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15 Best Seasons Of Family Guy: 2024 Guide (Updated)

As of today, there are 406 episodes in the Family Guy franchise. It has an 8.2/10 IMDB rating and is one of the best-animated sitcoms that Fox has aired on TV.

With the members of the Griffin family as the main characters, each season of the animated series was filled with laughs from its dark humor and controversial episodes.

If you're wondering what the best Season of Family Guy is, check out our list of Family Guy seasons ranked from the worst to the best season.

Top 15 Seasons of Family Guy (Ranked From Worst To Best)

15. Season 17

Family Guy Season 17 Photo Clip

First on the list (and probably the worst) is Season 17. Scoring an IMDb of 7.7/10, this season has worst episodes than other seasons.

The episodes include controversies like the "Trump Guy," where Peter became President Trump's press secretary [1].

Another is a 2-part arc, "Dead Dog Walking," where Brian marries Jess, a dying woman (Casey Wilson). These episodes make this easily the worst season on this list.

14. Season 12

Next on our list is Season 12, with the same IMDb score of 7.7/10.

Even with its bad rating, this season has one of the most unforgettable episodes, as Stewie was able to revive Brian for the later seasons.

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13. Season 16

Many Emmy-winning guest stars made a cameo during the "Emmy-Winning Episode" in this season.

Peter decided to recreate award-winning T.V. shows like Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and Breaking Bad to try and win them an Emmy.

Also, Season 16's episode "Dog Bites Bear" includes memorable moments between Stewie and his dog Brian like in the Rhode Island Episode of the second season.

12. Season 19

Family Guy Season 19 Photo Clip

Season 19 includes one of the funniest episodes in the Family Guy Series, the "PeTerminator."

Here, Lois fed Stewie broccoli, so Stewie decided to make a robot to kill Lois.

However, the robot suddenly attacks Stewie and Brian, which can only be stopped if Stewie kisses Brian. It's chaotically funny, but it would also make you go, "Huh?"

11. Season 18

The most remarkable episode in the series is "Disney's The Reboot," when the Griffin Family rebooted into superheroes.

Another one of the most unforgettable episodes is "The Holly Bibble," where they reimagined 3 stories from the Bible.

10. Season 15

Another season on our list is Season 15, which includes one of the standout episodes in the Family Guy history, "High School English."

The season shows many references to classic literature like The Great Gatsby, Huckleberry Finn, and Of Mice and Men.

It also showcases Taylor Swift in one of the episodes, and Chris is her homecoming date.

9. Season 13

Family Guy Season 13 Photo Clip

Season 13 is probably the weirdest season of Family Guy.

During the "Simpsons Guy" episode, they had a crossover with another outstanding comedy series, "The Simpsons" (similar to the Cleveland Show) [2].

Other memorable episodes (or rather, weird episodes) include "Stewie is Enceinte," where Stewie uses Brian's DNA to impregnate himself.

8. Season 14

Having twenty episodes, Season 14 enters the list. A lot of new character traits were exhibited by the main and supporting casts, and character development took place.

The jokes land considerably well in the episodes, especially on "A Lot Going on Upstairs," as the American dad tries to outsmart Stewie by making his attic a "Peter pad."

Aside from having Peter's basement bar, he also finds a place where he can hide with his friends.

7. Season 10

If you want hurricane-themed episodes, then the "Seahorse Seashell Party" episode from Season 10 is the one for you.

This episode is about how they managed to get through a hurricane while Brian was under the influence of a psychedelic mushroom.

The season also touched on the issue of abuse when Quagmire saved his sister Brenda from an abusive relationship.

6. Season 7

Family Guy Season 7 Photo Clip

While Season 7 has a relatively low rating, it's the only season of Family Guy with a high review, making it one of the best Family Guy seasons.

During the season, Brian's attempt to make marijuana legal was accompanied by many contemporary pop culture references in the West.

5. Season 3

Our top 5 best seasons start with Season 3. After the release of "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows", the rating of Family Guy skyrocketed.

Its self-contained episodes were all full of comedy, unlike the earlier seasons of Family Guy, with only seven episodes (like in Season 1) with low ratings.

4. Season 9

This season features Brian donating his kidney to Peter, making it one of the most unforgettable episodes where the chemistry of both Family Guy characters can be seen throughout.

The long-hour premiere of Season 9 also features James Woods voice acting for his own character.

3. Season 5

Family Guy Season 5 Photo Clip

Coming down to our last three Family Guy best seasons is Season 5 with two of the most famous episodes, "Barely Legal" and "No Chris Left Behind" (still cast by Seth Green.)

The two episodes were really good, and they pulled the ratings for the entire season. We don't want to spoil the story, so just go ahead and check it out.

2. Season 6

The second-best Family Guy season is the sixth season, with an IMDb rating of 8.3/10. Season 6 includes 2 of the funniest episodes, "Stewie Kills Lois" and "Lois Kills Stewie."

Fans and critics praised Seth MacFarlane for Stewie returning to his original character - a baby with matricidal tendencies.

This season also includes the classic episodes of the Star Wars crossover, which increased the ratings significantly. Check out these witty Family Guy quotes here

1. Season 4

The best Family Guy season goes to the fourth season.

Season 4 has one of the most controversial recreations of a real-life issue because the season features an episode about Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction.

Not only that, but Stewie's excellent adventure in "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" is also a great episode that all Stewie fans love today.


What is the funniest episode of Family Guy?

The funniest episode is the "McStroke," according to critics and Reddit. In this episode, Peter ate 30 hamburgers, had a stroke, and sued the fast-food chain.

If that alone isn't funny, then we don't know what is.

Why was Family Guy season 6 short?

Season 6 only has 12 episodes because, during those times, Seth McFarlane joined the Writers Guild of America Strike, forcing the series to release episodes without his supervision.

Final Verdict

Whether you agree with our team's ranking or not, we think enjoying the whole series is much more important than comparing each season.

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