How Does Adventure Time End? (2023 Updated)

How Does Adventure Time End? (2023 Updated)

After ten long seasons, Cartoon Network has finally halted one of their greatest shows — Adventure Time. Fans bid farewell to characters they got to know and love through the years. So how does Adventure Time end?

Let’s revisit the conclusion of the beloved show in this full breakdown our team has prepared for you!

Understanding Adventure Time’s Ending

Understanding Adventure Time’s Ending

The emotional finale of the animated series took place in the 4-part episode “Come Along With Me,” which was set 1,000 years into the future. Two adventurers called Beth (Willow Smith), and Shermy (Sean Giambrone) discover the mechanical arm that once belonged to Finn. 

With the history of the Candy Kingdom obscured, they sought help from the king of the Land of Ooo, revealed to be BMO, who retells the stories of Finn (Jeremy Shada) and Jake (John Dimaggio), Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline. Also included was the great Gum War between PB and her uncle Gumbald and the ominous emergence of GOLB.

Things That Happened In The End

Gum War Ended

Gum War Ended

Though Gumbald was briefly mentioned in the second season, it wasn’t until season 8 that he was revealed as an antagonist. The Adventure Time series finale was filled with betrayal and confrontations designed to excite audiences as the Gum War reached a fever pitch. 

The PB, Finn, Fern, and Gumbald resolve their differences in a dream realm through a nightmare juice. Despite Marceline and Finn’s protestations, PB is bent to tread the warpath against Gumbald. 

Seeing the ravaging damage of their war, the uncle-niece rivals decide to resolve their conflict in a civilized fashion. While PB showed sincerity, Gumbald planned to deceive her but was foiled when Aunt Lolly doused him with a dum-dum solution reverting him back to Punchy.

GOLB’s Defeat

The harmony in the land was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Normal Man and Golb (an Adventure Time entity present in every crevasse where chaos lurks). Ice King, Betty, and Finn are trapped in GOLB’s mouth while FP, PB, and Marcy battle against the evil entity and its army.

Jake’s treehouse and BMO were heavily damaged in the havoc. The BMO sang Time Adventure, which released a forcefield against GOLB’s army. They all burst into an island song that ultimately sends out GOLB through a portal - Betty loses, Gunter becomes the new Ice King (well, Ice Thing), and the crisis is averted.

Confirmed Couples

Confirmed Couples

The final episodes were the culmination of all built-up couples throughout the Cartoon Network show. While the battle with GOLB took place during the season, LSP and Lemongrab’s kiss confirmed their relationship. 

Betty (Felicia Day) and Simon (Tom Kenny) reconciled and reunited when GOLB reverted them to their essential forms. Although Betty sacrificed herself to eliminate GOLB, she ultimately wished to keep Simon safe, revealing their unending love through the years.

The most anticipated romantic relationship between Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen was also emphasized when the two passionately kissed after Marcy saved Bonnie during the finale.

Fern’s Redemption

Fern was a major character in the 8th season of Adventure Time, the main antagonist in its 9th season, and a secondary villain in the 10th and final season. However, the show’s writers saw it fitting to give him a redemptive arc by the end of the Cartoon Network show.

While in the nightmare realm, Finn and Fern resolve their conflict upon learning they’re two sides of the same coin. The Grass Demon appears, and Fern kills it, ultimately freeing himself from its influence. 

Being free, it only makes sense that Fern disintegrates in real life, transforming into a Finn Sword-shaped seed.

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Characters & Their Ending



The mainstream entertainment simply ended with a high note tying all loose ends in the story plots of the fantastical universe. However, Jake’s end is hinted to have occurred between the events of the series finale and HBO’s Adventure Time: Distant Lands. [1]

In the “Obsidian” episode, we see an older Finn sporting a Jake tattoo on his chest, with the shape-shifting dog nowhere to be found. Alas, Finn and Jake came to a close. But how old is Jake in Adventure Time?


As BMO narrates the story of the duo, he describes them to have lived their lives, hinting at the duo’s death. While in the belly of GOLB, he realized he’d die saving someone, but was thankfully spared, thanks to the Time Adventure song.

The end of the series showed him chilling in a lake with his adoptive brother Jake without a robotic arm, perhaps to play catch up with his former perilous lifestyle as he was greeted by humans, including his mother. We can only presume Finn lived and died a normal, satisfying life. [2] How old is Finn in the series?



One of the most instrumental characters in the Cartoon Network series was Fern, who, despite his villainy, found redemption at the end of Adventure Time. Finn’s conflict with Fern featured elements of self-loathing, but his redemptive arc ended with a bang.

In the story, Fern killed the demon controlling him, which effectively rendered his physical form moot setting the other moods to a glorious end of the War of the Gum world. Nonetheless, Fern transformed a seed that the human planted.

Simon & Betty

Ice King and Betty reverted to their original forms in the finale. While Simon and Finn escape GOLB, she remains and uses the Ice Crown to wish GOLB out of existence. 

Knowing it didn’t work, she then wished for Simon’s safety, instead, as GOLB and Betty become a singular entity and are banished from the episode. The dramatic end sets other tones of gloom despite the battle’s victorious conclusion.



As the Ice Crown fell, Gunter managed to secure it for himself. Contrary to Jake’s thoughts, Gunter didn’t transform into Orgalorg but instead turned into a new form called Ice Thing. He then married the Turtle Princess and became the new ruler of Ice Kingdom, now referred to as Ice Thingdom.

Princess Bubblegum & Marceline

After some time apart, the most awaited reunion was that of Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch) and Marceline (Olivia Olson), where they embark on a future together. We see them once more in Obsidian, where the couple exchanges their “I love you’s” with the end featuring them dancing to the song Eternity With You.

Sweet P

Sweet P

During the end, where Music Hole sang its latest single, “Come Along With Me,” we see a montage showing Sweet P graduating from school along with Tree Trunks and with Mr. Pig cheering them on. As Beth and Shermy exit the premises of King BMO, we see an adult Sweet P passing by with the Night Sword in her grip.

Lemongrab & Lumpy Space Princess

The two share a passionate kiss amidst the war in the Land of Ooo during the final episodes of the Adventure Time series, suggesting a potential relationship tho the series doesn’t really confirm that. In the final sequences of Adventure Time, we see LSP become the Lumpy Space Queen, and Lemongrab’s pesky ceiling hole is now fixed, while Peppermint Butler was seen reading a book on Dark Arts.

Beth & Shermy’s New Adventures & Lineage

Beth & Shermy’s New Adventures & Lineage

The genius minds of Adventure Time writers like Pendleton Ward and Rebecca Sugar intended the series’s cyclical nature, which manifested in Beth the Pup Princess and Shermy. 

Young Finn’s disposition from the early Adventure Time series resembles Shermy, while Jake’s character looks a lot like Beth. Some say the two are reincarnations or future versions of Finn and Jake, while other perspectives hint toward them being part of their lineage. [3]


Does anyone die at Adventure Time’s ending?

Yes. In the end, we bid farewell to Fern, the grass alter-ego of Finn. Betty Groff also made a noble sacrifice to merge with GLOB, and the grass demon was killed by Fern. After the great Gum War, some sacrifices had to be made to see the world-building again in the Land of Ooo.  

Who did Finn end up with in the end?

There is no confirmation on who became Finn’s partner, so that’s up for fans to imagine. From Princess Bubblegum to Flame Princess, up until Huntress Wizard, Adventure Time created countless potential tandems with Finn. However, the final events of Come Along with Me made his relationship status quite ambiguous. 

How Adventure Time Ended

Adventure Time is truly one of the best cartoons in existence - with memorable characters like Finn and Jake, plots that challenge conservative boundaries featuring a future version of some characters, and storylines that both kids and adults can enjoy. 

The series ended on a high note where the duo was seen chilling with Music Hole, where the latter mentioned a new song he’s been practicing. The hole then sings the song from the title sequence as a montage of the show’s main characters is displayed.

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