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15 Best Mega Man Games Ranked (2023 Updated)

Back in the NES era, Capcom’s Mega Man was hailed as one of the top and most influential franchises, inspiring numerous similar and spin-off games. Despite being dormant for a decade, many fans are still hooked on the classic Mega Man games.

Our team researched and compiled the best Mega Man games to help you decide what to play first!

Top 15 Mega Man Games (Ranked From Best To Worst)

1. Mega Man 9

mega man 9

Initial Release Date (Japan): September 2008

Initial Release Date (North America): September 2008

Considered one of the best games of the franchise, Mega Man 9 is part of the original Mega Man series. The game design was inspired by Mega Man 2, from its style to graphics in NES form [1].

However, it was only downloadable on WiiWare, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade. This game features the first female and one of the Eight Robot Masters, Splash Woman, and is where Proto Man saved Blue Bomber at Wily’s Castle.

Mega Man fans loved this game as it brought pure nostalgia to the classic series!

2. Mega Man 2

Initial Release Date (Japan): December 1998

Initial Release Date (North America): June 1989

Since Mega Man 9 adopted the style of Mega Man 2, it’s no surprise that it’s a great game. Fans also consider it the best original Mega Man game with many spin-off characters despite lacking innovative play [2].

However, it has perfectly designed levels and the very first Mega Man game with Energy Tank for refilling health and password for NES games. Like Flash Man, this Mega Man game has the most iconic graphics for its bosses.

3. Mega Man 11

Initial Release Date (Japan): October 2018

Initial Release Date (North America): October 2018

With a catchy soundtrack and fun and easy-to-use weapons, Megan Man 11 is the transformation of the classic video game. It features highly designed levels of the franchise and the modernization of the Mega Man formula.

In short, it’s a good game with the coolest gear, giving Mega Man a fresher look while retaining its gameplay style. It also has a 2D environment, 2.5D graphics, 3D characters, and the new Robot Masters of Dr. Wily.

4. Mega Man Powered Up

Initial Release Date (Japan): March 2006

Initial Release Date (North America): March 2006

Based on the first game, the Mega Man Powered Up is another classic to consider playing. It works the same as the original game but has better visuals, added challenge modes, and a level creator mode.

In addition, it is better than the previous game as it allows players to control Robot Masters such as Guts Man, Ice Man, and Bomb Man.

However, although this game received an excellent critical score, it didn't have enough commercial performance, leading to the cancellation of the second series.

5. Mega Man 3

Initial Release Date (Japan): September 1990

Initial Release Date (North America): November 1990

Originally released by Capcom for Nintendo Entertainment System, the Mega Man 3 is an interesting and fun game but with pacing issues. This game features Doc Robot with a lack of design, which makes it boring, as plates have to find him several times.

Furthermore, it includes new gameplay, including Rush, Rockman’s canine sidekick, and sliding ability. Although half of it seems a bit bland, the game has the best bosses and great and valuable weapons.

6. Mega Man 4

Initial Release Date (Japan): December 1991

Initial Release Date (North America): January 1992

The Mega Man 4 features creatively designed bosses such as Skull Man and Pharaoh Man. It has the same gameplay and action as the three previous games.

Also, this fourth game has an added feature called the New Mega Buster, allowing players to upgrade their cannons for a more powerful shot.

Nonetheless, while this game is where the charge shot mechanic was first introduced, it was not properly incorporated until Mega Man X.

7. Mega Man 7

Initial Release Date (Japan): March 1995

Initial Release Date (North America): September 1995

Specifically released by Capcom for the Super Nintendo console, the Mega Man 7 has similarities with the NES game form. Its cartoonist design and armor were adopted from Mega Man X and had a Shade Man stage.

In addition, it has good visuals, music, and pacing. On the other hand, it's one of the least likable games by fans in the West and rated lower than the Mega Man X series.

8. Mega Man 8

Initial Release Date (Japan): December 1996

Initial Release Date (North America): January 1997

A Sega Saturn and PlayStation game, Mega Man 8 has the most aesthetically pleasing design and finest animation the franchise has to offer. It’s also the first game accessible on 32-bit consoles, offering the best visuals and soundtrack.

Additionally, this game has responsive controls a bit close yet not the same as the spin-off Mega Man X series. However, due to its awful voice acting and too much gimmick, it lost the touch of the traditional Mega Man game.

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9. Mega Man X3

Initial Release Date (Japan): December 1995

Initial Release Date (North America): January 1996

If you’re into fighting games, Mega Man X3 is a masterpiece released by Capcom, featuring more boss fight options and upgraded armor, weapons, and mechanicals.

This game also allows you to play as Mega Man Zero for a short period and features clever robots called Reploids. In this game, some Reploids called Maverick became destructive, and Mega Man Zero and X should defeat them.

Moreover, this is the first ever game of the franchise that features Zero as a playable character.

10. Mega Man & Bass

Initial Release Date (Japan): April 1998

Initial Release Date (North America): March 2003

The Mega Man & Bass was initially released by Capcom exclusively for Super Famicom. However, in 2002, it was made available in Game Boy Advance, killing its reputation due to the small screen and slow controls.

Additionally, the game boy version makes it even harder to play, so fans in the West are disappointed.

Despite that, the Super Famicom version is playable, featuring an interesting game where the King leads an army of robots to world domination.

11. Mega Man 6

Initial Release Date (Japan): November 1993

Initial Release Date (North America): March 1994

Although the franchise never released a completely awful game, Mega Man 6 is considered redundant from the design to basic functions.

Mega Man 6 was also the last released on NES and launched a month before Mega Man X, becoming less prioritized by Capcom.

On the contrary, this game is more of a complete version with new elements such as the Rush Adaptor, turning the robot canine dog into a power suit, and extended stage paths for exploration.

12. Mega Man 5

Initial Release Date (Japan): December 1992

Initial Release Date (North America): December 1992

With similar graphics and gameplay to previous versions, Mega Man 5 can be said as an example of the later games on the NES. It incorporated all the power-ups and abilities, making fans displeased due to the lack of challenge.

This features the Gravity Man’s stage and Wave Man’s level, reflecting the creator's eagerness to offer something new.

It also features a new character named Beat and has an average to slightly positive feedback due to lack of originality.

13. Mega Man 10

Initial Release Date (Japan): March 2010

Initial Release Date (North America): March 2010

Considering the quality Mega Man 9 offers, Mega Man 10 was expected to be a level-up game. But it's just a shame that it turned out quite like a bad game as it was the only one with playable characters of Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass.

This game doesn't have many gimmicks and features additional special weapons every time Robot Masters are defeated in each stage. It lacks innovative abilities like the Charge Shot and Slide Move and has less interesting stages and bosses.

14. Mega Man 64

Initial Release Date (Japan): December 1997

Initial Release Date (North America): 1998

Referred to as the Mega Man Legends, Mega Man 64 was the franchise's first 3D action-adventure game. It was launched as the Mega Man Legends for Nintendo 64 port in 2000 and renamed to Mega Man 64 for the English version in 2001.

Mega Man Legends is also a first-person shooter game with dialogue options and features Mega Man Volnutt, a digger exploring the ruins of the Earth.

15. Mega Man

Initial Release Date (Japan): December 1987

Initial Release Date (North America): March 1998

The first and original video game version of the franchise, Mega Man is where everything started. Similar to other origin games, Mega Man has many flaws but cannot be considered bad at all.

Despite being difficult and having short stages and bland design, Mega Man is still an interactive game with bosses and enemies that Rockman can fight with his set of weapons [3].


What is the best Mega Man game to start with?

For starters, Mega Man 2 is ideal since it’s an improved classic version. Star Force or Mega Man Battle Network is also the best game for beginners, especially if you like RPGs.

With varying Mega Man platformers, playing games for novices can be confusing, so it’s best to start with the basics first.

Which Mega Man game is the hardest?

Under the classic series, Mega Man and Bass is considered the hardest game. However, Mega Man III is considered the most difficult for the Game Boy titles.

For the X games, Mega Man X6 is the hardest to play. Other games also have difficult bosses, so it all depends on your play.

How many Mega Man games are there?

There are eleven classic series of Mega Man, and the Game Boy version has five, including the Mega Man IV and Mega Man V, featuring the Mega Arm.

Also, there are varying series such as Mega Man ZX, Mega Man Battle Network, and Mega Man Soccer under sports games.

Final Thoughts

With our guide, we hope these Core Mega Man games make your retro gaming even more fun and exciting. Whether you're waiting for Mega Man release or enjoy the Battle Network series, Blue Bomber will surely bring you back to the good old days.

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