Is Black Adam A Hero or Villain

Is Black Adam A Hero or Villain? Resolved (2023 Updated)

With all the new superheroes being introduced by Marvel and DC, it can be hard to track which one is the hero and which plays the villain.

Last October 2022, DC released a superhero movie, introducing Black Adam to the general public.

After what we’ve witnessed in the movie, you’re probably wondering: is Black Adam a hero or a villain?

Our team researched and created an in-depth guide to help you out.

Black Adam: Is He A Hero Or A Villain?

Photo of Dwayne Johnson

The best way to describe Black Adam is that he is a character who saves people but lacks superhero qualities or a character usually dubbed as an “anti-hero” in the comics. [1]

It was recorded that he fought against JSA (Justice Society of America), Justice League, and Teen Titans and had solo battles with superheroes such as Superman and Shazam.

For the record, Black Adam was not a bad character from the start. Before his power corrupted him, Black Adam was the Mighty Adam. [2]

Origin Of Black Adam

The comics revealed that Black Adam was a human named Teth-Adam, meaning a “Mighty Human.” The Shaman Wizards chose him 5000 years ago to be the Mighty Adam.

His powers were originally from the Greco-Roman pantheons but were later revealed in the 70s DC comics that they were really from the Egyptian Gods.

Mighty Adam will eventually transform into Black Adam as the story in the comic progresses. But how powerful is Black Adam?

His Connection With Shazam

Photo of Shazam

Shazam is a different character with almost the same abilities as Black Adam. Throughout the DC comics, these two characters often have conflicts.

Shazam obtained his powers from Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, while Black Adam’s powers are from Shu, Horus, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen.

Not only do they differ in their source of power, but they also differ in their principles. Shazam was always a hero, while Black Adam is known to be an anti-hero.

How Did Shazam Turn Into Black Adam?

With the power of Shazam, Teth-Adam cannot control himself from being corrupted. Eventually, the powers of the Egyptian Gods transformed him into the anti-hero he is known as today.

Black Adam never returned as the Mighty Adam and debuted as an anti-hero. Later on, he became the nemesis of the hero named Shazam.

Black Adam’s Role In The DC Universe

Photo of Black Adam Catch a Bullet


Black Adam had a paradigm shift in his principles in the 1999-2006 comics of Geoff Johns. He decided to join the JSA and fight with them against the Injustice Society.

However, he was removed from the JSA because of his violence and unjust way of solving crimes, mainly by killing his enemies on the spot.


Black Adam is known to crush both villains and heroes. His first appearance in the DC universe was filled with fear from his enemies and allies.

He is a major enemy to the JSA, Justice League, and Teen Titans, and of course, he is Shazam’s greatest nemesis.

Supporting Characters With Great Influence On His Role

Amon Tomaz

Close Up Photo of Amon Tomaz

Amon Tomaz played a huge role in Black Adam’s rule over Kahndaq. Amon Tomaz, with his mother Adrianna Tomaz, welcomed Black Adam back to his throne in Kahndaq.

In the comics, Black Adam even gave a portion of his power to Amon Tomaz. Amon became the Osiris and fought alongside Black Adam against the Kahndaq’s invaders.


Black Adam fell in love with Isis. Isis even successfully convinced Black Adam to be less brutal to his enemies.

The love story didn’t last long, as both Isis and Osiris were killed. This led to Black Adam’s bloody revenge amassing 2 million casualties.


Is Black Adam a villain in Shazam?

Yes, Black Adam is originally a villain in the comics, not only for Shazam but also for Captain Marvel. But who will win in a fight between Black Adam & Captain Marvel?

When did Black Adam start becoming a hero?

Black Adam’s first heroic act was in Justice Society of America #21 after he and the JSA defeated Sin-Eater.

All Things Considered

Being both a villain and a hero is a rare storyline to see nowadays. Black Adam is seen as a superhero in the new movie but is still a menacing anti-hero in the comics.

With the introduction of Black Adam to the cinematics, some superheroes both from DC and Marvel finally have a worthy foe.

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