15 Best Stuffed Animal Gifts (2024 Updated)

15 Best Stuffed Animal Gifts (2024 Updated)

Stuffed animals are one of the best gifts you can give your special someone regardless of the occasion. It can be a loving companion and a cuddly buddy, especially when you’re not around.

Our team researched and compiled the fluffiest, cutest, and most adorable stuffed animal gifts that can make anyone’s day!

Top 15 Stuffed Animal Gift Ideas

1.  Snuffles the Teddy Bear 10-Inch Plush Toy

Snuffles the Teddy Bear 10-Inch Plush Toy

Teddy bears are famous all over the world, especially for children, which means you can never go wrong with a good ‘‘ol teddy. One unique gift you can give kids or your family and loved ones is this 10-inch plush toy. 

It is made from an ultra-plush material which means it’s a great cuddly buddy! It also has a surface-washable construction for easy cleaning. Learn more about how to wash stuffed animals here

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2.  Kissy the Penguin

Kissy the Penguin

Kissy the Penguin is perfect for pet owners who love cute animals. This unique 12-inch animal toy is talented as she can sing and move her wings. To hear her beautiful voice, all you have to do is press her feet.

You can also add Kissy to your gift list for people who love singing and dancing! 

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3.  Domo Teddy Bear 6" Plush

Domo Teddy Bear 6" Plush

If you want a handy and soft plush toy in pink, this Domo Teddy Bear in a pink hoodie measuring 6 inches tall is the one for you. This is one of the rare toy products on the market today, and now, you don’t have to look so hard to surprise your youngsters and bring a smile to their faces! (You can thank us later).

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4.  Lopsy Lamb Plush Animal Blanket

Lopsy Lamb Plush Animal Blanket

Lopsy the Lamb is one of the stuffed animal gifts that serve a dual purpose. This animal-shaped custom blanket can serve as a toy during the day and a blankie for your children during the night. It measures 24 inches wide x 19.5 inches long and is made from a silky and smooth fabric that will ensure comfort and a good night’s sleep.

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5.  Squishmallow | Babs the Bluejay

Squishmallow | Babs the Bluejay

Are you looking for a soft plush animal for kids that is perfect for daily cuddling? Babs the Bluejay is the ideal plushy for the job! Created with spandex and polyester, this measures 5-inches tall and is the perfect gift for family members who love bringing their plushies every time they travel. Learn how to wrap stuffed animals here

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6.  Philbin Teddy Bear 12-Inch Plush Toy

Philbin Teddy Bear 12-Inch Plush Toy

Another gift idea you can add to your stuffed animal gifts list is this 12-inch Philbin Teddy Bear. With its classic design and exquisite detailing, like its oval eyes and paw accents on the feet, anyone who will receive it, whether they are kids, adults, or even older family members, will surely love it.

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7.  Animal Crossing 7" Plush: Kapp'n

Animal Crossing 7" Plush: Kapp'n

Anyone who spends hours playing Animal Crossing (a.k.a., one of the most popular games in the world) will go gaga when they receive this gift! An officially licensed item from Little Buddy LLC, Kapp’nKapp’n stands 7 inches tall and is ideal even for pet lovers. Now, you can take the joy from the screen and bring it to life.

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8.  Blue Spider | Wahiko Webboshi

Blue Spider | Wahiko Webboshi

Make your child’s day even more special with Wahiko Webboshi, a unique blue spider toy from the Island of Oshi. Standing at 12-inch tall, this plush toy is made from high-quality polyester, which makes it soft and fluffy. After all, how can anyone resist its large eyes and welcoming, friendly grin?

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9.  WhatsItsFace 12 Inch Teddy Bear Plush

WhatsItsFace 12 Inch Teddy Bear Plush

What can be a greater surprise than a huge plush that can change its expressions with just the turn of a knob? With a range of 6 emotions (happy, sad, surprised, angry, laughing, and sound asleep), this teddy should definitely be on your stuffed animal gifts list!

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10.  Animal Crossing 8" Plush K.K. Slider

Animal Crossing 8" Plush K.K. Slider

Another character in Animal Crossing, K.K Slider is perfect for pet owners or avid fans of the game. This pet toy measures 8 inches tall and is made with polyester, polyurethane, and cotton, making it great to cuddle with! 

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11.  Animal Crossing 8" Plush Porter

Animal Crossing 8" Plush Porter

Porter is one of the pet animal gifts from Animal Crossing. It is a 7.5 to 9 inches tall plush toy made with polyester and cotton, which makes it a great cuddly buddy. This officially licensed toy pet gift would make anyone’s day special, especially when they see their favorite game character just come to life.

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12.  Finley Brown Teddy Bear 13-Inch Plush

Finley Brown Teddy Bear 13-Inch Plush

Finley, the Brown Teddy Bear, is another addition to the list of stuffed animal gifts perfect for cuddles. Just like a true friend who always provides help and support, Finely is the best friend who is always ready to lend a helping paw. 

Standing at 13 inches tall, this teddy has a classic design and is an ideal gift for any occasion. If you haven’t found a gift for the little ones yet, we can assure you that this teddy would top all the gifts in the pile!

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13.  Squishmallow | Corinna the Cat

Squishmallow | Corinna the Cat

Soft, cuddly, and squishy. Need we say more? This pet animal plush measures 5-inches and is made from spandex and polyester. Corinna the Cat can create a fun, relaxing, and comfortable vibe as she can serve as a child’s pillow or a travel companion, providing anyone with lots of hugs!

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14.  Tentacle Kitty Rat Tailed Unicorn 

Tentacle Kitty Rat Tailed Unicorn

You can step up your gift choices by buying gifts that a kid can only read in a fairytale book. For instance, a creature with the body of a unicorn and a pink rat’s tail, making it half unicorn and half mouse. 

Tentacle Kitty Rat is a real-life uni-mouse measuring 8 inches tall and 14 inches long. Made with polyester fiber, this is definitely one of those stuffed animal gifts that a child will carry with them to adulthood.

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15.  Tentacle Kitty Little Ones | Yellow

Tentacle Kitty Little Ones | Yellow

Can you imagine having both a cat and an octopus as pets? With this Tentacle Kitty, you can have the best features of two stuffed animals in one! Standing at  4 inches tall, it has seven cuddly tentacles and the face of an adorable cat. Need we say more?

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Can you give a DIY stuffed animal plush as a gift?

Yes, you can gift a DIY or personalized stuffed animal. With the various stuffed animal gifts available in the market today, giving a friend a custom-made design featuring your artwork (and in the color they love) will definitely remind them of the good times.

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How much should you spend on a stuffed animal gift?

It depends on the kind and quality of pet plush you are looking for. You can buy stuffed animal gifts for around $20 - $80, or you can have local artists create a custom stuffed animal resembling the receiver’s pet for around $200 - $500. 

Finding the Best Stuffed Animal Gift

Stuffed animal gifts, whether custom-made or not, are a form of artwork that came to life. If you have a friend or two who live for the simple things, these gifts will definitely come as a pleasant surprise. Although, the prices of these stuffed animal gifts may vary, especially if you opt for a custom stuffed animal.

The best thing is, you don’t have to go around the world to get your hands on these awesome stuffed animal presents - all you have to do is visit Toynk!

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