How Powerful Is Black Adam

How Powerful Is Black Adam? Answered (2023 Updated)

Teth Adam, better known as the Mighty or Black Adam, is one of the oldest anti-hero villains in the DC universe. His first appearance was in 1945 in Otto Binder’s stories about Shazam.

While there are many renditions of this character, he is commonly associated with destruction and an iron fist type of judgment.

Intrigued if Black Adam can beat your favorite character? How powerful is Black Adam? Read on. 

Black Adam: How Powerful Is He?

Black Adam with Lightning Strikes

Black Adam’s powers are a combination of the powers of the gods Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen. The word ‘SHAZAM’ is an acronym for the names of these Egyptian gods [1].

The gods’ abilities are said to be given to anyone they deem worthy of their powers. In the comics, Black Adam can even go toe-to-toe with Superman, making him a deadly villain.

A Closer Look At His Power

Shu’s Stamina

Shu is a primordial god of the pantheon of Egypt. His powers include superhuman stamina, invulnerability, self-sustenance, immortality, and size alteration.

He gave his superhuman stamina to Black Adam, which enables him to fight without getting tired, endure physical assaults, and have infinite stamina.

Horus’ Swiftness

Horus, or Heru, is also a primordial god of the pantheon of Egypt. His powers include flight, superhuman speed, immortality, and size alteration [2].

He gave Black Adam the ability to fly and superhuman speed at the speed of more than Mach 500. Comics show that he can run at a rate possibly equal to Superman’s. But is Black Adam a hero or villain?

Amon’s Strength

Close Up Shot of Black Adam

Amon is the third primordial god of the Egyptian pantheons. His power includes super strength that can easily bend steel and destroy walls.

Amon gave this power to Black Adam, and this enabled Black Adam to be more powerful and stronger than many DC heroes.

DC enthusiasts even say that Black Adam can easily defeat Captain Marvel, one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

Zehuti’s Wisdom

Zehuti, also known as Thoth, is a god from Egypt known for his vast knowledge and wisdom. He is the pantheon of Black Adam’s wisdom.

When Black Adam uses his powers, Zehuti bestows superhuman knowledge, clairvoyance, unilingual, and hypnosis abilities that he can use in any way he wants.

Aton’s Power

Aton’s power includes mystical transformation, physical enhancement, spell source, advanced healing, interdimensional traveling, and electrokinesis.

Mehen’s Courage

Last on the list is the Egyptian god. Mehen. Mehen enables Black Adam to be courageous and filled with immense perseverance to finish any task.

Mehen’s abilities include superhuman inner strength and invulnerability. Thanks to this power from Mehen, Black Adam does not easily step back from any enemies.

Compared To Other Heroes


Close Up Shot Photo of Batman

Even though Batman has the most strategic and tactical mind, Black Adam will defeat him with only his abilities and powers.

Black Adam has the strength and abilities of gods that enables him to sustain and inflict inhuman amounts of damage on anyone.

On the other hand, Batman is just a human with the peak level strength of an athlete and possibly an IQ level only as high as the smartest human.


Image of Superman

Superman has natural abilities that he grew up with (his powers are like second nature to him), while Black Adam obtained his powers only from the Egyptian gods.

It is hard to tell who will win between them since they both have apparent weaknesses that they can use against each other.

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Shazam and Black Adam’s powers are almost the same, only with upper-hand perks on Black Adam’s abilities because of the differences in their source of powers.

Shazam got his powers from the wizards, while Black Adam got his powers from the Egyptian gods. The gods Zehuti and Stu allow him to hypnotize people and be immortal.

Billy, Shazam’s human form, is also just a boy, while Teth Adam, Black Adam’s human form, is a man trained in combat.

Clearly, Black Adam is stronger than Shazam.


Is Black Adam a powerful villain?

Yes, Black Adam is a powerful anti-hero and, for some, a villain. In the comics, he defeated the JSA, Justice League, and the Teen Titans.

Which superhero can defeat Black Adam?

There is still no answer to this debate, even in the comics, but the closest character that usually ends up having a tied battle with Black Adam is Superman.

Truth About Black Adam’s Power

Now that people know each of Black Adam’s powers and how powerful he can be when enraged, he will probably appear again as a powerful character in future DC cinematics.

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