17 Best Stuffed Animals For Adults (2023 Updated)

17 Best Stuffed Animals For Adults (2023 Updated)

Many children grew up with huggable stuffed animals, and some kept them until adulthood. Despite being designed for children, many adults love to keep a stuffed animal on their bed as it offers stress relief and helps ease worry.

If you’re looking for a great companion, we’ve gathered the best stuffed animals for adults that can provide comfort and joy!

Top 17 Stuffed Animals Adults Need To Own

1.  Ted 2 Talking Ted Full Size Plush Stuffed Animal

 Ted 2 Talking Ted Full Size Plush Stuffed Animal

Plush toys are transitional objects that some treasure from childhood for their sentimental value and teach children to be caring [1]. If you’re in search of plushies for grown-ups, the Talking Ted plush teddy bear will make a fun buddy.

This teddy bear is 24 inches tall and is the perfect gift for ages 18 years or older as it speaks 10 foul-mouthed phrases from Ted 2. (Do note that this plush is not to be machine washed.)

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2.  Prime Plush 12" Stuffed Animal Giraffe

Prime Plush 12" Stuffed Animal Giraffe

While it’s quite embarrassing to bring your childhood plush toy to unfamiliar places as you grow older, psychologists say it’s okay to keep your cuddly friend if it helps you face and overcome your fears [2]. 

With that said, grabbing this Prime Plush Stuffed Animal Giraffe can definitely give you the comfort you need. It measures 12 inches tall with chocolate-covered spots, filled with ultra-soft stuffing, and is the perfect gift for your baby or friend who loves a giraffe.

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3.  Stuffed Animal with Sound Fluffy Sheep Tan

 Stuffed Animal with Sound Fluffy Sheep Tan

An irresistibly cute toy for your baby or adult friend who loves plushies, the Fluffy Sheep stuffed animal is an excellent gift for its realistic details. It stands 6 inches tall with curly horns, four legs, and an incredibly soft tan fur body. The best thing is, it makes “baa baa” sounds!

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4.  Stuffed Animal Fluffy Squirrel

Stuffed Animal Fluffy Squirrel

Another cute and cuddly plush toy, this Fluffly Squirrel stuffed animal is a must-have in your collection. It has a sweet face and tiny feet, ready to make your heart flutter. It measures 18 inches tall with ears and a soft body - the perfect pillow toy for your baby or a cuddle companion for your friend.

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5.  Stuffed Animal with Sound Fluffy Sheep Red

Stuffed Animal with Sound Fluffy Sheep Red

If pink plushies are what you’re looking for, go for the Fluffy Sheep Red stuffed animal. This is the ideal stuffed animal gift for kids or an adult friend who likes cotton candy colors. This adorable plush toy has curly horns, tiny legs, and is super soft - perfect for cuddling. It measures 6 inches tall and makes a “baa baa” sound for added fun.

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6.  Stuffed Animal: Llama Sailor Alpaca (Purple)

Stuffed Animal: Llama Sailor Alpaca (Purple)

The perfect gift for kids (and adults) of all ages, the Llama Sailor Alpaca stuffed animal is the epitome of cuteness overload. This plush toy is ideal for cuddling for its realistic feel with a super soft and fluffy coat. It measures 7 inches tall with pastel purple fur and ears. In addition, it has a sailor hat and scarf on its neck, making it even more adorable.

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7.  Itty Bitty Boo Stuffed Animal Plush | Unicorn Boo

 Itty Bitty Boo Stuffed Animal Plush | Unicorn Boo

If super adorable teddy toys are what you’re in for, go for tor the Itty Bitty stuffed animal plush. This toy would make a great snuggle buddy, featuring the world’s cutest dog, all glammed up with a pink unicorn costume. It stands 9 inches tall and is made from ultra-soft premium material. 

To clean this toy, you can simply have it hand washed. Note that stuffies, even though machine washable, should be treated with the utmost care if you want them to last.

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8.  Rainbow Sparkles Llamacorn Stuffed Animal

Rainbow Sparkles Llamacorn Stuffed Animal

Calling all Llama lovers! This Rainbow Sparkles Llamacorn stuffed animal is a unique and great gift for kids, grown-ups, and toy collectors. Be it a cuddly pillow or for display, this plush will not disappoint. 

Measuring 15.5 inches tall, this mythical plush combines distinct characteristics of Llama and Unicorn. It has a sparkly iridescent twisted horn, flexible wings, and feet. Also, it has a fluffy tail, soft fur, and a cute face with long lashes.

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9.  Pusheen Pterodactyl Stuffed Animal Plush

Pusheen Pterodactyl Stuffed Animal Plush

Step up your Pusheen collection with the Pterodactyl huggable stuffed animal plush, or give it to your child who loves the chubby and comical cat. This plush features Pusheen in a different persona, with purple wings and little talons. 

It measures 9 inches tall with an angry yet cute expression, the perfect plush for hugging. Also, it is made from quality materials with Surface-washable construction for convenient cleaning. (Note: this is not machine washable. It is best to clean it by hand to prolong its useful life).

Learn the best way to wash stuffed animals here

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10.  Sleepy Seas Sound & Lights Whale Stuffed Animal

Sleepy Seas Sound & Lights Whale Stuffed Animal

A functional plush that offers a sense of peace, the Sleepy Seas Sound & Lights Whale stuffed animal is a must-grab. This cuddly stuffed animal is not your average plushie as it features 20-minute continuous sounds that will soothe your ears. 

It measures 7 inches long, featuring 5 sounds, including whale, soothing ocean, gentle bubbles, white noise with waves, and Brahms Lullaby - the perfect plush pillow that can calm and warm your kids (and grown-up friends) to sleep. 

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11.  Glitter Galaxy Rainbow Unicorn

Glitter Galaxy Rainbow Unicorn

Aside from a teddy bear or a cute elephant, the unicorn is another popular cuddly stuffed animal plushie fans love collecting. Grab the Glitter Galaxy Rainbow Unicorn if you’re on the hunt for a surprise present that makes a great pillow! 

This adorable plushie will bring magic adventures to your life, featuring a glittery horn and a fluffy rainbow tail, and measures 48 inches long - the perfect size you can hug to sleep.

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12.  Glitter Galaxy Blue Narwhal

Glitter Galaxy Blue Narwhal

If you love collecting a life-sized teddy bear like those featured on Etsy, the Glitter Galaxy Blue Narwhal is another must-have stuffed animal, whether for display or as a pillow.

This plush feature is a Blue Narwhal from a magical place with twisted horns and a lovely expression that is too cute to resist. Also, it is a massive plushie that measures 48 inches long - an ideal size for play or snuggling for comfort!

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13.  Fluffy Sheep White Stuffed Animal with Sound

Fluffy Sheep White Stuffed Animal with Sound

Complete your stuffed animal collection with the Fluffy Sheep plush that will melt your heart with its lovely expression. This plushie is an ideal gift for kids or your friend who loves to cuddle while sleeping, featuring curly horns and super soft white fur.

It measures 6 inches tall and makes charming “baa baa” sounds that can make anyone laugh.

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14.  Fluffy Sheep Pink Stuffed Animal with Sound

Fluffy Sheep Pink Stuffed Animal with Sound

If you can’t get enough of collecting plushies, grab this Fluffy Sheep stuffed animal with super soft pink fur and curly horns. Add this to your collection or surprise your kid or best friend as it makes “baa baa” sounds.

In addition, it measures 6 inches tall and has a cute expression that can help fade your worries.

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15.  Slumbers Teddy Bear

Slumbers Teddy Bear

Are you looking for the perfect present to surprise your loved one? You can never go wrong with the classic teddy bears. The Slumbers Teddy Bear got everything you’re looking for, from big paw pads to cuddly fur. 

This brown teddy offers quality cuddles, made from super soft and huggable materials, ideal for any age. It also measures 17 inches tall, a great size for a teddy that will always keep you company!

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16.  Minecraft (Black Sheep) Plush Stuffed Animal

Minecraft (Black Sheep) Plush Stuffed Animal

For plushie lovers, variations make their collection great, even if their display is filled with a single character. If you’re into stuffed animals, you should get your hands on this Black Sheep plush or give it to a Minecraft fan in your life.

It features one of the video game rare wildlife, a Black Sheep with a 5% spawn chance. Also, it is made from soft polyester fiber and measures 10 inches tall, the perfect size for a plush pillow.

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17.  Proboscis Monkey Stuffed Plush Animal

 Proboscis Monkey Stuffed Plush Animal

If you’re looking for unique stuffed animal gifts, the Proboscis Monkey plush is a rare find. This plush depicts a Proboscis Monkey known for its big, hanging, and odd-looking nose, making its face funny but charming.

It measures 7 inches tall and perfectly exhibits the lovely features of Proboscis Monkey in the form of a yellow rounded plushie. 

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Are stuffed animals good for adults?

Yes, stuffed animals are good for adults. Although plushies are catered for children, it provides comfort to anyone who owns it, so it’s also good for adults [3].

Furthermore, some don’t refer to them as “toys” since they can serve as support if a loved one dies or help someone get through homesickness and loneliness.

Why do some adults have stuffed animals?

Apart from its adorable features, you’ll see older people keep their room-filled stuffed animal plushies since it offers them comfort whenever they’re anxious or depressed.

Since it’s coined as a transitional object, some often keep their favorite stuffed animal from childhood to remind them of the good old days.

When should adults stop sleeping with stuffed animals?

There is no age limit when it comes to sleeping with stuffed animals. Contrary to the notion that plushies are only for kids, sleeping with stuffed animals for adults is ideal since embracing anything soft and soothing promotes the production of oxytocin.

This hormone offers a calming effect that helps reduce anxiety and stress and improve your mood.

Is it normal for an adult to sleep with a stuffed toy?

Yes, it is normal for an adult to sleep with stuffed toys. If you’ve been cuddling your favorite stuffed toy from childhood, you don’t have to be bothered about what others say since, according to experts, it’s normal for older people to sleep with plushies.

So whether you’re sleeping with an old plush or collecting more, keeping a cuddly buddy is perfectly fine.

Final Thoughts

In summary, stuffed animals are not only for children but also make a good companion for older people who need comfort whenever they’re anxious, lonely, or simply want a hug.

Plushies are great decorative and functional toys that can boost your oxytocin, making you feel good and help you sleep with ease. 

If you’re looking for the best stuffed animals for adults (and kids) as gifts for any special occasion, don’t forget to check our website out!

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