Best Family Guy Characters

15 Best Family Guy Characters Listed & Ranked (2024)

Every Family Guy season has involved plenty of remarkable characters that have won the hearts of many.

Following the various antics of the Griffin family, the show's main characters have left the viewers crackling with their jokes.

With these in mind, our team ranked the best Family Guy characters after considering various factors.

Top 15 Family Guy Characters (Ranked)

15. Mort Goldman

Photo of Mort Goldman

Mort Goldman is a Jewish man, owner of Goldman's Pharmacy, and a resident pharmacist at Quahog, Rhode Island.

Aside from that, you can quickly identify him because of his terrible social skills, wimpy attitude, talkativeness, and gawkiness.

14. John Herbert 

Photo of John Herbert

John Herbert is an elderly man who lives with his crippled dog named Jesse. He is a senior citizen with a high-pitched soft and effeminate voice with a little whistle lisp.

You can tell him apart from other characters as he often wears a light blue robe and slippers with a walker.

Seth Macfarlane (creator of Family Guy) disclosed that Herbert adapted Mike Henry's voice every time Mike scolds their writers. Hence, the creation of John Herbert in his own show.

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13. Mayor Adam West 

Photo of  Mayor Adam West

Mayor West is the depiction of the real-life Adam West, and he looks exactly like him in the show. However, he is not a respectable official due to his ridiculous decisions.

He sometimes acts overly dramatic, making him one of the funnier characters in the show. He also wastes taxpayer money on worthless things.

12. Cleveland Brown 

Photo of  Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Brown is a supporting character in Family Guy and a central character in the spin-off series of The Cleveland Show [1].

He can be seen when an explosion happens in a part of Cleveland's house, revealing him in a bathtub.

He has loved baseball from way back in High School and owns a kit specifically for grooming his mustache and an entire closet of various hats.

In the later Family Guy seasons (Lois Kills Stewie episode), he was shot by Stewie Griffin and died.

11. Glenn Quagmire 

Photo of  Glenn Quagmire

Glenn Quagmire is a perverted straight man and a sex-crazed neighbor of the Griffins. He is a Caucasian adult male in a 50s hairstyle with a long nose, a big chin, and a cleft.

You can easily spot him in his usual fashion - a red Hawaiian shirt, blue jeans, brown shoes, and his infamous line, "All right!" while rocking his head back.

He is also affectionate towards animals and has a pet cat named James.

10. Chris Griffin 

Photo of   Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin is the middle child in the Griffin household and is 13 years old when introduced in the series. He is slow-witted like his father, has an evil monkey, and is weight conscious.

Setting aside his physical appearance, Chris was asked out on a date by the most popular girl in James Woods High School, and they later became a serious couple.

Principal John Shepherd was also seen calling a conference with his parents when he performed poorly in school.

9. Dr. Hartman

Photo of  Dr. Hartman

Dr. Elmer Hartman was named after Seth Macfarlane's fellow animator and good friend, Butch Hartman. He is the Griffin Family's doctor who shows a high level of incompetence.

8. Brian Griffin 

Photo of  Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is an 8-year-old labrador dog of Peter Stewie, making him a great character (and probably the funniest character) in the entire series.

Brian is the only character that appears gifted with special talents, such as the ability to speak intelligently, walk bipedally, and even drive a car.

Peter and Brian are best friends, so when he learned that Brian died, he traveled to the future just to see him drinking with Vincent Van Gogh, Kurt Cobain, and Ernest Hemingway.

7. Peter Griffin 

Photo of   Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin was born in Mexico but have Irish descent. He abandons the revolt of his father-in-law Carter Pewterschmidt's servant to become a US citizen.

He is friends with Glenn, Joe, and Cleveland, and catching the Greased-Up Deaf Guy is one of his favorites.

When he first met Lois, he was working several jobs and, in an episode, had a fight with a giant chicken.

6. Carter Pewterschmidt 

Photo of  Carter Pewterschmidt

Carter Pewterschmidt is a billionaire and Lois' father who plays the antagonist role in the series. He hates Peter and offered him $1,000,000 to not marry his daughter.

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5. Tom Tucker 

Photo of  Tom Tucker

Tom Tucker is an anchorman working alongside Diane Simmons (Lori Alan) and Joyce Kinney (Christine Lakin).

He's married to Stacey Tucker and has a son named Jake, who has an upside-down face.

4. Meg Griffin 

Photo of  Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin is the oldest child of the Griffins, one of the nicest characters (probably even one of the best characters, too), and a sweet teenage daughter who always takes the blame.

She's also one of the funniest characters in the series and carries many jokes with her.

3. Joe Swanson 

Photo of  Joe Swanson

Joe is a paraplegic cop with anger management problems. He arguably has the best hand-combat fighting skills, more than any other character in the show.

2. Lois Griffin 

Photo of  Lois Griffin

Lois was voiced by Alex Borstein and is the mother of Meg, Chris, and Stewie. She mostly portrays a non-caring personality and shows no interest or emotions.

She also appears bisexual and clarified that she doesn't want to be a mother.

1. Stewie Griffin

Photo of  Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin is the main character of Family Guy [2]. He's best known as the infant son of the Griffins, who's obsessed with violence and matricide.

He only shares his secrets with his teddy bear and confidant, Rupert, and has only spoken properly in "Stewie Kill Lois."


Who is the best side character in Family Guy?

Mayor West is one of the best side characters in Family Guy, with his often distracted demeanor and habit of rolling around toxic waste to "earn superpowers."

Who is the true main character in Family Guy?

Peter Griffin is the main protagonist of the show. Although he is sometimes a bad father, some moments highlight his softer side.

In one episode, he told his friends about his genuine love and care for his family members. Likewise, Peter has several funny character moments in the show.

In a Nutshell

The Griffin family lives a very intriguing and interesting life, and there was never a dull moment in the entire show.

From their silly jokes, funny antics, and unpredictable lines, Family Guy characters are surely the best in their own world.

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