Disney Christmas Tree Ideas

8 Best Disney Christmas Tree Ideas For The Holidays (2023)

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. What better way to amplify the holiday spirit than decking the halls with the most magical place on Earth for your home?

Here are a few samples of Disney Christmas tree ideas to get you inspired.

Top 8 Magical Disney Christmas Tree Ideas

1. Disney's World of Color Christmas Tree

Disney Christmas Tree with stuff toys

The World of Color is one of the most spectacular displays in Disneyland.

Integrate the magic of this holiday-themed display into your Disney Christmas trees with Disney's World of Color Christmas Tree. [1]

Start by gathering your most colorful Christmas balls, streamers, ribbons — everything you can get your hands on — and laying them out so you can know how to decorate.

Choose colors often seen at the live show, like blues, reds, purples, yellows, and pinks.

Next, collect all your Disney stuffed animals and integrate them to your prior arrangement.

Once you’re happy with everything, start putting them on your tree. Get help from your siblings for twice the fun.

2. Choose A Disney Character Theme

Mickey Mouse Themed Christmas Tree

You can choose a specific Disney theme for your tree that features all your favorite Disney buddies. Here are a few of our personal favorites:

Mickey & Friends

If you want a Disney-themed Christmas tree, you can’t go wrong with Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Start by gathering all your Mickey Mouse and friends plushies and setting them up on the Christmas tree.

Build a few Disney symbols with colorful balls and set them up as accents, and keep the magic alive by strewing lights.


In our opinion, Frozen is one of the best holiday movies from the franchise, with its snow-centered landscape and, of course, Olaf. [2]

Start with a white tree instead of the classic green, then gather all the silver and blue streamers, ribbons, and Christmas balls you can find.

Set everything up until you’re satisfied, then decorate with glittered plastic snowflakes. You can even use a plush Disney Olaf as a tree topper.

Take things up a notch by throwing a Frozen Christmas costume party, too!

Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas-themed Christmas tree brings some spookiness to the holiday season.

Start by carving some pumpkins to the desired Nightmare Before Christmas look and strewing them strategically around your Disney-themed Christmas tree.

Use cotton to mimic makeshift snow over the tree and add Christmas lights. Finally, add your favorite characters to the spooky landscape, and watch the magic begin.

3. Create A Christmas Tree Using Disney Plushies

Disney Plushies Themed Christmas Tree

You can build entire Disney-themed Christmas trees using Disney plushies if you have more than enough of them.

Decorate with colorful strings and lights to keep the holiday spirit alive.

You’ll see that the tree’s final look will both be festive and fabulous.

4. Use Disney Ornaments To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Disney Winnie the Pooh A Smalli Gift Ornament With Light and Motion

You can get specialty Disney-style ornaments as decorations for your Disney-themed Christmas trees.

You don’t have to be limited to Mickey Mouse and friends — we suggest getting Winnie the Pooh and the entire Hundred Acre gang this time.

5. Create A Disney World Diorama Christmas Tree

If you have an affinity for crafts and a limitless imagination, the Disney World Diorama Christmas Tree is perfect for you.

Make creating these Disney-themed Christmas trees even more challenging by having a different world, theme, and characters per layer. For example, the first layer could be Toy Story, and the next, Monsters, Inc.!

These Disney-themed Christmas trees will surely take plenty of time to build, so we suggest you start now.

6. Create & Paste A Felt Disney-Inspired Christmas Tree On The Wall

Felt Christmas Tree

Little kids will surely have fun with felt Disney-themed Christmas trees! This is your best option if you want to get kids working but don’t want to break your precious Christmas ornament.

Get their little hands busy by crafting Disney characters from colorful felt sheets and glue.

Cut out a large triangle from the green felt as your tree base, and let the kids stick the Christmas ornament onto the tree.

The best thing about a felt tree is it can be decorated and re-decorated over and over, perfect for little kids who are always itching to try something new.

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7. Make A Disney-Inspired White Christmas Tree

Disney fans can opt for a white tree for a white Christmas feel. Start by gathering all your balls, ornaments, and accessories from the white color family — think silvers and baby blues, aside from the quintessential white.

Build the Disney symbol with silver Christmas balls and hang them on the tree alongside silver ribbons and glittery plastic snowflakes.

Don’t forget to accessorize the Disney-themed Christmas trees with soft fairy lights for a more ethereal feel.

8. Make A Christmas Tree Like A Huge Disney Character

Bringing a tree in the likeness of a huge Disney character to life is not impossible if you’ve got the imagination for it.

For this, we’re thinking of transforming Belle into a bright yellow tree by setting up the branches of our tree to form a fitted corset and voluminous skirt.

Next, gather all your gold Christmas decor, and start decorating! Keep Belle’s dress in mind as you accessorize the tree.

We also like adding touches of other relevant Disney movie imagery, such as the red rose and vintage teacups, to keep in line with the theme.


How tall is an ideal Disney Christmas tree?

The ideal Disney Christmas tree is about 7 feet tall. This size and height are perfect to fit most of your Disney-themed accessories.

How do you make a DIY Disney tabletop Christmas tree?

Succulent plants are perfect for tabletop Disney-themed Christmas trees, as they don’t require a lot of watering.

Disney fans can start by replanting them in Disney-themed pots (or paint over the ones you already have) and decorating them with red streamers.

Put them onto a Christmas-themed tray, and put Disney plush toys as decorations next to them.

Final Say

Disney-themed Christmas trees are the perfect centerpiece for your home during the holidays.

Creating Disney Christmas trees is a great activity for the entire family and will make great memories.

The cheery colors also translate extremely well to photos, so that you can expect awesome Christmas cards for this year.


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