Where To Donate Stuffed Animals (2024 Updated)

Where To Donate Stuffed Animals (2024 Updated)

Stuffed animals occupy most of the children's toys growing up. However, their preferences change easily, and they may outgrow their toys fast. Once this happens, it's better to consider donating stuffed animals instead of throwing them away so other kids may benefit from them. 

If you're wondering where to donate stuffed animals, here are some places to look into.

5 Best Places to Donate Stuffed Animals

1. Donation Town

Donation Town

Whether you plan on donating toys like used stuffed animals, children's clothes, or furniture, Donation Town finds organizations and connects you with local charities that can pick up your donations anywhere across the country. 

The organization accepts gently used stuffed animals, clothing, and new toys. The donations go to organizations like Salvation Army, Goodwill Donation, and Habitat for Humanity. All you need to do is contact their page.

2. Stuffed Animals For Emergencies (SAFE)

SAFE accepts both new and used toys. However, gently used toys must follow their cleaning guidelines as these will be extended to households who have experienced traumatic events like natural disasters. 

These toys will go to kids displaced in shelters or hospitals, so clean toys are imperative to safeguard the little ones. If you want to help children in need, you can drop off the gently used stuffed animals at their address or ship them to listed locations.

3. Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Unlike other stuffed animal donations, Ronald McDonald's House accept toys that are new, unused, or recently purchased. They don't accept gently used toys and other items like books as they pride themselves on the highest level of safety and sanitation.

They also offer stay-in rooms for families of young patients treated at a nearby local children's hospital to support parents and children through their emotional situations.

4. Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots only accept new toys like the Ronald McDonald House. Anyone who wishes to donate toys can join their annual campaign that typically begins around October to December, covering 800 communities across all 50 states.

The organization coordinates closely with social welfare groups, churches, and local agencies to distribute the toys to less fortunate kids in the community.

5. Pay Away the Layaway

Pay Away the Layaway

The holidays can be a financially burdensome season for families living off a tight budget, and Pay Away the Layaway does its part to extend donations to less fortunate households so every child can enjoy a wholesome Christmas season.

While they don't have conventional donation drives for used toys like other groups, to become your own Layaway Angel, they accept donations in cash to buy kids' toys, books, baby items, and blankets.

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Where You Can Donate Your Used Stuffies

1. Organizations/Charities

Every charity has its own system of donating. Some groups encourage donors to donate gently used toys so children can give a second life to pre-loved items. Other conglomerates only accommodate new and unused items to extend to children.

Conversely, if toys are no longer in good shape, consider reaching out to recycling programs instead of donating them to children [1].

2. Hospitals


Many hospitals accommodate toy donations to keep children entertained in the waiting room. However, most hospitals might present specific instructions if you wish to donate gently used toys to adhere to their strict sanitary requirements.

Some institutions may demand donors to donate toys that are new for maximum safety.

3. Children’s Homes and Shelters

Children's homes and daycare centers highly encourage donating to their establishment so every child may experience comfort through the small toys they receive.

Every toy donated will keep children company while under the staff's temporary care and will be surrendered back so succeeding recipients may enjoy the same.

4. Toy Donation Pick Up

Toy Donation Pick Up

To unburden the donors of traveling far distances, some charities fulfill the duty of picking up the items which will be building blocks for their noble programs. Groups like the Donation Town dedicate themselves to connecting donors and charitable institutions so the latter may pick up the donations. 

However, not every organization does this. Others may simply set up dedicated drop-off stations for the donated items.

5. Police & Fire Departments

Police officers and firefighters come prepared with stuffed animals to comfort young victims of traumatic scenarios [2]. Contact your local police or the fire departments in your vicinity to know their donation requirements.

Normally, most Departments don't discriminate between new and gently used stuffed animals. 


How do you donate stuffed animals?

It depends since varying rules apply to different donation drives. You can offer used stuffed animals to some groups, but others may require new, unused, or pristine ones.

It's best to contact local agencies to know which stuffed animals are accepted and how their donating system works.

Can you donate brand-new stuffed animals?

Yes, you can give brand-new stuffed animals, but most charitable institutions don't demand toys in their crisp and pristine conditions except for a few like Toys for Toys and Ronald McDonald.

Used stuffed animals would suffice, provided they're still useful and follow the necessary donation requirements.

Final Thoughts 

Donating is always a commendable act. Countless charitable agencies accept stuffed animals as toy donations. If you're searching for one, we hope this article guides you on where to contribute the stuffed animals and every toy your children already outgrew.

Feel free to include other useful items like books, clothes, and household supplies to help reach more people!

Also, if you're looking for stuffed animals to give, you can always check Toynk. 

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