Angry Bird Party Ideas

8 Best Angry Bird Party Ideas To Try (2023 Updated)

Angry Birds have taken the gaming world by storm. First released in 2009, it has been nominated for numerous awards like the Kid’s Choice Awards and the D.I.C.E. Award for Game of the Year and won the hearts of many.

To help you plan the next birthday celebration, our team researched and compiled some Angry Bird party ideas! Let’s get flapping!

Top 8 Exciting Angry Bird Party Ideas

1. Create Angry Bird Party Invitations

Angry Bird Party Invitations

A party should always start by giving out themed invitation cards to your guests. You can customize an Angry Birds card by including the birds’ faces, the actual video game scene, and the exact font to complete the details (e.g., date, time, and venue of the celebration). This would make your invitation fun and spot on!

2. Use Angry Bird-Themed Balloons & Decors

Aside from the invitation, it would be best if you also used themed decorations like balloons and banners. You may form an arc of red balloons and place them at the entrance. Aside from that, you can have a couple of “Happy Birthday” banners printed using the game’s font.

3. Prepare An Angry Bird Photo Booth

Angry Birds-themed photo booth is something you should not let pass. There are many ways to pull this off, including printing some Angry Birds characters like Chuck, Stella, Red, and Bubbles.

To make it more realistic, you may create bricks and slingshots using boxes depicting the game scenes. Kids and their parents would definitely enjoy having their pictures taken as memorabilia of the party you organized!

4. Bake Angry Bird Cake & Cupcakes

angry bird fondant cake

Your cakes or cupcakes should also bear your party’s theme. You can have a multi-layer cake with Angry Bird toppers or have some cupcakes designed with birds using fondant or icing. These will be pleasing not only to the eyes but also to the stomach!

5. Prepare Angry Bird Party Food

Aside from cakes and cupcakes, you can also make your party food Angry Birds-themed! For instance, you can serve a couple of circular chocolate-covered candy bars that look like birds.

You can also try creating a bird’s nest with eggs using pretzel sticks and a couple of white marshmallows in the middle. If you have a strict budget, simply cut 2 holes in a piece of cucumber to make them look like a pig’s nose. It’s all about creativity!

6. Prepare Angry Bird Party Games

Angry Bird Egg Hunt

To get the Angry Bird Egg Hunt started, paint the eggs with the birds’ faces and hide them carefully. Ask the kids to look for as many eggs as possible, and whoever has the most eggs before the game ends wins.

Make sure to play background music while the game takes place to get them more engaged and pumped!

Egg Toss

This game could get messy, so we suggest you put the eggs in a small plastic before the game commences. This is just the common egg toss game, but you can do it with a twist - paint the eggs with the birds’ faces and have the kids move farther from each other as they pass each level!

7. Angry Bird Film Showing Galore

You can have an Angry Birds Film showing galore to keep the kids at bay during meal time [1]. If you don’t have a big screen or television, you can have the movie flashed on a plain white wall or fabric using a projector. Find out the names of your favorite Angry Birds characters here

8. Send Out Angry Bird-Inspired Party Favors

Angry Bird Party Favors

Party favors can make any birthday party more memorable, so make sure to consider your party loots. You can give away small Angry Bird figurines, keychains, candies, and chocolates placed inside an Angry Birds-themed paper bag. You can add some toys and other functional items like Angry Birds pencils too!


How do you make an Angry Bird party cake?

To make an Angry Bird party cake, all you have to do is get yourself some red icing and Angry Birds party toppers. If you want to take your cake to the next level, have an expert baker create a multi-layered cake designed with different birds on each level.

Can adults have an Angry Bird-themed birthday party?

Yes, adults can have an Angry Bird-themed birthday party. There is no age requirement when enjoying things such as this. All you need is a creative mind and a little time to prepare invitations, decorations, and party giveaways!

Up, Up & Away!

An Angry Bird-themed birthday party is something that every kid (and the young at heart) would love. It has been popular since 2009 and has provided many people with entertainment worldwide [2].

If you’re looking for a nice gift to give an Angry Birds fan or are canvassing authentic giveaways for your party, don’t forget to check Toynk out! 


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