Black Adam vs Captain Marvel

Black Adam vs Captain Marvel: Who Wins? (2023 Updated)

Since the DC universe introduced Teth to their cinematic universe on October 2022, people have been comparing him to other heroes who also possesses superhuman strength.

They even compare him to other characters outside DC, including Captain Marvel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Do you want to know who will win a fight between Black Adam vs Captain Marvel? Read on and find out.

Black Adam or Captain Marvel: Who Wins In A Fight?

Photo of  Dwayne Johnson Playing as Black Adams

While both characters have almost the same powers and energy-formed attacks, Black Adam’s experience, durability, wisdom, and training are better than Captain Marvel’s.

That is our short answer, but if you want to learn more about how we arrived at this conclusion, we created a brief summary of their mystical powers.

But is Black Adam a villain or hero?

Head On Battle

Photo of  Carol Danvers Playing as Captain Marvel

Power & Abilities

Black Adam is Teth Adam’s alter ego after being bestowed upon by the wizard Shazam with the powerful abilities of the Egyptian gods [1].

His skills utilize electricity and control lightning to destroy opponents and obstacles such as concrete walls and steel.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel’s powers include energy manipulation and absorption. She can use different photon energy forms to blast her opponents and obstacles in her binary form.

When it comes to powers and abilities, they are equally strong in a fight. But how powerful is Black Adam?

Combat Skills

Black Adam is described in the comic book as a gladiator. After he was given many powers, he continued fighting villains and heroes even in the modern world.

Captain Marvel is a trained soldier and specializes in hand-to-hand combat, and Wonder Woman is an excellent competition for Captain Marvel in this category.

They also have the same combat skills to fight equally well in a battle.


Black Adams Catching Bullet

The Rock acted great in the movie and showed how fast Black Adam is. His speed feats include easily catching bullets and moving faster than the speed of light.

Captain Marvel can move fast as she can travel through different galaxies in a matter of seconds and is seen in Infinity War hitting multiple targets with a form resembling a light beam.

Both of them deserve a point for this category.

Strength & Stamina

Black Adam lost almost no battle when it came to strength and stamina. The god Amon made him incredibly strong, and some heroes greatly fear meddling with him.

He can easily overpower the amazon strength of Wonder Woman and go hand-to-hand combat with Superman and the Shazam of Billy Batson in DC comics.

Captain Marvel is also a mighty hero, as her abilities allow her to absorb energy and have superhuman strength.

Captain Marvel was seen fighting Thanos in 1v1 combat in the movies, and she didn’t even flinch. With that said, we give both of them equal points for this category.


Black Adam’s durability is seen in the movies when he was tanking a lot of damage and bullets. His healing abilities, as shown in the movies, are also incredibly fast [2].

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel tanked much damage and physical injuries in Marvel Cinematics. She can withstand damage that most powerful beings on Earth can’t handle.

Even Wonder Woman is no match for Captain Marvel’s intelligence.

For this category, the Black Adam wins because of all the damage he tanked in the battle in Kahndaq.


Close Up Photo of Captain Marvel

The Marvel Comics show Captain Marvel using her seventh sense to be more aware of her surroundings. Even the most powerful heroes cannot outwit her during battles.

However, the wisdom of Zehuti gives Teth Adam the edge over this category. Black Adam’s wisdom allows him to perceive reality and predict the future to some extent.

He is also older and more experienced than Captain Marvel. With knowledge about almost everything, he can predict the moves of even the most powerful superheroes.


Because of the god Shu’s stamina, Black Adam is immortal. The magic of Shu allows him to absorb damage, quickly heal, and never run out of energy.

No one knows yet how Black Adam can be defeated other than by forcing him to say the word Shazam and lose his powers since he is immortal.

On the other hand, Captain Marvel’s powers and life are limited. Her powers diminish over time, which causes her to leave the Avengers in the future Marvel Universe.

This point easily goes to the anti-hero.


Who can defeat Black Adam in Marvel?

While there are many theories of who can defeat Black Adam, we will put our bets on Scarlett Witch.

Scarlett’s magic powers can alter reality and beat Black Adam with just a few spells or forbidden curses.

Who is Marvel’s version of Black Adam?

Namor is considered the closest version to Black Adam since they are both anti-heroes.

And The Winner Is…

Even though Captain Marvel and Black Adam are among the most powerful members of the Avengers and JSA, there is still a huge power gap between them.

Easily, the DC character wins this debate against the mighty captain of the Marvel Universe. Do you agree with our judgment?

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