How To Decorate A Chandelier For Christmas

How To Decorate A Chandelier For Christmas: Explained (2023)

We often associate Christmas with light fixtures like rainbow lights, fairy lights, and candles.

However, did you know that there is another light fixture inside your home that can bring forth just as much holiday spirit?

We’re talking about your dining room chandelier! Cool, right? Well, here’s exactly how to decorate a chandelier for Christmas.

5 Steps To Decorate A Chandelier For Christmas

1. Use Fresh (Or Faux) Cedar Garland

woman holding  Holiday Cedar Garland

Using fresh (or faux) cedar garland is one of the best ways to bring the ho-ho-ho Christmas spirit into your chandelier.

You can get fresh garland at the nearby Home Depot or use the ones you already have. [1]

We love using fresh garland for chandelier Christmas decor because the pieces fall at different lengths (like an ethereal waterfall). Of course, you are free to use faux garland if preferred.

2. Measure The Chandelier & Cut The Garland To Fit

Wrap the garland around the chandelier in whichever way you think is most attractive, then cut the chandelier Christmas decor accordingly.

Remember what we said about fresh garlands having pieces of different lengths?

If you have a particularly long garland, you can grab your shears and snip accordingly. Learn how to wrap a cylinder Christmas gift here

3. Start Laying It On The Arms Of Your Chandelier

woman decorating a chandelier with fresh greenery

Start decorating the garland on the arms of your chandelier. From step two, leave a bit extra so it dangles and drapes elegantly on the arms instead of slipping through.

4. Add A Thin Red Berry Garland On Top

putting thin red berry on a green garland

Add a pop of color by adding a thin red berry garland on top of the green. The berries will contrast beautifully against the rich emerald green holiday decor and give it a more Christmas-y vibe.

Seriously, it’s so easy to spruce up your chandelier — you can get it done in just a few minutes.

5. Stick To A Theme

You don’t have to limit yourself to using green garland for your decorated chandelier!

Stick with the theme of your other Christmas decor by incorporating these other accessories into the chandelier in your dining space instead.

Ornamental Christmas Chandelier

Colorful Christmas balls will look wonderful as holiday decor on your chandelier.

Choose a few decorations in complementary colors and make your light fixture look more festive. You can add ribbons and bows as chandelier decorations if you wish.

Red & White Christmas Chandelier

Red and white are just two colors closely associated with the holiday season. If you plan on a red and white theme for Christmas decor this year, make sure your chandelier is in line with your Christmas trees by draping red and white Christmas balls all around it.

Gold Ornaments Chandelier

Golden bells bring fun holiday cheer to any location, your home included! Drape golden Christmas bells through the arms of your chandelier for a bright pop of color.

It will look even more gorgeous once it’s lit, as the warm light it’ll emit will mimic the glow of the firelight.

Of course, while you’re at it, you can add a bright golden star amongst your other gold ornaments to serve as the proverbial North Star.

Alternative Chandelier Decor Ideas

Add Snowflakes (Optional If You Want To Have A White Christmas)

snowflaskes on a chandelier

Pristine white snowflakes are iconic Christmas symbols, making them the perfect chandelier Christmas decor. Although they’re more on the simple side, they add just the right amount of elegance and sparkle. [2]

You can add other Christmas decorations, like silver balls, to make the chandelier Christmas decor more eye-catching while still keeping in theme with a White Christmas-inspired theme.

Hang Stars

hanging stars with lights

A surplus of gold stars would be an amazing Christmas chandelier decor. When the light fixture is lit up, you can be sure that the golden stars will shine ever so brightly and add more holiday spirit to your home.

Hang Pine Cones (Or Ornaments)

Pinecones add a warm, rustic element to your chandelier. Experiment with adding pine cones to a multitude of other ornaments, such as evergreen wreaths, ribbons, and even gingerbread cookies, as chandelier Christmas decor.

While you’re at it, dust the chosen ornament with a bit of talcum powder to mimic a small dusting of snow.

Use Christmas Balls & Ribbons

hanging christmas balls

Decorating with Christmas balls and ribbons adds more holiday cheer. Lay the balls and ribbons against the light fixture first to see how they would look before you commit yourself to any design.

Accessorize with an evergreen wreath to add a bit of greenery, freshness, and festivity to the holiday balls and ribbons.


How do you decorate a chandelier with crystals?

You can decorate a chandelier with crystals using chained crystals. You can create the chained crystals yourself, but you can also buy the ornament off the rack if you’re more inclined to that.

Start by draping the chained crystals through the chandelier’s arms to give yourself an idea of what they look like.

Once you’ve settled on their most elegant position, open the round wires connecting the crystals (much like how you would a key ring) and hook them to the chandelier’s branches.

Are crystal chandeliers out of style?

No, crystal chandeliers are not out of style. On the contrary, they’re one of the most timeless pieces and can bring elegance to the dining room (or whichever room they’re in).

Traditional crystal chandeliers also impart a dramatic statement to any room, especially against a high ceiling.

Hang & Decorate!

You probably don’t put too much thought on how to decorate a chandelier for Christmas, but we have to say keeping it in theme with the rest of your other ornaments makes a huge difference.

We especially loved how its look transforms depending on which chandelier Christmas decor you choose.

Decorating it with pine cones gives it a warm, rustic feel while using golden bells, ribbons, and other shiny ornaments gives it a remarkable sparkle perfect for the holidays.

Our favorite way of decorating our chandelier for the holidays is sticking with the simple Christmas garland, as we find that its simplicity already makes a bold statement.



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