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8 Top Gun Party Ideas You Can Try: Expert Guide (2024)

Nothing could make a Top Gun fanatic happier than celebrating their special day with a Top Gun-themed party (except maybe meeting Tom Cruise himself).

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or if you want to host a party “just because,” check out these Top Gun party ideas we’ve prepared for you.

8 Interesting Top Gun Party Ideas

1. Create Top Gun Jet Fighter Themed Invitations

Jet Fighter Themed Invitations

Invitations should be direct, packed with all essential info, and adhere to your party’s theme [1]. You can have an editor design the invitations for you or DIY them.

Go for red and blue colors, add a jet icon, and use an army-themed font. You can also fold your invitation like a paper plane for a better presentation. Check out our favorite Top Gun quotes here

2. Choose Your Top Gun Party Theme

a. Aviation/Aircraft

If you opt for an aviation or an aircraft-themed party, ensure all your decorations adhere to your chosen theme.

You can get lots of inspiration for this online since an aircraft-themed Top Gun party means you’d be sticking to the movie’s plot.

b. Military-Inspired

Since Top Gun’s main focus is aviation/aircraft, going for a military-inspired Top Gun party may be challenging.

Make sure to use Top Gun fonts and colors in the venue so your guests won’t be confused about your party’s theme.

3. Top Gun Party Decorations

Decorating the venue is one of the most fun parts of preparing for a party. Start with a backdrop displaying a huge jet where people can have their photos taken.

Then, go for banners that either have aviator glasses on them or those that are shaped into stars. Don’t forget to use red and blue colors for your tablecloth and fringe curtain.

4. Use Top Gun-Inspired Party Plates & Utensils

Top Gun Inspired Mug

This could be hard to DIY, and the best course would be ordering these online. Look for paper plates and cups with a jet or a star logo.

If finding one with these icons is challenging, simply go for a red paper plate and blue paper cup combination.

5. Serve Top Gun Food & Party Drinks

If you are hosting a kids’ party, prepare 2 juice towers. Fill one with cranberry and the other with blue lemonade.

For an adult party, you can serve a Maverick Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice) or a Goose Paloma (tequila, lime and grapefruit juice, and soda water).

When it comes to food, anything you have prepared will do - it all boils down to the presentation.

You can serve star-shaped finger foods like nuggets and prepare blue and red fruits like blueberries and strawberries for dessert.

6. Design A Top Gun-Inspired Party Cake

Top Gun Inspired Cake

If you have a flexible budget, you can go for a 2-tiered cake covered in blue fondant topped with a jet in the top and aviator glasses in the 2nd layer (both edible, of course).

On the other hand, if you are on a strict budget, opting for blue and white buttercream icing would be the best choice [2].

If you’re serving cupcakes, you can print jets, stars, and aviator glasses on photo paper, put them on a stick, and use them as toppers.

Check out our Top Gun & Top Gun Maverick comparison here

7. Ask Your Guests To Wear Top Gun Costumes

Add fun and excitement to your party by asking guests to wear Top Gun-inspired costumes.

There are various flight suits and pilot costumes online, and if they want to go for something simple, you can suggest a leather jacket and aviator glasses.

8. Prepare Top Gun Activities & Games

Party Games

If you have limited space, you can have your guests play the good old classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game - except you’ll be pinning Maverick into his fighter jet.

Meanwhile, you can play Fly Through the Hoop if you have a large space for the activities. Just prepare a hula hoop and some paper planes.

The objective is to get the paper planes inside the hoops. After each player had their plane shot through the hoops, ask them to step back before taking another shot.


What kind of music should I play at a Top Gun party?

You can play instrumental rock music at your Top Gun party or download the movie’s soundtrack. Some of our recommendations are Hot Summer Nights and Destination Unkown.

What Top Gun party favors should you prepare?

You can give away dog tags (you can go for custom-made if you have a flexible budget) and aviator glasses to fit your Top Gun party theme.
If you’re hosting a party for kids, then a couple of toy jets and lollipops designed with huge stars would be great.

On A Final Note

Hosting a Top Gun-themed party is guaranteed to be fun for both hosts and guests. Make sure your decorations, food, soundtrack, and giveaways are on theme.

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