10 Best Cobra Kai Birthday Party Ideas (2024 Updated)

10 Best Cobra Kai Birthday Party Ideas (2024 Updated)

Certified Cobra Kai fans binge-watch the Netflix series every chance they’ve got. Super-fans know every character. However, mega-fans use Cobra Kai for their birthday party themes!

If you are one extra-mega fan, these Cobra Kai birthday party ideas will help you achieve a perfect birthday bash! Party first. Party hard. No mercy!

10 Cobra Kai Birthday Party Ideas 

1. Send Cobra Kai-Inspired Invites

Send Cobra Kai-Inspired Invites

There are many ways you can design your Cobra Ka-inspired party invitations. One, use their team pictures as background. Two, choose your favorite character and pretend you are him. And three, use the Cobra Kai official logo as if you are inviting your guest into the Cobra Kai dojo!

2. Imitate The Cobra Kai Dojo

Match your invitations by imitating the Cobra Kai dojo. The moment your guests get inside your “Cobra Kai-inspired dojo,” they will surely feel the “vibes” you’d want them to feel.

You can turn your garage or even your backyard into a dojo. We suggest using a huge tarp for the Cobra Kai banner, like in the series. Hang it into the main door or entrance for emphasis.

3. Wear Karate Uniforms

Wear Karate Uniforms

You can request your guests to wear Karate uniforms to complete the look and vibes of a true Cobra Kai birthday party. Let them wear belts and headbands, too! You can make their karate uniforms more fun by adding a twist.

Tell them to wear a color-coded belt showing their love life status! For married, they can wear white belts. If they are single, then they should use black. If they’re in love, make them use red, and if their status is complicated, let them use blue!

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4. Use Cobra Kai Party Decors

Do not ever forget to use the banner, “Strike first. Party hard. No mercy!” as a backdrop of your main stage. Of course, you can still use the original “Strike first. Strike hard. No Mercy” tagline, but sometimes, using your own messages could be a lot more fun!

You may also use Cobra Kai-inspired balloons. You may use the snake Cobra Kai logo or the faces of the series’ various characters like Johnny Lawrence, Daniel LaRusso, Miguel Diaz, Tory, Hawk, Sam, and Kreese!

You may also use party banners.

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5. Use Cobra Kai Utensils

Use Cobra Kai Utensils

You may opt to use Cobra Kai-inspired paper plates and placemats, readily available in various online stores. You can also order Cobra Kai-inspired cups, mugs, and ramen bowls!

6. Serve Cobra Kai-Themed Food & Drinks

You may prepare Strike Hard Stir Fry, Senesi Sushi Cookies, and No Mercy Cheese Dip. You can also prepare rice crispies sushi and samurai sushi. Also, prepare finger food like potato fries, mini-donuts, and pretzels, then put it in a Cobra Kai Karate-inspired popcorn box.

7. Prepare A Cobra Kai Cake

You can always make your birthday parties rock by preparing extra-special birthday cakes. We recommend using the official Cobra Kai logo for a Cobra Kai cake where the snake can be seen. However, you may also use a Karate uniform-inspired cake. 

Using Cobra Kai characters as cake toppers would also be an excellent idea! You may also use silhouettes of various karate techniques as a cake design. 

8. Play Cobra Kai Party Games

Play Cobra Kai Party Games

Let your guests enjoy the party by playing the “Karate Punch.” Hang balloons for each team. Then, let them pop the balloons using their best punch. Each player will use a special glove with a pin to prick the balloon. Sounds easy? Of course not! Especially if the players are blindfolded! 

You can also prepare a Cobra Kai video game fight for the next game. Charades would also be fun where the team players get to guess the character while someone from the team imitates it!

9. Hand Out Cobra Kai Party Favors

Hand Out Cobra Kai Party Favors

If there’s one thing that most party-goers anticipate, it’s the party favor they get to take home with them, especially kids! Prepare a Cobra Kai-inspired party favor loot bag and put some goodies and Cobra Kai stuffs inside it. 

You can prepare cookies with a Cobra Kai-inspired Thank You sticker or some Cobra Kai vinyl stickers. 

10. Play Cobra Kai OST

Don’t forget to make your party extra special by playing the Cobra Kai official soundtrack [1]! You can play this music while the party is going on or when the party games have already started! There are different soundtracks from Cobra Kai Season 1 to Season 3 to choose from.


Can you have a specific Cobra Kai character birthday party?

Yes, you can have a specific Cobra Kai character birthday party. You may opt to use Johnny Lawrence, Miguel Diaz, or Daniel LaRusso. For girls, using Sam or Tory could be fun, too! 

What can you bring to a Cobra Kai birthday party?

You can bring gifts to a Cobra Kai birthday party. You can also bring party drinks like a bottle of wine (for adults)! 

Let the Party Begin! 

Cobra Kai birthday parties are very easy to prepare. This theme also suits kids and adults, no matter what their gender is. You can DIY some of the party ideas mentioned above, like the Cobra Kai-inspired cake and invitations. You may also opt to order some from your local store or online shops.

We hope you found something useful from our Cobra Kai birthday party ideas. Which one did you like best? Comment down below and share it with us!

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