6 Best St Patrick's Day Party Ideas To Try (2023 Guide)

6 Best St Patrick's Day Party Ideas To Try (2023 Guide)

There’s no better way to celebrate the luck of the Irish than with a fun and festive party.

So if you’re looking for ways to make this year’s bash memorable, here are some St. Patrick’s Day party ideas to inspire you.

6 Cool Ideas To Make St Patrick’s Day Party Awesome

1. Send Out Festive St. Patrick’s Day Cards

Hand Holding DIY St. Patrick's Day Card

Start by giving out St. Patrick’s Day invitations. If you’ve got a knack for art, you can make each card a shamrock or a leprechaun hat shape. Remember to use plenty of green and gold to commemorate the holiday. [1]

Learn what you can bring to a St Paddy's party here

2. Choose A St. Patrick’s Day Party Theme


An adult-only St. Patty’s Day party is an excuse for you and your friends to go wild and get drunk! Instruct everyone to come in their best green clothes and serve them your best Irish alcohol. Here are some adult themes you can get inspiration from.

  • Full Of Gold & Glittery Decor

Decorate your party entrance with a rainbow that goes to the “pot of gold.” You can fill up this pot with your best bottles of beer!

  • Thank Goodness For Guinness

St. Patrick’s Day gives you the perfect excuse to celebrate Guinness beer. You can create a bunting banner with the words “Thank Goodness For Guinness” as the focal point of your party decor.


Organizing St. Patrick’s Day activities for children is a must. Here’s how you do it:

  • Under A Rainbow

One of our best St. Patty’s Day ideas is to decorate your space with colorful construction paper. This will create the illusion that the party is being had under a rainbow. You can take it further by dotting the place with plastic pots filled with chocolate gold coins.

  • All Green Party

An all-green party is a great St. Patrick’s Day party idea. Ask everyone to come in their best all-green outfits and leprechaun hats and to serve only green foods and green punch. [2]

3. Use Fun St Patrick’s Day Decors

Leprechaun Decor

Hang up plenty of green elements, such as fresh flowers, balloons, shamrock cutouts, and streamers, to keep the place festive.

Don’t forget to put a giant “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” banner and the Irish flag somewhere!

Dot the place with custom coasters. Have wooden coasters carved with special holiday symbols and lucky charms, such as a four-leaf clover, shamrock, or horseshoe.

Custom bottle openers are also a great decor idea; you can even have the guests bring them home at the end of the day.

Lastly, serve green beer with custom can coolers to keep them at the perfect temperature for longer. Check out some St Patrick's Day gift ideas here

4. Prepare St Patricks Day Centerpieces & Accessories

Opt for a giant copper pot full of chocolate coins as a centerpiece to your food and beverage table.

Your beverage table will stand out with a Guinness tower! Arrange an array of Guinness alcohol to capture the holiday spirit. Here are more ideas for a St Patrick's Day office party

5. Serve Tasty St. Patricks Day Party Food

A proper St. Patricks Day party won't be complete without an Irish feast. You can serve a traditional Irish meal at the dinner party.

Recite an Irish blessing beforehand to celebrate the patron Saint Patrick.

You also need finger food that guests can happily munch on while they party the night away. You can serve themed cupcakes, shamrock cookies, and soda bread.

6. St. Patricks Day Party Games

Easy Leprechaun Trap Idea

Lastly: games! Here are a few you can host at this year’s bash:

Leprechaun Trap Making

The Leprechaun Trap is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day activity for children to exercise creativity.

Have each one of them create an elaborate leprechaun trap, and whoever creates the best one will get to bring home a special prize.

Gold Hunt

A Gold Hunt will get little kids busy throughout the party. Leave small stashes of chocolate coins hidden all over the party area, and give participating children a small bucket before they go hunting.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another fun game. Let everyone know that the winner gets access to their very own pot o’ gold filled with candy and chocolate.

Leave behind clues and get the little kids to figure the puzzle out independently.


What is the most popular food on St Patricks Day?

The most popular food on St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef and cabbage. It’s said that these are associated with the Irish because their ancestors couldn’t afford potatoes and beef.

How do you throw a great St Patricks Day party?

Throwing a great St. Patricks Day party is simple — all you have to do is serve really good food and drinks! Make sure your St Paddy's decorations are on point, too.

What do you bring to a St Patricks Day party?

If you’re attending a St. Patricks Day buffet-style potluck party, bringing traditional Irish dishes, such as shepherd’s pie or beef stew is best.

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with a bottle of your favorite Irish whiskey.

It’s Party Time

These St Patrick's Day party ideas will surely make for a event people will remember forever.

You can serve traditional Irish dishes, such as shepherd’s pie, beef stew, corned beef and cabbage, and festive desserts like cupcakes and cookies. Don’t forget the alcohol.

Decorate the place with shamrocks, horseshoes, balloons, fun banners, and blast Irish music from the speakers.

Lastly, host fun St. Patrick’s Day games, such as a Gold Hunt and Leprechaun Trap, for kids and adults alike, and give them cool St Patrick's Day collectibles


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