How To Wrap A Stuffed Animal In 10 Ways (2023 Updated)

How To Wrap A Stuffed Animal In 10 Ways (2023 Updated)

Stuffed animals are a perfect gift for any occasion. However, although these fluffy companions are super adorable to give, it could be a struggle to wrap them up. How do you wrap a stuffed toy with an awkward shape, long arms, or ears?

Here’s how to wrap a stuffed animal in just a few minutes!

10 Unique Styles To Wrap A Stuffed Animal 

1. Balloon (Pop Me) Wrap

Balloon (Pop Me) Wrap

If you want the drama, this unique, fun wrap style will ultimately give it to you. Imagine arriving at the party venue holding a big balloon with a ribbon on top? Wouldn’t that be so much fun?

Get a balloon that is bigger than your stuffed animal. Then, put the stuffed toy inside the balloon. Blow it up and securely lock it once you feel the size of the balloon is perfect. Tie a ribbon on it, and put a card with sticky tape. Easy peasy, right? 

2. DIY Gift Bag

Using gift bags is one of the easiest ways of wrapping a stuffed animal. However, you can make it more personal by making your DIY gift bag instead of just getting one at your local department store.

We recommend getting a wrapping paper matching your friend’s favorite color or design to whom you plan to give it. You can watch youtube tutorials to learn how to turn a simple gift wrap into a DIY bag. Measure the toy and wrapping paper properly, lay it on the paper, get the scissors, cut, fold, and tape. That’s it!

Then, carefully put the stuffed toy inside the bag and put festive ribbons and a layer of tissue paper to make it more aesthetic.

3. Tootsie Roll With Ribbons

Tootsie Roll With Ribbons

This tootsie roll method is perfect for stuffed toys with different shapes and legs or arms that stick out. Get a paper, then wrap the legs or arms of the toys around its body. Don’t forget to place a layer of tissue paper. 

Place the stuffed toys at one edge of the wrapping paper and roll it over like a candy. Gather both ends of the paper and secure them with ribbons. Fluff the ends to make the roll pleasing!

4. Cellophane Wrap

There’s not much of an element of surprise, but you can still make your present extra special by wrapping it with style. You can use boxes or a basket with colorful paper on it. Place the cuddly toy on the colored paper and tape the box or basket with a cellophane wrap.  

Gather the edges of the wrap on top ofthe package and then tie it with a matching colorful ribbon.

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5. Paper Wrap

Paper Wrap

This is like the cellophane wrap but with an element of surprise. You can use the same steps, but you’ll use a paper wrap this time. The receiver won’t automatically see the toy or object with a colorful paper wrap because it’s thicker than cellophane. 

Place the stuffed toy in the middle of the paper, gather the edges, and then create a fold. You may use the accordion-style to tape-lock it or fold the paper until it reaches the stuffed animal’s head. Tie it with a ribbon, and you’re done!

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6. Box It

This method is perfect for concealing and surprising the receiver. But, if you want to wrap the toy in style, you can create a hole (measure at least an inch, strip-type) in the middle and cover it with clear plastic before wrapping it. 

This way, the receiver can get a glimpse of the toy or object through the created hole. This will definitely excite any child!

7. Put It In A Basket

Put It In A Basket

You might have somehow done this style if you had used the cellophane [1] wrap with a basket. However, you may opt not to use any cellophane to cover your gift if you want to flaunt it. Just get a cute and nice basket where you can artistically arrange the cuddly toys you are about to give. 

Wrap the basket base with a string of ribbons, or just put a big ribbon bow on it. If it has a handle, you may wrap it with colored paper, too. But how will you make your stuffed animals soft again?

8. Use Tin Cans

A tin can is perfect for a small plush toy because the toy will surely fit inside it. Just fold some layered tissue paper inside the tin can, place the toy inside, put a ribbon on it, and it’s good to go. It’s simple and easy; no more drama. This is the best option for people who love a minimalist style.

9. Put It In A DIY Bouquet with Plastic Wrap

Put It In A DIY Bouquet with Plastic Wrap

Get a wrapping paper (we recommend colorful wrapping papers) and put them overlappingly on a flat surface or table. Then, pile the plush toy like how you arrange flowers in a bouquet. 

However, we recommend using this style if you’re gonna give at least 4 to 5 small stuffed animals. Next, gather the bottom part of the paper, create a fold or twist it, and tie it with a large ribbon. 

You may put fresh flowers on the bouquet (at least half) if you think it’ll make the gift cuter.

10. Wrap It In A Cute Blanket

This is a unique style of wrapping a plush toy. It’s very easy, creative, and perfect for a plush toy with an odd shape. Just get a cute blanket or table cloth and wrap the stuffed animal.  

Gather the edges and tie them tightly using a ribbon, creating a secure lock. You may use a plastic or vinyl blanket, but we recommend folding a wrap table cloth or blankets instead. But how do you wash your stuffed animals?


How do you wrap a big stuffed animal?

You can wrap big stuffed animals using the box style, in a blanket, table cloth, or paper gift wrap because they can easily conceal big toys. You may also try using the ballon style, but you’ll have to find a big one.

Can you gift stuffed animals without wrapping them?

Of course, you can, but it doesn’t mean you should. The answer to this question relies on how you want to hand over your gift or if the receiver doesn’t think gift wrapping is a big deal. Whether the toy is wrapped or not, kids will love it.

In Conclusion

Gift giving is a very special occasion. It always makes one’s heart happy, whether you are the receiver or the giver. While wrapping presents is fun, it may sometimes become a hassle, especially if you don’t know how to wrap them properly.

However, personally wrapping gifts makes every gift more special. It’s like adding more heart and love to the gift.

If you haven’t chosen what stuffed toy to get for your next gift, don’t forget to check out Toynk’s stuffed animal collectibles and toys! 

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