Best Stuffed Animals for Babies

22 Best Stuffed Animals for Babies (2023 Updated)

Stuffed animals not only give fun and joy but also helps kids, even babies, and toddlers, develop sensory, emotional, and social skills.

Plush toys act as friends for the little ones, so giving them the right companions play a vital role.

Our team cuddled and compiled the best stuffed animals for babies on the market today!

Top 22 Stuffed Animals Safe For Babies 

1.  Prissy and Pop Pop Mini Pig 11” Stuffed Animal Plush


Prissy and Pop Pop Mini Pig stuffed animal, a fluffy and cute animal plush for babies. It is a realistic pig plush with blue polo shirt and accurate details. 

It measures 11 inches and is made from premium quality GUND plush materials. In addition, we like that the surface is washable for easy cleaning so you can wash it every two weeks.  

2.  Snuffles the Teddy Bear


Snuffles the Teddy Bear


Snuffles can give babies and toddlers comfort and peace through a warm hug. This stuffed animal is created with unique super soft plush materials making it one of the best plush toys for babies.

This stuffed toy also has plastic eyes that look directly at you. Measuring 10-inches tall, this plushy makes a great cuddly buddy for babies and kids during bedtime.

It also has a surface washable fabric, so keeping it clean shouldn’t be a problem.

3.  Sleepy Seas Sound & Lights Whale


Sleepy Seas Sound & Lights Whale


This plush whale toy is one of the best stuffed animals for babies because it can make babies and toddlers fall asleep with five sound options, including whale, soothing ocean, gentle bubbles, white noise with waves & Brahms Lullaby.

This stuffed animal toy is not only a cuddly buddy but is a great alternative if you run out of lullabies too!

4.  Glitter Galaxy Rainbow Unicorn


Glitter Galaxy Rainbow Unicorn


Another plush stuffed animal that we discovered to be perfect for the babies is the Glitter Galaxy Rainbow Unicorn.

This cuddly stuffed animal measure 48-inches long and is created using soft fabric and plush material that will suit the sensitive skin of your little one. 

5.  Glitter Galaxy Blue Narwhal 


Glitter Galaxy Blue Narwhal


This officially licensed Blue Narwhal also belongs to the group of Glitter Galaxy stuffed animals.

Measuring  48-inches long, this stuffed animal is the perfect stuffed animal gift not just for babies, toddlers, or kids but also for adults. 

It has heart eyes, a cute horn, and an ultra-soft body perfect for play or display!

6. Prime Plush 7” Stuffed Animal Giraffe With Orange Spots




Bring home this cute, sweet, and soft Giraffe stuffed animal for your baby to snuggle. 

It is a huggable giraffe plush that measures 7 inches and features an ultra-soft yellow fur with orange spots. It’s too cute to resist.

7.  Proboscis Monkey 7-Inch Stuffed Plush Animal


Proboscis Monkey 7-Inch Stuffed Plush Animal


He’s small, he’s huggable, and he’s cute - he’s the Proboscis Monkey. This cute plush toy stands at 7 inches tall. 

If his adorable smile doesn’t convince you that he deserves a spot in the best stuffed animals for babies, then just look at his extra-large nose. 

8.  Animal with Sound Fluffy Sheep White


Animal with Sound Fluffy Sheep White


We discovered that the plush toy that makes sounds is easily one of the best stuffed animals for babies.

This fluffy sheep measures 6 inches tall, makes “baa baa” sounds, and is a great companion for babies who sleep on their own bed.

This soft toy also features extra plush fur and adorable curly horns!

9.  Stuffed Animal Plush | Unicorn Boo


Stuffed Animal Plush | Unicorn Boo


Is she a unicorn? Is she a dog? She’s Itty Bitty Boo! A cuddly stuffed animal wearing a pink glittery unicorn hoodie, Itty Bitty Boo is an adorable plush dog toy measuring 9 inches tall and is the perfect stuffed animal for cuddling

We like the washable construction of its this plush toy because it makes cleaning more easy. 

10.  Baby Einstein Octoplush Musical Plush Toy

Baby Einstein Octoplush Musical Plush Toy

Baby Einstein Octoplush is one of the battery-operated stuffed animals. We found out that it can play and bring educational content as it introduces kids to numerous colors and music.

This stuffed animal has embroidered features on each leg with buttons, including volume control and other classical melodies.

11.  Lambs & Ivy Jungle Safari Gray Plush Elephant

Lambs & Ivy Jungle Safari Gray Plush Elephant

A gender-neutral stuffed animal for babies is Jett, a gray elephant with black embroidered eyes.

Sitting at 9.5 inches tall, this plushy is 100% baby safe as it has no hard pieces, making him ultra huggable and cozy!

But when can babies sleep with stuffed animals?

12.  Baby GUND My First Teddy Bear

Baby GUND My First Teddy Bear

A GUND teddy bear is definitely one of the best stuffed animals for babies.

This safe stuffed animal is for babies ages 0 and up as it is proven to comply with various safety standards. 

This toy also has multiple sizes and accented ears, paw pads, and a satin bow on its neck. Get ready to give your young ones a lifetime of hugs with GUND!

13.  Bedtime Originals Plush Monkey Ollie

Bedtime Originals Plush Monkey Ollie

He’s soft, he’s cuddly, and his tails are curly - he’s Plush Monkey Ollie! This stuffed toy has soft stitched eyes and mouth and stands 8 inches tall.

With its gender-neutral colors, it can be a gift for both boys and girls. It also has ultra-soft stuffing, easily making it your kid’s next favorite stuffed animal. 

Although machine washable, we want to remind you to take extra precautions so as not to make it lose its stitching or destroy its fabric.

14.  Cloud B Sleep Sheep

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

If you are looking for stuffed toys to help make your baby sleep, the Cloud B Sleep Sheep is what you’re looking for. 

This is another gem that we discovered as it a battery-operated stuffed animals that can plays four sounds and melodies.

Upon testing, we like that it has two sleep-timers, and is ideal even for a newborn baby. This is definitely an award-winning dream machine!

15.  Red & Olive Sassy Cassy + Beanie Set

Red & Olive Sassy Cassy + Beanie Set

This Sassy Cat and Beanie Set give you two goodies for the price of one. The Sassy Cassy doll is a bold and fashionable kitty with a great sense of humor and is looking for a friend just like her.

This stuffed animal comes with a beanie that can fit little ladies from 1 to 10 years old. 

Sassy Cassy and her beanie definitely deserve a spot on our list of the best stuffed animal for your baby!

16.  Manhattan Toy Cozy Bunch Llama Stuffed Toy

If you are looking for a stuffed animal that your baby can bring everywhere, this cute llama has the perfect size for the little hands of your child. 

We cuddled it and noticed that it is made from ultra soft fabric and has weighted feet so it can stand upright when your toddler sets it down. 

17.  Melissa & Doug Baby Giraffe Stuffed Animal

If your baby is animal-obsessed, she or he will surely appreciate this lovely giraffe. 

It is made from huggable fabric, and comes with a care checklist. Also, it comes with fun facts about wild animals which is a plus. 

18. Jellycat Odell Octopus Stuffed Animal

Jellycat Odell Octopus is a popular stuffed animal that your babies can grasp and play with. 

We discovered that this stuffed animal can help develop your baby’s motor skills. It is soft, cute, and comes with eight floppy tentacles. 

19. Warmies Sloth - My First Warmies

    Sloths are slow so if you are looking for something different, this warmy sloth is the right choice. 

    You can heat the stuffed animal in the microwave and give an hour of warming comfort but you can also chill it in the freezer for cooling relief. Cool right? 

    In addition, it comes with French lavender for added soothing qualities. 

    20. Pottery Barn Kids Winnie The Pooh Plush

    Winnie the Pooh is a popular cartoon character and you can introduce it to your kid in a cute and soft plush. 

    Winnie the Pooh plush is 100% baby friendly and features embroidered details and soft fabric. 

    21. Jellycat Smudge Puppy Soother Blanket

      Why choose one when you can have both? Here’s the Jellycat Smudge Puppy blanket that works as a cuddly toy and a security blanket. 

      Also, we like that this puppy blanket has cute long floppy ears for gumming and grabbing.

      22. Little Giraffe Little G Plush Stuffed Animal

        Giraffes are well-recognized because of their long necks and it can be a great stuffed toy for your babies. 

        It is made from super soft materials your newborn will love to snuggle. 

        Also Read:

        Some Factors to Consider

        Loose Parts/Choking Hazards

        When looking for stuffed animals and toys, we usually choose a toy without small removable pieces like eyes or buttons since they can be a choking hazard for kids.

        Look for plush pals with different materials that are safe for children, especially for kids ages three and below [1].

        High-Quality Materials & Stitches

        We look for stuffed animals made from high-quality polyester and organic fabric to prevent skin irritations once your child plays with the toy.

        The surface of the toys must also be soft and hypoallergenic since kids love to cuddle with them.

        Age Appropriate

        Stuffed toys should also be appropriate for your kid’s age range [2]. Babies below age 3 should never be left with toys that are too large or those that would seem too much to handle, given their tiny hands. 

        Also, they should be playing with light toys to avoid the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

        Baby-Friendly Fabric

        Baby-Friendly Fabric

        To prevent skin problems or irritations [3], we learned that the stuffed animals should be made from baby-friendly fabrics.

        A stuffed toy made from organic cotton is a good material as it can help your baby avoid getting infections or allergies, especially since their skin is hypersensitive during this age.

        Soft & Muted Colors

        Stuffed animals with soft and muted colors have a psychological meaning. We discovered that muted colors are those that are not much saturated compared to other bold, vibrant, and bright colors.

        Believe it or not, it can significantly affect our emotions [4]. Sweet and muted colors can help give a cooling relief to babies and can promote relaxation.

        Machine Washable

        Machine Washable

        A machine-washable stuffed animal is highly recommended because it allows you to clean the toys from time to time.

        Doing so will prevent your child from getting dirt and bacteria from the toy.

        However, you need to be careful with those that are battery-operated since you cannot submerge them in water. 

        Check the care instructions in the tag for more information on how to clean them up.


        Are stuffed animals safe for babies?

        Yes, stuffed animals are safe for babies. However, you need to take extra precautions in choosing the toy you will give them and ensure that there are no choking hazards, especially for those under the age range of 0 - 3 years. 

        Moreover, always keep an eye on your baby during playtime to ensure that there are no small pieces they can eat.

        At what age can you give a baby a stuffed animal?

        You can give stuffed animals to babies when they are at least 1 year old. Younger babies must not be given toys that might block their airways or those with little pieces they can easily swallow. 

        When they reach the 1 - 3 age range, you can start giving them soft toys to play with, provided you will supervise them during playtime.

        Finding the Best Stuffed Animal for Babies

        A stuffed animal is one of the best gifts you can give your children because these serve as perfect playtime companions, friends, and even travel buddies.

        These toys can provide the comfort and support they need as they learn to socialize and develop the skills they will carry with them as they grow old.

        Also, remember to keep a close eye on them because even a sweet-looking toy can have loose parts that could be choking hazards. 

        If you are looking for quality stuffed animals (or even one that can function as a toy and a security blanket), make sure to check Toynk’s vast collection of animal stuffies!



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