How Old is Jake From Adventure Time? (2023 Updated)

How Old is Jake From Adventure Time? (2023 Updated)

The brilliant mind of Pendleton Ward led to the creation of the 2010 American animated TV series, Adventure Time. Of all characters introduced in Adventure Time, one character always stands out: Jake - a magical dog who can alter his body in different sizes and shapes. But how old is Jake from Adventure Time?

We researched and rewatched the series to help you figure out Jake’s age.

Jake's Age in Adventure Time

Jake's Age in Adventure Time

There’s only ample information that tells us of Jake’s family. However, in the animated TV series, when Jake and his brother Jermaine were still bouncing baby dogs, their parents—Joshua and Margaret—found a human baby abandoned in the forest. 

This is then why Finn and Jake met and eventually became adoptive brothers. Jake the Dog, commonly known as Jake throughout the Adventure Time series, is the best friend of Finn the Human. They are each other’s companions in traveling the post-apocalyptic world of Ooo. 

During the debut episode of the series, Jake is believed to be 28 years old in the “magical dog years,” while Finn is 12.

What Are Magical Dog Years?

Unfortunately, Pendleton Ward did not explain what it is exactly. However, it is assumed that being a magical dog, Jake ages two years and four months older every time Finn is a year older. We can somehow relate to the common myth that dogs age faster than their human masters. 

This could answer whether “magical dog years” could be similar to the regular dog year or age well-known globally. 

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How Old Was Jake When He Died In Adventure Time?

How Old Was Jake When He Died In Adventure Time

Being a magical dog didn’t exempt Jake from ultimate death. However, there’s no actual scene that tells us what age Jake died. But, in the 1-hour epilogue of the animated series entitled Distant Lands – Together Again, the story revolves around how Finn took an adventure in different levels of the underworld, where he met almost every inhabitant of Ooo [1]. 

Later on, his best friend and beloved brother Jake descended from the ethereal heights of the 50th dead world and greeted him. In life and death, these two adventurers will always be together. 

Jake's Biological Age

Steve Wolfhard (writer and storyboard artist) mentioned during an episode of the Conversation Parade podcast that the biological age of Jake is 34. With this notion provided, Adventure Time Fandom Wiki then hypothesized that Jake’s aging might have slowed down at some point. Contrary to this idea, in S10E10, it was shown that Jake turned 5 when Finn was still a baby. Later on, during Jake’s high school graduation, Finn was still an infant. But what is Finn's age in Adventure Time?


How old is Jake Jr?

In one of the episodes entitled “One Last Job,” Jake Jr. mentioned that she is 22 years old. Jake Jr. is the second pup of the five children of Jake and Lady Rainicorn. The father and daughter also share the same shape-shift ability, and she can use her hair like a propeller. 

Why do Jake's pups age so fast?

According to some theories, they mature fast because of their hybrid genetics. Lady Rainicorn can age rapidly, and so does Jake the Dog. In the episode “Jake the Dad,” in a span of two days, Lady and Jake’s puppies grew from newborns to young adults. 

Is Jake older than Finn?

Jake may be older than Finn in human years. However, neither Jake nor Finn revealed their precise age, although several episodes from the Adventure Time series suggest that Jake is indeed older than Finn. Though they grew up together as infants, being a magical dog aggregates the age of Jake when it comes to human age.

How old was Jake when he found Finn?

There’s no approximate number that tells us the age of Jake when his parents Joshua and Margaret found the infant Finn. Finn was still a baby in the Jake the Starchild episode where Jake turned five years old. Therefore, it can be concluded that Jake has always been older than his brother Finn.

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In Conclusion

Even after the destruction triggered by the nuclear war, the Land of Ooo is filled with magic. So, whatever the true age of Jake is, it’s always more fun when you have someone you can take on adventures with. 

Finn and Jakes did not only wander inside forests but fought villains, vampires, or other magical creatures on neighboring lands. Adventure Time is one of the finest cartoon series of the new century. 

It’s quite sad to let this series go, but just like the adventures of Jake and Finn, things will always change, and it’s up to us to embrace it. 

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