Zero: Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow (2024)

Zero: Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow (2024)

Product Details

Product Details

  • Name: Zero the Ghost Dog Squishmallow from The Nightmare Before Christmas 
  • Type: Official Disney Licensed Merchandise 
  • Color: Primarily white, with big black eyes. His iconic pumpkin orange nose is prominent against the center of his face. The band around his neck is light pink. 
  • Available Size/s: 5”, 8”, 12” 
  • Squishdate: 2021 
  • Squad: The Nightmare Before Christmas Squad  
  • Model/SKU Number: KTY-600631-C

Short Bio 

Jack Skellington’s best friend Zero is finally available in Squishmallow form. This loyal ghost dog pet will do anything to make Jack happy, including becoming an accomplice in his ultimate plan to put a Halloween twist on Christmas Town. 

Like a regular pet dog, Zero loves going on walks and playing fetch. He’s also always there to lend a helping hand whenever Jack needs help or be a loveable companion whenever his master feels lonely.

You don’t want to miss out on having an official Disney-licensed Zero Squishmallow if you’re a huge fan of the franchise! 

Key Features 



The Squishmallow characters by Kellytoy are made from quality materials like super-soft spandex and polyester stuffing. These materials ensure that the plushie stays beautiful as the years go by, and easy to clean in case of staining. 


Squishmallows did a great job modeling Zero after their plushies' signature look. Instead of having a long, pointed nose with a glowing pumpkin tip, they kept him simple and cute by keeping just the pumpkin orange tip.

When it comes to Squishmallow size, his ears are still long and floppy, with the pink band around his neck. There are no long tails here — his bottom is beautifully rounded, perfect for cuddles and snuggles! His fur is bone white, with large, black eyes and a shy smile. 

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Other Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows 

If you like The Nightmare Before Christmas, you should check out these other Squishmallow characters. 

Jack Skellington 

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington is the tale's protagonist who came upon the idea for Halloween Town to take over Christmas. Of course, his plan ultimately fails, but not before he learns what the true meaning of the holiday is. 

Jack Skellington in Squishmallows form is adorably spooky, with his iconic suit, bat bowtie, and large, round eyes. 


Sally is a humanoid ragdoll and is Jack’s love interest in the franchise. She is incredibly sweet and cares about those she loves deeply. Her Squishmallows form proudly shows off her patchwork dress and flaming red hair (of course, she’s still as squishy as ever). 

Oogie Boogie 

Oogie Boogie

Your collection wouldn’t be complete without Oogie Boogie. Oogie Boogie is wicked and resentful of the Halloween traditions — he thinks the holiday should be more wicked and harmful (isn’t that scary?).

He is made from a burlap sack, the inside teeming with thousands of bugs, two spiders, and a snake. You can get his Squishmallow form in either green or beige.



Squishmallows by Kellytoy was declared the winner of the 2022 TOTY (Toy of the Year) Awards and the coveted 2019 Plush Toy of the Year Award at the Creative Child Awards. 

Care Instructions 

Care Instructions

Zero the Ghost Dog’s pristine white color will get dirty and grimy in time, no matter how careful you are with it. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to clean it! 

According to the Squishmallows website, gentle spot treatment is the best way to clean Zero. However, we discovered that he has no problems going through a round in the washer.

When washing this Squishmallow, make sure to set the cycle to cool and gentle, place him inside a roomy pillowcase, and run him with your other beddings if you have them available. Take note to use a gentle detergent. 

Once that’s done, tumble dry him on low and gentle (not hot) or air dry him, so he doesn’t get damaged. Fluff him up with your fingers to get him back to his original shape and ready for more cuddles with you! 


What is the rarest Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow?

The entire Nightmare Before Christmas Squad is pretty rare as people have been known to snatch them off shelves as soon as they were first released. You probably should get ahold of our Zero the Ghost Dog before he sells out! 

How many Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows are there?

As of today, there are nine The Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows: Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie (green and beige), The Mayor, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel. 

Is Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows a boy or girl?

According to Disney Wiki, Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas is a boy. His structure had also led people to believe he may have been a dachshund when he was still alive. 

Squish ‘Em! 

Take Zero the Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow home with you and watch him become the most loyal best friend anyone can ever have! Add the 8-inch plushie to your Squishlist here

It’s no secret that Zero has your back, no matter what you may be planning to do — whether going through an impromptu bike ride in the rain or taking over Christmas — and he’ll continue to have it, even though you might get in trouble.

He’ll also be ready for squishing and snuggling with you at home if that’s more your speed. 

Toynk carries the official Disney licensed The Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows, 100 percent authenticity guaranteed.

We offer free shipping to all states within the contiguous United States with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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