What To Wear For Christmas Photos

What To Wear For Christmas Photos: Picture Perfect Ideas (2024)

Finding the perfect outfit for this year’s family Christmas photo can be challenging.

After all, you want each family member to love what they’re wearing but still want coordinating outfits.

Well, fret not — consider this your best guide on what to wear for Christmas photos.

4 Tips In Choosing What To Wear For Christmas Photos

1. Choose The Right Color

woman wearing red dress

The first thing to consider when choosing clothes for holiday photos is the right color. Here are some great ideas.

Black & Gray

Clothes in black and gray bring sophistication to family Christmas cards. We think these colors should be a definite go-to, especially if you’re taking family pictures against a festive backdrop.

If you have little girls, you can throw in a bit of blush or baby pink for a pop of color.

Navy/Chambray & White/Cream

Navy and chambray might not be traditional Christmas colors, but hear us out — we think they’re just as sophisticated as black and gray without being too harsh for little kids to wear.

Mix navy, chambray, and light blue with white and cream accents, and put on your best smile. This year’s family Christmas card might be your new favorite.

Red or Maroon

Red and maroon are absolute no-brainers when choosing colors for Christmas photo outfit ideas.

Other colors, like white, khaki, and black, also pair well with red and maroon, so you won’t have a hard time picking out holiday Christmas outfit ideas that the entire family will love.

Navy & Yellow

Navy and yellow clothes will look beautiful in family Christmas photos. Yellow and mustard tones also add a fall element to the final shot. [1]

This color combination might be non-traditional for the holidays, but you should definitely see how they work for you and your family.

Festive Colors

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with wearing festive colors, like red and green, for family Christmas cards. The bright color will blend seamlessly with the holiday decorations!

You can also add a touch of sophistication to the holiday cards by sticking to darker hues, such as deep wine and forest green.

2. Choose The Best Pattern

woman wearing checkered dress

The key to incorporating patterns into your Christmas outfit is to have select family members wear them.

Consider them as finishing touches to keep things from becoming too overwhelming yet still create visual interest against solid colors.


Checkered and plaid clothes scream Christmas more so than other patterns. You can also get away with donning multiple plaid patterns for your Christmas outfit, as they can come in various thicknesses/finishes.

It’s also best to keep the color palette toned down when it comes to checkered/plaid clothes to make them work. [2]

For example, men can wear subtle small-scaled plaid, while women can wear clothes with bigger checks.


The gingham pattern is a variation on plaid. Young girls will look adorable in Christmas outfits in this pattern!


When it comes to polka dots, we’re a strong advocate for “less is more.” Keep the polka dots in accent pieces, like headbands for girls, instead of mom wearing a full polka-dotted dress. This will surely make for adorable photos.

Small Paisley

Dresses with small paisley patterns might be an unconventional choice for Christmas outfits, but it adds a formal touch to the holiday card.

Women can wear velvet paisley dresses, and men can wear paisley silk ties for family Christmas photos.

3. Match Your Indoor Outfits

couple wearing christmas sweaters

You don’t have to go to the great outdoors to capture awesome photos — the giant Christmas tree, twinkling lights display, or fireplace at home is a great idea for a holiday photo inspiration.

You’ll also have more outfit ideas because the weather won’t be a problem.

Here’s how to ensure your indoor clothes stay on point for the holidays.

Christmas Pajamas

Matching pajamas add an element of coziness to the overall vibe of the family photo. Some stores sell them as a family set, so getting matching Christmas pajamas will be a breeze.

Don’t forget the Santa hats and candy canes!

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Wearing matching funny ugly Christmas sweaters will surely bring giggles to whoever receives your family Christmas photos!

Our golden rule for these cozy sweaters is the gaudier and tackier, the better.

Have the holiday picture against a neutral background to keep things tasteful.

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Classy & Glamorous

Wearing your best Sunday clothes might be one of the best decisions you’ll make for family photos. We imagine classy family outfits will look beautiful in formal shots in front of the fireplace.

Ensure the clothes are ironed out, as every little crease can appear in the final photo.

4. Be Comfortable With Your Outdoor Outfits

Cold Winter Outfit for Men

If you’re planning an outdoor shoot, prioritize comfort over fashion. We don’t want anyone’s toes falling off because you’re making them wear a sundress in the winter season!

Here’s how to choose the perfect comfy outdoor clothes for this holiday season.

Sweater, Beanie, & Winter Clothes

Sweaters, beanies, blue jeans, and winter clothes are just a few pieces of practical clothing that will work well with the great outdoors.

Choose festive colors (see Step 1) to make everyone stand out.

It’s also essential to keep the whole family warm and comfortable because no one looks good when forcing a smile in the snow.

Choose Clothes That Match Your Location

Choosing clothes that match your location will make a huge difference.

In this case, we strongly advise you to choose a color palette that “clashes” with your location.

For example, wearing the same shade of forest green with a woodsy backdrop will make you and your family blend into the background.

If you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas, choose darker outfits to wear for family photos to contrast with the white snow and bright white background.

Putting plenty of thought into the colors you choose will also bring out your faces more.


What do you wear to a Christmas picture with Santa?

Pick neutral colors for pictures with Santa. When doing a Santa holiday photo, the important thing to consider is that Santa will predominantly be in red, so you want to choose clothes that will work with the big guy’s suit.

Is there a dress code for Christmas photos?

No, there isn’t a dress code for Christmas photos. If you are taking a solo picture, you can wear whatever you fancy, but we strongly advise sticking to Christmas-themed colors.

However, matching clothes with the other participants is best if you are taking holiday photos as a group.

1, 2, 3, Click!

As a general rule of thumb, you can wear anything you fancy to Christmas card photos, but planning everyone’s clothes can make all the difference.

You can start by selecting clothes with matching holiday colors to bring more festivity into the family Christmas card photos. You can then experiment with adding prints, such as plaids or polka dots, as accent pieces to solid-colored clothes.

If you want to take it a step further, you can invest in getting matching outfits for everyone. Matching Christmas pajamas or funny ugly sweaters will make final photos look more polished yet still retain an element of fun.

Lastly, it’s important to keep everyone’s comfort as a top priority when choosing Christmas outfit ideas. After all, faking a smile won’t be easy if any of you are uncomfortable!


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