St Patrick's Day Office Party Ideas

10 Best St Patrick's Day Office Party Ideas To Try (2024)

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, there couldn't be a better time for everyone to unwind and enjoy fun.

Trust us, you don't need a drop of Irish blood to enjoy this spirited holiday! Our team, a mix of diverse backgrounds, has always found immense joy and camaraderie in these festivities.

Let us guide you through some of the best St. Patrick's Day party ideas we've tried and tested. These are surefire ways to bring a burst of Irish cheer to your office!

10 Fun & Cool Things To Do At St. Patrick’s Day Office Parties

1. Play Classic Irish Music

Vintage Record Player

If you will celebrate St. Patrick's Day at work, create an inclusive playlist including Irish music and everyone's favorite songs. We ask our employees to share their favorite Irish artists and compile them into one Irish music playlist.

You can opt for a DJ or live band if you've got the budget, but Spotify's good (and free!), too. Check out some of the best St Patrick's Day gifts here

2. Serve St.-Patrick’s-Day-Themed Lunch

After a long, tiring morning of answering emails and calls, you can treat everyone to lunch as part of the celebration for the Patron Saint.

Some St. Patrick's Day ideas for lunch include Irish food, such as shepherd's pie and Irish stew. You can also conduct a meeting beforehand to ask everyone to bring their dishes for the office potluck for a more personal touch. [1]

Remember to serve Guinness beer and whiskey (but remind everyone to drink responsibly!)

3. Try Out Different Pranks With Employees & Coworkers

In Irish folklore, leprechauns are quite the pranksters. You can take a page out of their book and try out different pranks with employees and coworkers to honor St. Patrick. [2]

Organize a treasure hunt where the winner will get rewarded if they find the hidden pot of gold coins. Learn what to bring to a St Paddy's Day here

4. Go Off-Site

You don't have to throw the St. Patrick's Day party at the office — the party is the perfect excuse to get everyone off-site! A local pub or local businesses where the St. Patrick's Day parade crosses would be a great idea.

Find a good event place or make reservations at your local Irish pub after work so everyone can move freely like nobody's business.

5. Serve Green Beverages

St Patricks Green Apple Bubble Drink

Another St. Patrick's Day work idea is whipping up a healthy smoothie in the color green for everyone to kickstart the St. Patrick's Day celebration. This will work just as well in waking everyone up like the regular Irish coffee.

Since we want to go the more creative route, we spice things up by serving mystery green beverages with an Irish theme. Make a variety of options to keep everyone guessing and giggling!

6. Spread Good Luck & Warm Wishes

Spread warm wishes and the luck of the Irish and hope that the St. Patrick's Day spirit carries over the rest of the year.

Also, to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, you can hand out some chocolate gold coins to your team members.

7. Organize A Decorating Contest

Organize a St. Patrick's Day activity, like a decorating contest, on the day of the party. This will create a festive atmosphere, improve your team's bonding, and allow them to get creative with their hands.

Make sure to allocate funds for St Patrick's Day decors like green streamers and gold balloons, and reward the team with the best display to encourage employees to participate actively.

8. Bring In Some Themed Treats

St Patricks Day Treats

Finger foods are a must at every party because everyone wants something easy they can munch on while the party goes on. Some St. Patrick's Day ideas for sweet treats include green cookies, Irish soda bread, and corned beef tacos.

9. Team-Building Games & Activities

Games and activities strengthen the bond among your employees. We did a team building last year and it boosted our company culture and employee morale.

This is where the party planning committee can get creative! You can start with Saint Patrick's Day games like trivia night or charades. Have a dance-off as well.

10. Organize A Traditional Irish Costume Competition

St Patricks Day Costume

Host a costume competition for the main event of your St. Patrick's Day office party.

Have everyone attend wearing their best costumes, and reward the one whose costume has stayed most faithfully to Irish culture since the fifth century (based on Irish History).

Also, wearing green on the feast of Saint Partick is part of the Irish heritage you can practice.

How To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day: Remote Work Era?

Leverage Virtual Party Platforms

If you will celebrate St. Patrick's Day at work but virtually, you can utilize platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet to host your virtual party.

Each offers unique features that can enhance the party experience, from breakout rooms for small group interactions to custom backgrounds.

Engaging in Online Games and Activities

Introduce St. Patrick's Day-themed quizzes, virtual escape rooms, or online board games. If you want to go all out, you can do an online team building that fosters team spirit and camaraderie- a friendly team bonding on the feast day of Saint Partick.

Since it has employee engagement, it can be a fun St. Patrick's Day.

Virtual Gift Exchange

Organize a St. Patrick's Day-themed gift exchange. Gifts can be sent in advance and opened together during the virtual party, adding an element of surprise and joy to St. Patrick's Day activities.


What must I bring to the office for St Patrick's Day?

It's essential to wear green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Also, if the office has a potluck, bring Irish dishes, such as shepherd's pie and beef stew, to the party.

What are St Patrick's Day Games for the office?

A scavenger hunt for gold coins, beer pong, and Irish trivia night are just a few ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with games you can hold in the office.


Celebrating St. Patrick's Day is always fun, but this holiday can be even more fun when spent with your best pals in the office.

For any party, decorating the place to match the St. Patrick's Day theme is essential. Host a decorating contest, where the team with the best St. Patrick's Day items and decorations will bring home a special prize. This is a fun way to get everyone involved.

Also, have good food and drinks! Curate a menu of Irish dishes, such as shepherd's pie or beef stew, or organize an Irish potluck where everyone can pitch in. Make sure also to have green beer and Irish whiskey on hand.

Lastly, play games! Organize an elaborate treasure hunt, host a costume contest, or have a dance-off. Remember to prepare prizes for the lucky winners.



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