Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive

Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive? Solved (2023)

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Nintendo Switch has proved to be a fascinating handheld gaming console of this century. The prospect of getting to play games on the big screen and then unplugging the device for a portable session is unlike other consoles.

While it’s tempting to get yourself a Nintendo Switch console, there’s something you should know - every Nintendo game you get is quite expensive.

If you’re wondering, “why are Nintendo Switch Games so expensive?” we’ll explain everything in this complete guide.

5 Reasons Nintendo Switch Games Are Expensive

1. Highly Sought After

playing super mario on a nintendo switch

Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Odyssey, and Legend of Zelda are seated atop the pinnacle of Nintendo games. Anyone inclined to the gaming industry has heard of these Nintendo-released games.

Therefore, one answer to the query “why are Switch games expensive?” is because Nintendo is known to release some of the best games out there. Nintendo games are highly sought after, thanks to their track record of releases.

2. More Game Offerings

With older games by Nintendo giving nostalgic value to many gamers, there is high demand for the console.

Moreover, the company is known for Notoriously producing games that target various age groups. Who doesn’t remember playing Pokemon as a kid and then exploring the creepy world of Hollow Knight as an adult?

The point is that Nintendo has a wide franchise and fanbase. This encourages developers to jump on the Nintendo train and offer new releases.

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3. Limited Supply

This reason is more circumstantial than others, but it paved the way for the Nintendo Switch’s success. Physical copies of Nintendo consoles went out of stock in light of the pandemic.

With many individuals looking to entertain themselves indoors, sales of the Nintendo Switch spiked.

Familiar with the law of demand? The higher the demand, the higher the price. It’s true - they produce expensive video games, but the demand is to blame for the high prices.

4. Collectible Games

Did you know that 3 of 5 people who’s played with Nintendo Switch plays with at least 1 console-exclusive game? There is no doubt that Nintendo can produce a great game, but it tickles a different pleasure point when you make exclusive games [1].

Take Mario Kart 8, for example. It’s a highly sought-after new game for Nintendo consoles despite being a revamp of the Wii U racing version. Another popular exclusive game is Golf Story.

5. Considered Classic

Why are anything Gucci expensive? What makes Apple the most attractive brand in Smartphones [2]?

The answer? A rich legacy of excellence and trust. You pay for the brand.

Nintendo games are expensive because they have a reputation for creating some of the best games. Even if it follows similar gameplay, selling at a cheaper price would be foolish for a household name like Nintendo.

Better name. Higher price. Good business.

Why Nintendo Won’t Make Their Games Cheaper

nintendo switch cartridge

First, Nintendo has a hardware sales commitment. What does this mean? The document indicates that Nintendo won’t release consoles at lower prices, even at a loss.

This may mean games won’t drop in price along with the console. While there may be price drops here and there, these are not permanent.

Secondly, producing Switch cartridges are expensive on their own. Unlike video games in a digital format, crafting hardware costs more money.

Look at the Nintendo Switch game version of Rime, which was sold for $12 more than other formats.

Is $60 Too Expensive For A Console Game?

It depends on the person buying it. The purchase price is always compared within the category of games.

When you turn to consoles like the Playstation, they’d have games selling for as low as $3-4, albeit they also have games above $100 at full price. You want to look at their median cost, which doesn’t normally exceed the 60-buck mark.

In that regard, a game sold for $60 on average is a bit of a high price. People want to play and save money at the same time. However, for avid fans, $60 for a console game is definitely worth spending.

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How To Buy Them For Cheaper Prices

Some retail stores go on a sale every now and then, so maybe catch the nearest store near you to grab games for cheap or buy the games secondhand. On the other hand, you can normally get Switch games more affordable during the first week of release.

For gamers that are a bit on the down low, you can always wait and save. In the meantime, play some free games. Better yet, use your Nintendo points. Nintendo gold points can be substituted for physical currency.

Remember that Nintendo Switch gaming is never meant to be affordable.

Nintendo Switch Game Prices


As mentioned at an eye’s glance above, a retail store can conduct sales that will enable gamers to purchase Switch games at lower costs. Nintendo doesn’t take away the right for stores to make gaming a little more affordable. So, it’s essentially the store’s prerogative.


The sale can occur physically or digitally; it’s best to keep watch where you’ll pay less. The Nintendo company, in general, is stern in its decision to keep gaming prices a bit high for the Switch.

Compared To Other Console Games

Xbox One S on a wooden table


Aside from Wii remote being the controller in Wii and Joy-Cons being the Switch’s input device, the price of their games also varies. The average price of Wii games hovers around the $9-10 mark.

The median price is a meager $5, although there are games like the Dokapon Kingdom that sell for about a hundred.


Playstation 4, being an aged console, is still a powerful rig for your average gamer. You can get PS4 games for about $15-20 on average. Some games are still priced above and beyond the charts, but playing for this console is generally more affordable.


The new Xbox One sells its console games for around $9-13 on average, while the prehistoric 360 variant hits the $7-10 range.

Do You Have To Pay For Every Game?

Not necessarily. You can play with your Nintendo Switch using their arsenal of free games. Of course, you’ll be barred from playing newly released paid games like Mario Striker: Battle Leagues. The most popular free game they have is Fortnite.


Will Nintendo Switch games get cheaper?

Given Nintendo’s hardware sales commitment, it’s doubtful that games will be more affordable. However, newly released games are normally less pricey than average to lure gamers in so you could take advantage of that.

Are games expensive on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, games on Nintendo Switch are quite expensive. On average, that’s where the costs of Nintendo Switch games soar. They sell for around $60, which is almost quadruple the average of some platforms.

Is it cheaper to download or buy Switch games?

Switch cartridges and downloadable Switch games have similar pricing. You won’t get a game with less price if you download instead of getting the hardware on hand. It’s just a matter of preference.

Why are Switch cartridges expensive?

Switch cartridges are expensive because they require physical production and freight charges to get to you. Moreover, they contain most of the data you need to run the game, unlike downloadables, where you’ll need a separate microSD card.

Final Verdict

If you’re adamant about playing with a Switch, you can always buy a console and invest in gaming. However, it will certainly not be cheap. Keep in mind that a game you may like can go on sale, but that depends on the circumstances.

Nonetheless, you can always opt for a fun free game while saving up for cartridges.

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