Best Top Gun Movie Quotes

50 Best Top Gun Movie Quotes From The Film (2024 Updated)

Every Tom Cruise fanatic would tell you that Top Gun is on their list of the best Tom Cruise movies of all time.

In 1986, Top Gun became a huge hit and grossed $357 million, with only a $15 million production budget. The film retained its top spot over the years and had a sequel last 2022.

If you’re looking for the best Top Gun movie quotes, check out what our team has researched and compiled for you.

Top 50 Unforgettable Top Gun Movie Quotes

Photo of  Tom Cruise

1. “I feel the need… the need for speed!” - Maverick
2. “In case some of you are wondering who the best is, they are up here on this plaque.” - Viper
3. “Take me to bed or lose me forever.” - Carole
4. “How’s it feel to be on the front page of every newspaper in the English-speaking world, even though the other side denies the incident? Congratulations.” - Stinger
5. “You! You are still dangerous, but you can be my wingman any time.” - Iceman
6. “I can see it’s dangerous for you, but if the government trusts me, maybe you could.” - Maverick
7. “It’s classified. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.” - Maverick
8. “Remember, boys, no points for second place.” - Slider
9. “The defense department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid.” - Goose
10. “You didn’t give me a chance, did you? You deserved it.” - Charlie
11. “What do you mean, “it doesn’t look good”? It doesn’t get to look any better than that.” - Sundown
12. “You two really are cowboys.” - Iceman
13. “I’m going to need a beer to put these flames out.” - Maverick
14. “If you screw up just this much, you’ll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog sh*t out of Hong Kong!” - Stinger
15. “It takes a lot more than just fancy flying.” - Charlie
16. “Well, I guess when I see something, I go right after it!” Maverick
17. “That was some of the best flying I’ve seen yet. Right up to the part where you got killed. You never, never leave your wingman.” - Jester
18. “I see some real genius in your flying, Maverick, but I can’t say that there. I was afraid that everyone in the TACTS trailer would see right through me, and I just don’t want anyone to know that I’ve fallen for you.” - Charlie
19. “When I fly, I’ll have you know that my crew and my plane come first.” - Maverick
20. “Every time we go up there, it’s like you’re flying with a ghost.” - Goose

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Photo of  Viper

21. “She’s lost that loving feeling.” - Maverick
22. “A good pilot is compelled to evaluate what’s happened, so he can apply what he’s learned. Up there, we gotta push it. That’s our job. It’s your option, Lieutenant. All yours.” - Viper
23. “You don’t own that plane; the taxpayers do! Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.” - Stinger
24. “Just want to serve my country, be the best pilot in the Navy, sir.” - Maverick
25. “Goose, whose butt did you kiss to get in here anyway?” - Slider
26. “Well, I am going to finish my sentence, Lieutenant. My review of your flight performance was right on.” - Charlie
27. “What I’m about to tell you is classified. It could end my career.” - Viper
28. “He’s going vertical, so am I.” - Maverick
29. “I was afraid that everyone in the tax trailer would see right through me, and I just don’t want anyone to know that I’ve fallen for you.” - Charlie
30. “I gotta give you your dream shot! I’m gonna send you up against the best. You two characters are going to Top Gun.” - Stinger
31. “You’re not going to be happy unless you’re going Mach 2 with your hair on fire.” - Charlie
32. “Great balls of fire!” - Goose
33. “Damn! That’s twice! I want some butts!” - Air Boss Johnson
34. “Sorry, Goose, but it’s time to buzz the tower.” - Maverick
35. “His fitness report says it all. Flies by the seat of his pants, totally unpredictable.” - Jester
36. “You’re everyone’s problem. That’s because every time you go up in the air, you’re unsafe. I don’t like you because you’re dangerous.” - Iceman
37. “It’s time for the big one.” - Goose
38. “I think I’ll go embarrass myself with Goose.” - Maverick
39. “Maverick, it’s not your flying; it’s your attitude. The enemy’s dangerous, but right now, you’re worse. Dangerous and foolish. You may not like who’s flying with you, but whose side are you on?” - Iceman

Photo of Charlie

40. “The Pentagon sees to it that I know more than you.” - Charlie
41. “No, he was man. It was a really great move. He was inverted.” - Goose
42. “You don’t have time to think up there. If you think, you’re dead.” - Maverick
43. “God, he loved flying with you, Maverick. But he would’ve done it anyway... without you. He’d have hated it, but he would’ve done it.” - Carole
44. “I will fire when I am goddamn good and ready! You got that?” - Maverick
45. “Is that why you fly the way you do? Trying to prove something?” - Viper
46. “The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies’ room.” - Iceman
47. “If I can’t shoot this son of a b*tch, let’s at least have some fun with him.” - Maverick
48. “Top Gun rules of engagement are written for your safety and for that of your team. They are not flexible, nor am I. Either obey them, or you are history. Is that clear?” - Viper
49. “Show me the way home, honey.” - Goose
50. “This is what I call a target-rich environment.” - Maverick


    What is the last line in Top Gun?

    The last line in Top Gun is, “I don’t know, but it’s looking good so far.” Maverick uttered it in response to Charlie’s question.

    What is Maverick’s catchphrase in the Top Gun movie?

    Maverick has many famous lines from the Top Gun film, but we think, “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you,” takes the top spot.

    Although this catchphrase has been around for quite some time, it hit differently when Tom Cruise’s character uttered this in the Top Gun film [1].

    What does Maverick say at the end of Top Gun?

    At the end of Top Gun, Maverick says, “I don’t know, but it’s looking good so far,” after Charlie asks him what he has to say next after telling her that he crashed and burned [2].

    Final Thoughts

    Some things age like fine wine, and Top Gun is undoubtedly included in that list. From its exciting storyline to its fantastic cast, this is easily one of Tom Cruise’s best performances.

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