10 Best St Patrick's Day Party Decorations for 2023

10 Best St Patrick's Day Party Decorations for 2023

If you’re looking for fun and fresh St. Patrick’s Day party decorations, you’ve come to the right place.

This is your ultimate guide on the most creative, whimsical, and Irish luck-inducing decorations for the upcoming holiday. Let’s get the party started.

10 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Party Decoration Ideas To Try

1. St. Patrick's Green Inflatable Mug Cooler


Discover a newer, funner way to display your Guinness beer, courtesy of the St. Patrick's Green Inflatable Mug Cooler. This measures 25” tall and 19” wide, perfect for housing around six beer bottles.

Make sure you put lots of ice beforehand to keep the beer nice and cold throughout the event. You can check out some of the coolest St Patrick's Day gifts here

2. Touch Of Color Octy-Round Round Plastic Table Cover Emerald Green


The Touch Of Color Octy-Round Round Plastic Table Cover Emerald Green is a great way to add a splash of emerald green to your St. Paddy’s Day bash. This plastic table cover measures 82”, which fits most standard round tables.

3. Touch Of Color 20 Count 7" Heavy Duty Plastic Plates Emerald Green


The color green is synonymous with St. Paddy’s Day, so make sure you have plenty at your party with the Touch Of Color 20 Count 7" Heavy Duty Plastic Plates Emerald Green.

You’ll get 20 hard plastic plates that measure 7” in diameter with each package, which is enough for 20 of your guests. You can also use these to put snacks on the table.

4. Irish Flag

Make sure to put up miniature Irish flags for your St. Paddy’s Day bash! If you’ve hired a photo booth, have the Irish flag as one of the accessories.

The Irish flag is also pretty easy to do if you are going the DIY route, as you only need to stick green, white, and orange colored paper together. [1]

5. Shamrock Cutouts

Nothing screams St. Patrick’s Day more than the quintessential shamrock. You can do shamrock cutouts from green paper and hang them from the ceiling or blow up shiny green shamrock balloons. [2]

6. Custom Coasters

Crochet Four Leaf Clover Coaster

Serve your St. Paddy’s Day drinks with custom coasters! You can get customized wooden ones carved with traditional Irish sayings, such as “Irish Kisses, Shamrocks, and Wishes” or the classic “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

Learn how to organize a St Patrick's Day office party here

7. St. Patrick’s Day Centerpieces


Make things more festive by hanging up a big “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” banner right at the heart of the room. Make the centerpiece more eye-catching by adding a shamrock garland banner and golden streamers.

If you want to take things up a notch, create a makeshift rainbow and place a pot of gold with your banner.

You can use simple colored paper for the rainbow and substitute chocolate coins for the gold.

8. Bottle Openers

You can dot your party tables with green bottle openers or distribute them as a giveaway inside a goodie bag.

Many bottle openers come in the shape of a shamrock, which is in theme with the rest of your party and fully functional at the same time.

9. Custom Can Coolers

Like number 8, you can distribute your St. Patrick’s Day custom can coolers as a giveaway inside a goodie bag for your guests or serve them over beer cans.

There are plenty of insulated can coolers with St. Patrick’s Day symbols, such as the word “Lucky” in green or a simple shamrock. Here's what to bring to St Patrick's Day

10. Green Beads

hand holding green beads necklace

You can have everyone wear a string of green beads around their necks at your St. Paddy’s Day party. You can add more specialness to each necklace by adding a shamrock pendant.


How do you decorate for a St. Patrick's Day party?

Decorating for a St. Patrick’s Day party is pretty simple: you only need plenty of green elements. Think green plates, green table covers, and green cups! Have your guests wear something green, too.

You can further embellish your decor by adding more Irish elements, such as shamrocks and chocolate coins.

What are the three symbols of St. Patrick's Day?

The three symbols of St. Patrick’s Day are the shamrock, the harp, and the color green.

The shamrock and harp are synonymous with Irish traditions, while the color green is associated with St. Patrick’s Day and is a popular color for decorations and clothing.

Touch Up & Rock

We hope we’ve inspired you to decorate your space in time for your St. Patrick’s Day bash! With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can transform your space into a green and festive atmosphere fit for the holiday.

There’s always an abundance of St Patrick's Day collectibles, green elements, and shamrocks where this holiday is concerned.

So make sure you have those on hand, add a pot of gold, and decorate with green and gold streamers, and you should be good to go.


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