How To Wrap A Cylinder Christmas Present

How To Wrap A Cylinder Christmas Present in 6 Steps (2023)

Wrapping cylindrical items can be tricky, as their irregular and uneven shape don’t fit many standard-sized boxes.

If you have a few cylindrical items you plan to give as gifts, consider this article your best guide on how to wrap a cylinder Christmas present.

6 Steps To Wrap A Cylinder Christmas Present

1. Measure & Cut The Wrapping Paper

measuring and cutting gift wrapper

The first thing you have to do when wrapping a cylinder Christmas present is to measure how much paper you need. [1]

Lay the wrapping paper on your work surface and place the cylinder item atop it.

Measure how much you need by wrapping the paper around the cylinder and ensuring it can cover the surface entirely, leaving around an inch or so of overlap/extra.

For the sides, ensure that the paper can comfortably wrap the center of each end.

A great tip is to use extra durable wrapping paper that won’t tear easily. It’s also best to give yourself a little bit more extra paper.

2. Wrap The Paper Around The Cylinder Present

wrapping a gift

Next, wrap the paper around the cylinder present, with the good side of the present facing downwards.

Bring one end of the wrapping paper around the cylinder, and secure it in the middle with double-sided tape.

Bring the other end of the wrapping paper around until it meets the other end with the double-sided tape. Seal it with tape.

Make sure that the cylinder present stays at the center of the wrapping paper by sliding it around. Learn how to decorate a chandelier for Christmas here

3. Fold Edge To Create A Clean Seam

wrapping a cylindrical gift

Turn the cylinder until you have one of the edges facing you.

Take both ends of the wrapping paper, fold them to the center, and keep them secure with your finger.

Grab the other edge of the paper and bring it to the center. Do this step repeatedly until you have gone around the entire edge. You will find that it’ll fold exactly like a fan with pleats.

Once done, do the same to the other edge.

4. Secure With Double-Sided Tape

hand holding double sided tape

Once you’ve finished number three, secure everything with double-sided tape.

5. Remove/Hide Blemishes

If you’re unhappy with how number three turned out or there is a smallish hole in the center of the edges, you can remove or hide blemishes by using scraps of the same wrapping paper or one in a complementary color.

Measure the edge of the cylinder present on the wrapping paper and cut the two circles accordingly, leaving about ½” as excess.

Secure these on each edge of the cylinder present with double-sided tape to hide the blemishes. Learn how to get into the Christmas spirit here

6. Finish With A Bow

gold gift bow

You can make the present even prettier by finishing it with a bow! Choose one in a complimentary color to your wrapping paper and tape it down one edge of your cylinder present.

You can also add a ribbon if you’re feeling fancier. Stand the cylinder present upright on top of a wide ribbon, and tie the ends into a knot on top of the gift.

Tie into a ribbon as usual, and snip off the edges, so there are two long tails on either side. You can curl the ends if you prefer.


How long do you wrap a cylinder Christmas present?

It depends. If you’ve had plenty of practice, it can take as little as ten minutes to wrap a cylinder Christmas present!

However, if this is your first time, you can expect to take anywhere from 20 minutes to half an hour to wrap the similar Christmas present.

How do you wrap a tapered cylinder Christmas present?

You can do the steps above to wrap a tapered cylinder Christmas present. The only thing different is its size/shape, but you can expect to do the same steps listed above.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping a cylinder present can seem daunting, but we’re sure you can manage by following the steps listed above.

Start by measuring the wrapping paper around your present and ensuring that you have enough paper to cover everything.

Fold the paper into itself and the edges like fan pleats. Secure everything with double-sided tape, and add a bow/ribbon to make it more eye-catching.

Of course, our best recommendation is not to stress yourself out and have fun! Good luck!

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