How To Sanitize Stuffed Animals That Can't Be Washed (2024)

How To Sanitize Stuffed Animals That Can't Be Washed (2024)

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The comfort stuffed toys give everyone, regardless of age, is incomparable. However, no matter how much we want to hug these toys all the time, we must be mindful of their condition to ensure they are free from germs.

Our team researched, tested, and compiled ways to help you learn how to sanitize stuffed animals that can't be washed. 

4 Steps to Sanitize Stuffed Animals Without Washing 

1. Use Cloth

Use Cloth

Sanitize your kids’ plush toys by getting a cloth or a clean white towel. To ensure that small insects will be removed, you can use warm water (or hot water) in the process. Wet the cloth with plain water and gently rub it into the stuffed toy.

2. Air Dry

Another way you can wash a delicate stuffed animal like Beanie Babies is by air drying it. This will prevent the fur from getting plucked out or destroyed. You may also use a hair dryer but ensure it is on low or medium heat so as not to ruin your child's stuffed animals [1].

3. Use Garment Steamer

Use Garment Steamer

Believe it or not, a garment steamer can help you clean your child’s favorite stuffed animal. The high heat emitted by this device can help kill the viruses and dust mites attached to their toy.

However, be mindful when using a steamer since too much heat may destroy a toy’s fur.

4. Vacuum

Clean stuffed toys can also be achieved simply by using a couple of house cleaning materials. First, dry the stuffed animal overnight, then put it in a vacuum sealer bag.

Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the air from the pack. You may do this procedure once a week [2]. 

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5 Steps To Sanitize Stuffed Animals Using Baking Soda 

1. Pour Baking Soda Into Garbage Bag

Pour Baking Soda Into Garbage Bag

Get ½ cup of baking soda from your cupboard or local grocery store, but if the stuffed animal is too big, you can always add a few more. Pour the baking soda into a plastic garbage bag.

2. Put Them In The Bag

Next, put the stuffed toy in the garbage bag and let the object rest at the bottom. Try to squeeze excess air from the bag but make sure to leave a small space for the toy.

3. Shake The Bag

Shake The Bag

Twist, tie, and hold the top of the plastic bag tight as you are about to shake it. Remember that the stuffed animal is inside, so it is essential to do this process very gently. Make sure the baking soda will cover the toy all over.

4. Let It Sit for 15 Minutes

After shaking for 2 minutes, put the bag down for 15 minutes. This will help deodorize the toy and remove any dirt, grime, and foul smell from the fabric. 

5. Shake Off the Excess Baking Soda

Shake Off the Excess Baking Soda

Remove the residual baking soda by using a vacuum cleaner hose. Using a soft-bristled brush when removing the remaining baking soda from the stuffed animals is recommended to prevent ruining the fabric.

Afterward, put the bag in the trash can and keep it away from kids to avoid accidental inhalation.


How do you disinfect an old stuffed animal?

To launder stuffed animals, especially those that are old or contain a music box inside, you can use a vacuum, steam, air dry, or dip them in baking soda.

This procedure is effective, especially for toys you cannot hand wash with laundry detergent or submerge in a washing machine.

What can I spray on stuffed animals to disinfect?

You can spray a child-friendly disinfectant on the stuffed animal to eliminate germs, insects, and viruses, especially if you cannot clean it using a washing machine.

Just make sure to let the toy sit for a while after spraying it with disinfectant before letting your kid play with it.

Final Thoughts 

Sometimes, stuffed toys need a good bath too. If your kids’ toy can be submerged in a washing machine, make sure to place it inside a mesh bag or pillow case first before doing so. 

If their toys are not machine washable, you can spot clean them using a damp cloth. Other methods like vacuuming, steaming, or air drying can also be used.

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