Best Stuffed Animals for Anxiety

20 Best Stuffed Animals for Anxiety in 2023

You might've had a favorite stuffed animal that helped you through tough times when you were a kid. Whether you were anxious or needed a friend to help you fall asleep, that little toy was always there for you.

We scoured the market and compiled the best stuffed animals for anxiety that would help make your day a little bit brighter!

Top 20 Stuffed Animals for Anxiety

1.  Slumbers Teddy Bear


Slumbers Teddy Bear


The first on our list is the Slumbers Teddy Bear. This little guy is sure to become your kid's new best friend. Made with super soft fur, this bear is 100% perfect for snuggling!

One of the most amazing features of Slumbers' line of products is their weighted stuffing. The bear will feel heavier in your kid's arms, providing a sense of security and offer comfort when given a warm, tight wrap.

2.  Prime Plush Fluffy Sheep


This Fluffy sheep features adorable soft pink fur and curly horns. It is a soft and huggable Prime Plush that makes “baa baa” sounds when you snuggle it. 

The plush is 6 inches tall and can be your reliable company when feeling down.

3.  Blue Narwhal Stuffed Animal Plush


Blue Narwhal Stuffed Animal Plush


This Blue Narwhal plush is perfect for teens who love the ocean. It's also great for cuddling, measuring about 15 inches tall.

If you have a kid that's particularly in love with sea creatures, this is the perfect plushy for them.

4. Prime Plush Llama Sailor 




Another stuffed animal you can snuggle on your gloomy days is a purple llama sailor alpaca. A llama or an alpaca is a South American camelid known for its soft fluffy coat. 

The purple plush measures 7 inches tall and is hugely huggable because of its soft paste purple fur. Also, it's too cute to resist because it comes with a scar and sailor hat.

5. Les Deglingos Elephant Plush 




Elephants are caring and highly-sensitive animals, just like humans. So, in rough times, hugging an elephant plush can be comforting. 

This elephant plush is huggable and measures 15 inches when standing and 10.25 inches when sitting. It is soft, cute, huggable, and perfect for kids and adults.

6.  Character Plush | Funshine Bear


Character Plush | Funshine Bear


Funshine from the Care Bears series makes one of the cutest weighted teddy bears. He's the ideal size for cuddling and will surely bring a smile to anyone!

Plus, this jolly yellow bear features a belly badge with a heart icon, reminding everyone to focus on the positive things to reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

7.  Rainbow Unicorn Stuffed Animal Plush


Rainbow Unicorn Stuffed Animal Plush


Going into the realms of fantasy, this Rainbow Unicorn is one of the best-weighted stuffed animals and is perfect for adolescents who love all things magical. 

It stands at 48 inches and features a "horn" that lights up when you press a button. This unicorn also has glimmering eyes, a colorful tail, and rainbow feet. Need we say more?

8.  Stuffed Animal Fluffy Squirrel


Stuffed Animal Fluffy Squirrel


If you want a warm, sensible touch of nature in your kid's room, go for this fluffy squirrel. Standing 18 inches tall, this is a great size for cuddling, showcasing a tail that crinkles when squeezed.

Even adults won't be able to resist the warmth and comfort this plushy can give!

9.  Philbin Teddy Bear Plush - Beige


Philbin Teddy Bear Plush - Beige


This classic comfort cub is the perfect addition to anyone's plushy collection. It has paw pad accents on its feet, surface-washable construction for easy cleaning, and meets high-quality GUND standards.

It's cute, fluffy, and definitely a great deal for your money! Learn the proper way to wash your stuffed animals here

10.  Manimo Weighted Stuffed Animal For Kids

Manimo Weighted Stuffed Animal For Kids

The Manimo Weighted Sensory Stuffed Animal is designed to lay perfectly on the chest and works as a lap pad. This can also be used on the legs or shoulder to help provide comfort and a soothing feeling.

It is filled with non-toxic polyethylene beads and is safe for anyone over 3 years old.

11.  Lavender Scented Elephant Stuffed Animal

Lavender Scented Elephant Stuffed Animal

Do you want a warm and soothing touch in your child's play zone? This elephant is filled with an all-natural grain and emits a pleasant lavender scent - perfect for adolescents who love zoo creatures!

It's a great size for cuddling and is the perfect travel buddy.

12.  Sensory4U Panda Bear Weighted Blanket

Sensory4U Panda Bear Weighted Blanket

For a cozy and calming touch in your kid's room, wrap them in Sensory4U Panda Bear weighted blankets. This weighted blanket features soft, plush fabric and is perfect for therapy or playtime! 

It is also recommended for those with sensory disorders like autism, ADHD, anxiety, and poor concentration. Find out the psychology of adults owning stuffed animals here. 

13.  All for Paws Cuddler Pig For Kittens

All for Paws Cuddler Pig For Kittens

Got cats in your house? This All for Paws Cuddler Pig is made of soft and cozy plush materials, purr-fect for cuddling and snuggling!

The pig releases a comforting purring sound to calm your feline friends and help in relieving anxiety. Remember, our furbabies need comfort too!

14.  Moropaky Heartbeat Toy

Moropaky Heartbeat Toy

Comfort your dog and help them get through sepanx (separation anxiety) with the Moropaky Heartbeat Toy.

Made from comfortable and skin-friendly fabric, you can manage settings and adjust the heartbeat feature.

Additionally, it has a timer and will shut down automatically after running continuously for 8 hours. 

15.  Gund Cozys Kitty Cat Stuffed Animal

Gund Cozys Kitty Cat Stuffed Animal

Gund Cozys Kitty Cat is perfect for teenagers who love animals. Standing at 10 inches tall and weighing less than two pounds, it's a great toy for cuddling and can contribute to calming nerves and producing happy hormones. 

With its cute face and adorable features, it certainly makes sense that most people find comfort in this plush!

16.  Peppy Penguin Microwaveable Lavender Scented Plush Toy

 Peppy Penguin Microwaveable Lavender Scented Plush Toy

Feeling chilly? This Peppy Penguin microwaveable lavender-scented toy is amazing for adolescents who need a little extra warmth.

It features a design that allows you to heat it in the microwave before cuddling to create a warm sensation. 

Don’t worry about the heatable body of these little ones - they adhere to safety standards!

17.  Fun And Function Plush Weighted Stuffed Animal

Fun And Function Plush Weighted Stuffed Animal

The Fun and Function Plush is ideal for children of all ages who need help focusing during therapy sessions.

It is a hug-friendly product that offers comfort whenever needed. The entire toy weighs three pounds and can be taken on travels or serve as a sleep buddy at night. 

If your kid prefers plushies over a lap pad, then this is the best toy to go with.

18.  Weok Behavioral Aid Plush Toy

Weok Behavioral Aid Plush Toy

The Weok Behavioral Aid stuffed toys are designed to help your pet get through loneliness, sepanx, and adapt to new environments.

Through sensory stimulation (pulsing heartbeat), your pets will never feel alone and will always have a trusty company. 

19.  Purrble Companion Calming Toy

Purrble Companion Calming Toy

If you are looking for a soft toy that can calm and soothe anyone regardless of age, the Purrble Companion Calming Toy is what you need. This toy's heart races to show emotions, and you can slow its heartbeat into a gentle purr by giving it a huge hug. 

According to studies, the process of calming someone else can help in calming ourselves. Try it out and see for yourself!

20.  Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy

Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy

For a toy that is sure to provide both comfort and security to your furbaby, consider the Snuggle Puppy Toy.

This heartbeat dog plush can help calm your pet without restraint or medication! It is made with safe materials and comes with a heat pack to give your dogs the "real feel."  

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Factors To Consider


Go for plushies with materials that are safe, hypoallergenic, and can easily be cleaned.

For an added bonus, you can choose plushies containing dried lavender, which have been proven to give a sense of calmness.



The weight of a stuffed animal is important for children with anxious episodes. Heavier plush creatures with glass beads have been shown to provide security and comfort, while lighter plush pets may be more suitable for younger children.

Size (Huggable or Not)

Some toys are specifically designed for cuddling, while others are merely for display.

If your child constantly needs a hug, it’s important to choose a stuffed animal that is the right size for cuddling. You can even go for plushies with longer arms for more support.



There are products specifically designed for children, while others are more suitable for adults. For instance, heavier plushies should only be given to children aged 3 and above.

If your infant needs a bedtime companion, opt for lighter plushies to avoid the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) [1].

Animal Type

The type of animal is also essential when choosing plushies for anxiety. If your youngster loves felines or puppies, then make sure to get one that resembles their pets to give them a sense of familiarity and help them cope with their negative feelings.

How Stuffed Animals Help With Anxiety

  • Security and Comfort: Heavier plush toys have been shown to provide a greater sense of security, while lighter plush creatures may be more suitable for children of all ages who need a sense of belongingness and comfort.
  • Calming Effect: Some plushies, such as those filled with lavender scent or feature a recorded heartbeat sound, help provide peace and calmness [2]. Other microwave and freezer-safe toys also offer hot or cold therapy for better sleep. 
  • Warmth: The warmth of a stuffed toy can be especially important for any person dealing with anxiety. The warmth these toys create can help calm their mind and put their body at ease.  


Are stuffed animals good for anxiety?

Yes, stuffed animals are good at combatting signs of anxiety. Studies have proven that having cuddly companions can help provide a sense of security and comfort and relieve any negative emotions. 

Why do weighted stuffed animals help with anxiety?

Weighted animals can help with anxiousness because they offer deep pressure touch, which can calm one's nervous system and, in turn, trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine to the body. 

Do weighted stuffed animals help with anxiety in adults?

Yes, they do. As much as plushies help with anxiety in children, adults carry stuffed animals to lessen their anxiousness as well. Not only that, but plushies can help adults cope with grief, memory loss, and trauma too. 

Do stuffed animals provide comfort?

Yes, stuffed animals provide comfort. Stuffed animals are comfort objects that can help kids and adults from anxieties, early fears, and feelings of loneliness. 

Is it OK for adults to sleep with stuffed animals?

Yes, it is perfectly fine for adults to sleep with stuffed animals. Sleep experts claim that it is normal for adults to cuddle a teddy bear when sleeping. 

Aside from giving comfort, it eases the feeling of aloneness and loneliness.

Finding the Best Stuffed Animals for Anxiety

There are many stuffed animals to choose from to help a child or an adult cope with anxiety.

The good news is, there are plushies to help soothe your furry friends too! All you have to do is choose the one with the features you need, whether it be the sound of a calming heartbeat or one that is microwave-safe for added warmth and comfort.

If you're looking for the best stuffed animals for anxiety, consider checking out Toynk for a wide array of choices.



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