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8 Best Angry Bird Cake Ideas For Your Party (2023)

In 2009, Angry Birds took the gaming world by storm. Millions of people were hooked on the game, and even after time had passed, an Angry Birds movie was released 7 years after it was first introduced.

If you’re planning on baking Angry Birds cakes and are looking for an awesome Angry Bird cake idea, check what our team has prepared for you!

8 Awesome Angry Bird Cake Ideas To Try

1. Use An Angry Bird Character’s Face

angry bird characters

An Angry Birds birthday theme will not be complete without the much anticipated Angry Birds cakes. You can use numerous colors in creating the bird’s face, including red, white, blue, and yellow.

To make the Angry Birds birthday cake more realistic, make sure to copy their iconic eyes, beaks, and facial expressions that made them famous in the mobile gaming world.

2. Use Multiple Angry Bird’s Heads

The decorations in your Angry Birds birthday party should not only copy the facial expressions of the characters but their shapes as well. Take note that the Angry Birds are not only round; some of them are triangular shaped too.

Their beaks also differ from each other. Some Angry Birds have long and white beaks, while some are short. You can illustrate this in the Angry Birds birthday cake or the decorations you will be creating.

3. Mimic The Angry Bird’s Game

To give a memorable experience for the kids at your Angry birds birthday party, you must prepare an Angry Birds birthday cake that mimics the game itself.

To make it more realistic, you can search every scene and put it on the cake using fondant, including the stones, walls, sticks, shields, and ice.

If you have time, you can also create realistic backdrops out of cardboard or have them printed by a professional printing service.

4. Use Angry Bird Action Figures As Toppers

angry bird bad piggies figure

Your Angry Birds birthday cake must also have Angry Birds figures as cake toppers for it to really encapsulate the theme. You can insert Angry Birds figures like Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Stella, Bubbles, and Silver since almost every kid are familiar with these characters [1].

5. Print Edible Angry Bird Pictures

Aside from cake toppers, one of the easiest Angry Birds birthday cake ideas is putting edible pictures of the Angry Birds on the cake [2]. An Angry Birds fan would surely go gaga as they see this famous game in the mobile gaming world printed on the cake they are about to eat!

You can read how to create and produce edible pictures online to help you better design the Angry Birds cake. It would also be best to choose a scenario from the Angry Birds game so every kid will be familiar with it.

6. Angry Bird Multiple-Tier Cake With Various Faces

An Angry Birds birthday cake can be even more attractive (and delicious) in the eyes of the kids if they are in multiple tiers bearing various bird faces. You can include as many birds as you want and add other Angry Birds birthday designs like slingshots and eggs.

Aside from the design, you can also focus on the taste, which means you can try adding different flavors to every layer of the Angry Birds cake.

7. Make Angry Bird Cupcakes

angry bird cup cakes

Aside from preparing Angry Birds cakes, you can also create cupcakes to serve as giveaways at your Angry Birds birthday party. The kids will surely love to see colorful Angry Birds on their plates!

You can also include other designs like rocks and slingshots. Use varied colors related to the Angry Birds, like red, yellow, and blue.

8. Angry Birds On Attack Mode Cake

Your Angry Birds birthday cake can be exceptional if you will design it like it is in attack mode. Aside from the Angry Birds, prepare other props like sticks, rocks, and slingshots, and make the cake's base blue to represent the game’s environment better.

You can also add multiple layers to your Angry Birds cakes to put more designs in it. Just make sure that it is not within reach of every kid to ensure its safety.


Are Angry Bird cake ideas popular?

Yes, Angry Birds birthday cake ideas have been popular since the game was released in 2009. Any Angry Birds fan would love to buy or bake their cake bearing this theme. It is usually designed with the birds and extra props like bricks and sticks to make it look like the actual game.

Should Angry Bird-themed cakes have a name?

It depends. Some Angry Birds cakes bear the name of the celebrant, while others only feature the Angry Birds. You can gather many ideas online as to how you can present your Angry Birds cake to appeal to the guests, especially the kids. But what are the Angry Birds' names?

Final Verdict

Preparing an Angry Birds birthday-themed party should not just focus on the food or the venue's design but, more importantly, the experience. To make your event more memorable, design your Angry Birds cake with the kids’ favorite characters and game scenes.

Your Angry Birds birthday party could provide kids with the best time if you would prepare for it in advance and ensure that all things, from the food and decorations, up to the giveaways, will be in accordance with the Angry Birds birthday theme.

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