair and simple Star Trek franchise wall art. 

Add a unique touch by placing a Klingon metal letter opener on your center table. It’s going to be a great conversation starter! 

And while you’re at it, let’s add something for your starship fur buddy - a Star Trek Captain’s dog chair! Go big with a Star Trek electronic front door chime, and you’ll be the talk of the town. 

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2. Star Trek Ideas For the Bedroom

Star Trek Ideas For the Bedroom 

Be the captain of your very own Star Trek spacecraft by dressing up your bedroom in anything and everything Star Trek-inspired. So get yourself some Star Trek chair covers, cozy blankets, bedroom slippers, and stylish Star Trek-inspired wallpaper. 

We particularly like to play with the lighting for the bedroom - something high-tech and futuristic - like several of the ships portrayed in the Star Trek series, episodes, comics, and movies we’ve seen. 

It’s a good thing that this particular kind of lighting effect is trending at the moment, so you won’t have a difficult time looking for options. Another fantastic piece of art is a  Star Trek 3D acrylic LED lamp. Finally, install some Starship LED lights and flexible strips across the corners to create a futuristic vibe for the room. 

Star Trek merchandise like bedcovers, duvet covers, and pillow cases are also available on the market to complete your Starship-inspired bedroom. Make it more personal by wearing some Star Trek 3D bedroom slippers. It’s a great gift for a fellow Star Trek fan, too. 

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3. Star Trek Ideas For the Kitchen

Star Trek Ideas For the Kitchen 

Why stop at the bedroom when you can extend your intergalactic design to the kitchen! Yup, we’re talking about Star Trek silverware, pizza cutters, multi-use tools, knives, even pepper shakers! Yup, you’ll find many of these Star Trek tools on the internet. 

A functional yet modern kitchen is the style and design that we’re after. With this union, you can throw in some casual seating areas and go for functional decors and items, including this Star Trek Next Generation ceramic dinnerware set - something you can show off to your fellow Star Trek fanatics when you host the next dinner or birthday party, eh? 

Another Star Trek item you can add to your counter is this Star Trek-inspired ceramic mug for your morning coffee. Is it whiskey night already? Time to impress your guests and every person who’s visiting with another Star Trek collectible - a 5-piece whiskey decanter set!

We suggest you also keep this Star Trek Klingon multi tool kit and Starship metal pizza cutter in your cupboard to show everyone who’s the boss of the house. They're cool Star Trek gift ideas, too!

4. Star Trek Ideas For the Bathroom

Star Trek Ideas For the Bathroom 

Make the bathroom your space throne by adding a few unique items. A Star Trek toilet cover, you say? Of course, with today’s technology, that’s not impossible at all! Below are some ideas that would inspire you to create an incredible albeit strange-looking bathroom. It may look weird to some, but hey, not to us, Mr. Spock! 

Since the living room and bedroom are a little laid back, we say let’s go for luxury when it comes to the bathroom. Clean, sleek, and luxurious. Think of Captain Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard’s lush home quarters for inspiration. Add some Star Trek-inspired LED lights or lamps. You can also add some of your Star Trek toys

Go for black and gold wall tiles with an abstract pattern to make it look like you’re in some kind of new universe. Get yourself some Star Trek bath towels, hand towels, and even toilet seat covers. Carry out your mission to get that much-needed rest wearing a Star Trek Spock fleece bathrobe

Time For Some Star Trek Remodelling!

While we may not be able to completely transform your home into the Star Trek Starship Enterprise, there are several ways to replicate the Starfleet (and the experience of living in one). 

There are literally hundreds, even thousands, of Star Trek interior design merchandise and décor to furnish your home on Earth and any other planets, really. 

From classy to luxury, it’s easy to gather incredible wall art designs, pillows, chair covers, cutlery items, handmade Trekkie merchandise, and other intergalactic stuff that you can easily incorporate into your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

Let’s see what other home decoration ideas you’ve come up with. Watch the entire Star Trek movies and series for inspiration!

For other Star Trek series collectibles, gift ideas, and toys, check out our exclusive Trekkie stuff here.

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